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15 March 2016


Are there no eligibility rules in the Varsity Cup? Nic Purcell, a 6-7, 295lb, 30 year old, ex-NFL undrafted rookie currently plays lock for BYU. He did not go on mission. The NCAA ruled him ineligible to play football in 2012 due to playing semi-pro rugby in NZ. Are there no bounds of reason?

I've enjoyed playing against college kids, 12-25 years younger than me. Of course it was in Alumni games played annually.

It's my understanding (yahoo sports article, his LinkedIn page) that he did a mission to Kiribati, and that the NCAA's ruling was based on a couple of games with an amateur American football club in NZ.

The NCAA does permit athletes to be pro in other sports; there are plenty of people like Brandon Weeden whose NCAA football career followed a full-time professional baseball career, or Russell Wilson, whose summer vacations during his college football career were spent playing baseball professionally.

You can certainly make a case that a thirty year old who played in the Heartland Championship ought to be ineligible for collegiate rugby, but you should do so using actual facts.

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