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09 November 2015


"Beginning February, the Eagles are to play a five-match slate against three South American teams and Canada, in a new competition announced last April."

Four South American teams, not three - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, & Uruguay. Canada & US round out the 6 for a five week tourney.

Kurt - good to see you regularly posting again!! Many thanks. How can we all be anything but skeptical about this PRO Rugby thang!?!? Not including a team from Seattle, Chicago, or SoCal (there are some people that know rugby at OMBAC, Belmont, and Sta Monica...) in your first iteration seems to be a flawed approach. They will have to house, transport, feed, train any talent coming from these areas. Unless they have very deep pockets and have vetted this out, I don't have much faith in this latest venture. If it follows all endeavors pursued by current Board, then I guess we can predict how this plays out. Just read your USA Natl Team 07-11 doc. Very good read. Tell everyone to get behind Tony Ridnell!!!

What is Tony Ridnell offering? What exactly is there to get behind besides a blog?

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