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07 December 2015


"As such, it's not so much that the fields, clubhouse, and front-office management and Guildford and suchlike are so much better than, for example, White Plains or NOVA. "

Not a fair comparison. It's not that theirs are better, it's that ours are non-existent. Except for a very few clubs having their own field and maybe clubhouse, nobody has a field, clubhouse, or a front office. We have to beg and borrow from the municipalities and schools. The club's address may be a P.O. box or the address of whoever is currently in charge, and that's likely to change within a few years or less. There is certainly no brick-and-mortar office for rugby clubs here, not even at the TU level (oops, I mean GU level...). In England, most (every?) clubs have an address complete with clubhouse and fields (plural).

As to competitive density - there's the nub of it. Surrey has 70 clubs in the county, each with multiple age-grade teams and probably thirds and fourths for the senior men. We might have 70 clubs within 50 miles of Washington, DC including separate youth, HS, college, women, men, and old boys; these days, fielding a B side is a big deal.

And we have it pretty good around DC. Some entire states in the USA don't have 70 clubs, maybe not even half of that.

Eric -

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, please see how the RFU is investing in the club game right now.


The uneven and uncoordinated development of rugby facilities and resources doesn't have to be this way.

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