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19 October 2015


I can't agree more, the US National team try to play other countries rugby. The need to play there own game. I have watched rugby being played from U13 schoolboys to collage level here in the us and there is no concistancey in the way it is taught and played. Some clubs put there focus on forward play and fail to teach forwards handling skills and passing skills. Yet they reduce the backs to the parifery of the game and never kick for field position ever. Others depend on the speed of their backs and do little development with the forwards. They run the ball as if they were playing American Football. In most of the teir one rugby countries every player is taught to handle the ball and pass, kicking is also encouraged to develop the skill in more players. But the way rugby is taught the Philosophy of the game, is the same through out the country which is not the case here in the US. There is east coast rugby and west coast rugby and then we have the teams where the coaches are trying to play like the South Africains or the New Zealanders. This won't work because the players have not been grown in that system. Part of the reason the Argentinian national team are so good is every player in Argentina learns the fundamentals of the game the same way. This carries over to club and Interional level.

When American coaches concentrate on teaching our youngsters basic passing,handling and kicking skills perhaps the overall standard of rugby stateside will start to improve. 90% of our younger players use the two handed spiral pass regardless of wether they are two yards or fifteen yards from their target. They have major problems doing a lateral floating pass and pass very poorly to their weak sides.
Switches, Loops, skips. tunnels and dummies or any combination of these are hard to find. Kicking skills are only pathetic. If you care to check this out take any two players at random from your squad, put them 20 yards apart and see how many can kick and catch a ball from one to the other 9 out of 10 times. In Europe we call this simple little game Kick and Catch in the great USA it has to be called KICK and FETCH.

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