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12 May 2015


Comparing the RWC 7s to the Olympics or FIFA World Cup is laughable. USAR isn't going to build new stadiums, hotels, or new BART infrastructure to pull off the tournament.

It seems the point of this silly article is that Kurt thinks every USAR member should have had a vote on weather or not to bid on the RWC 7s.

Even if every member had a vote, I'd think Kurt would be the only one to vote "No" because he doesn't want his $35 bucks a year going to pay for it.

If you can't see the rationale behind this is to grow the game of rugby in America with bare minimum risk (as compared to the Olympics/FIFA WC) then you are wearing blinders.

Look what hosting a World Cup event did for soccer in the US. I bet there was a Soccer Kurt Oeler out there in '94 writing about what a bad Idea it was for USA Soccer to host then too.

Kurt... I thought the rugby public had finally gotten rid of you. I laugh at the notion of you grinding your teeth every day not being able to log into the USAR quickbooks account so you can complain about how money is spent. It really eats you up, doesn't it?


What a spiteful comment towards Kurt. In fact, USAR technically bankrupted themselves by hosting a weekend 7's stop in LA.

The CEO cut a bad agreement with the Home Depot Center and after USAR paid the fights and ground expenses for the participating teams, per the IRB agreement, they wiped out years of union reserves and further lost another $700k putting the union in the IRB's receivership. The IRB placed one of their Dublin employee in charge of USAR, while the union sold the USA 7's in a fire-sale.

Nothing was constructed in this hosting to BK USAR. They did this as only USAR can.

I'm not against hosting the RWC 7's, but Kurt makes a couple good points. No one from the U.S. rugby community elected these people taxing us and making decision for us and the rugby community deserves to see how their dues money is being spent. Really radical approach. The Board of Directors should be voted on and the organization should offer a level of transparency to the membership.

Now once RIM siphons today's and tommorrow's best assets from the USAR membership to a for-profit company owned by a couple board members, none of this will make a difference.

USAR will never have the capital required to host RWC 7s or launch a professional league. Maybe USAR learned something from the LA mess. USAR could never have come up with millions United World Sports put into USA 7s. A for-profit entity like RIM is required to provide a vehicle for private investment to grow the game. If RIM delvers returns for its shareholders, USAR will receive dividends and royalties that USAR can invest in the national teams and development of amateur rugby. The market will determine how much investment capital RIM will attract. Unless they are direct investors in RIM, USAR membership will have little say in the operation of RIM.

It would seem that USA Rugby had the best week ever and they did not commit any finds to build large stadiums for the 7s RWC. Both the Men and the Women are well positioned to qualify for the Olympics. And USAR has revamped the player pathways hosting one of ten national tracking camps this weekend. Could it be that USA Rugby is actually making constructive progress? USAR partnerships with World Rugby, UWS, USOC, SF Giants, and IMG are bearing fruit.

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