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13 August 2013


RIP Dave

My heart aches for his family and my hope is the community wraps its arms around those that loved Dave and carries them during this tough time.

So God gets Sitton and the state of Arizona is still stuck with Gary Lane. Eesh.

Let's hope that someone else can bring his level of enthusiasm to the coaching ranks, and to the commentator role.

While some people found his commentary to over-explain rugby terms, and to spend too much time making comparisons to other sports, the reality is that he was aiming to make our sport accessible to new audiences.

His work should be admired and recognized. Rest in peace Dave.

Although I never met Dave, as the All American Manager I would talk with him a few times each year. I always found him open, honest and willing to lend a hand or perspective. A giver, and a big loss. May he Rest In Peace and comfort brought to his family and friends in such a sudden and tragic loss.

Dave's passion for the game rubbed off on me at U of A and hasn't slowed one bit. He packed more into his short life than any of us. He was also very consoling and sympathetic when my wife died in 2006. RIP Dave. You're missed.

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