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01 November 2015


NIRSA? The National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association?

I think you mean NSCRO - the National Small College Rugby Organization.

NIRSA has done nothing but set back and hold back college rugby. NIRSA should be vilified not lauded for it's treatment of rugby.

NSCRO has done more for the college club level of rugby in America than any other organization. (I specify college club, b/c I think that Varsity Cup and CRC are focused on varsity or other-than-club college rugby teams).

Right you are: I certainly meant NSCRO. Thanks Grant.


Your article brings out a lot of issues, but really, these are the same issues we have spoken about for years. Until the geographical unions become drastic, band together, and have our rep congress demand change, nothing will happen.

As long as we keep paying they can keep the status quo.
Kind of like our government.

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