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01 February 2016


Kurt - Your (expected but often unwarranted) sarcasm for those selected misses, among other things, the obvious - a fair number of the 37 selected are unavailable for the entire six week period involved including this week's camp, as is clearly set forth in the usarfu press release. Lew Fischbein

Kevin Swiryn, not Zach Test is the other Eagle with an injured knee. He blew out his ACL again. What a shame, he was playing well.

Kurt, Do you really think that Mitch selected all 37 of these athletes just days after he was announced as the new HC?

Have you discussed this roster with Magleby? I'd wager he had much more to do with selections and arranging the roster than Mitch did.

This is a decent mix of youth and experience to set a tone for the next four years (if such can be done). I'd never expect to see much college types (U23s) in the ARC roster given that the ARC tourney occurs in the middle of almost every semester.

Too bad Trouville is out. But, a Back Row of Gletzer, Dolan, Clever is a nice option to have...

planet rugby reports that mitchell named clever captain yet no traction on any us sites.

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