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04 November 2015


US rugby facilities are a problem, but let's not blame USA Rugby (again). Do the clubs really need USA Rugby's guidance on how to get access to improved facilities? Did Glendale or SFGG wait for USA Rugby guidance? No. Top clubs think strategically and take initiative. Poorly managed clubs point fingers at USA Rugby. Clubs need to take responsibility for the sorry state of rugby facilities and the poor quality of our player pool. All the information about field standards is public and on the internet. Glendale, SFGG and others would probably be happy to share their own experiences. Each club faces their own unique challenges in their own market. USA Rugby can add very little value. It is up to the clubs to develop longer term strategies that including growing their capital base and improving their facilities. USA Rugby will never have the funding or staffing to solve local facilities issues. Clubs should not be waiting to for USA Rugby, for anything. Clubs need to act now. Before complaining yet again about USA Rugby, turn a critical eye on your own club and regional management and work to improve the game through local action.

Currently, purpose-built and even correctly lined rugby pitches are the exception rather the rule in America."

In my line of work that is called a junk statement. Completely unsupported with any data.

"One particularly savvy point Jones brought up about his team’s preparations though, is how aware they are of the dimensions of State College’s rugby pitch. “It’s not a regulation field. It’s a football field made slightly wider with lines painted for rugby,” he said. Considering that the width of the field this weekend is falling somewhere between 50 and 60 meters, instead of the regulation 70, Kutztown expects a forward dominated match."
While Derek may have used a "junk statement" in an attempt to illustrate a valid point, above is an example of a top college rugby program playing on a substandard pitch. This would be unacceptable in any other rugby playing nation yet can be found at many sites here in the US. Data forthcoming should a fundme site occur.

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