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02 July 2013


It does seem that Coach Magleby did accomplish a lot during his 16 months, congrats and thank you- on moving us forward.

get ready for a funny talker. they're not all bad either, but thorburn, johnson, eos have all left a bad taste.

Gollings I bet.

And I'll add, for what it is worth, I think Magleby did a nice job.

Friday, Hawkins, Serevi, Gollings in that order.

Gollings is the better bet.

Hawkins is not ready to coach at the head coach level. He's good, but he cannot yet take the men's 7s team to the next level. In a few years, perhaps, but Hawk has a way to go before that happens.

Wais has a business to run and has it moving in the right direction.

Still think it's Gollings. Best credentials. Knows how to score and score a lot.

Who is willing to be at the camp full time?
Thats your answer - this a 24/7 job and Mags couldn't commit.
I think he did a great job but he has a family!

Mike Friday or Ben Gollings would both be excellent options. Chances are they can persuade Serevi to join them for some cameo coaching spots at the very least.

On a different note, Kurt, your continual use of "quotes" and so-called is a really passive agressive way of writing. You might as well finish some of these articles with "I know you are, but what am I?", and "Nah-nah-nananah".

Russell Earnshaw, might be a good shout for the job

Thank you, Hugh Jorgan. Kurt's style of writing has always been passive aggressive and irksome. Writes like an ex with an axe to grind.

Well, that's because he is an ex and does have an axe to grind (as most of us do when it comes to USA Rugby). That doesn't mean he's wrong.

Mike Friday's out of the running for the US job. Word out of Kenya today is that he is staying there to finish the job he started.

KO presents many problems, but few solutions. Not all of the problems he presents are accurate in the presentation, on others, he doesn't dig deep enough to reveal what is really wrong. He does provide food for thought and interesting items for others to go digging for.

Does KO have an axe to grind? Yes, but that axe is worn down to the nub and needs to be replaced. Kurt has a good intellect that could be used to solve some of the rugby problems in the US, if it wasn't so busy exposing them.

The gap between the best US Club sevens and the international standard is huge. Even the best coach in the world would have a difficult time converting club player to international players. Elite players need better competition and more matches

maybe they'll bring Al back?

How about TB?

I personally think Alex did an average job during his tenure. He had the luxury of a full time training facility with contracted players. This is something prior coaches would have dreamed about. He also was handed an individual of raw talent that any national 7s program in the world would be drooling over, but he decided to use him in the last minute or 2 of games when most were already determined. He should have turned Isles into a scrumhalf where he would get a lot of touches of the ball and causing a lot or defensive worries around the breakdown for opponents thus creating space wide.

Isles is too raw a passer and too raw a 7s defender for that to have been viable. Maybe in a few years he'll make a good 7s scrumhalf (assuming he keeps playing a lot), but I don't think that would have panned out well this past season.

It will never pan out unless he is coached by someone who plays him.

Well I agree in part. He needs a lot more minutes, but throwing him into the IRB circuit at scrumhalf for entire matches isn't the best way to do that. Getting him time can't be done in a way that would hurt the performance of the USA team. The stakes are too high. He should be playing in the domestic competitions now (in the US or England or wherever). I hope he is/will be doing that. And if he is, that is where he should be playing every minute of every match at scrumhalf or hooker or wing or whatever.

A few of National Club Sevens Qualifier Series have 5 tournaments with 5 matches each. That's just 25 matches each year. Many Qualifiers have fewer matches. How is Isles or any other elite player going to develop international standard sevens skills?

That's true enough, but some teams play every weekend too, so that's more time (even if not in a qualifier event), plus Nationals. He could also participate in a few Atlantis or select side tours. Look, I get it, that's not a ton of minutes, but he will still be learning. That's where he should be trying new things because the cost of an error is far less. Isles seems like a good guy who is keen to learn, but it is not fair to him or, more so, his teammates and US rugby supporters, to throw him into situations were he will likely fail during the IRB series.

I like Isles as much as the next guy, but he was a defensive risk Mags couldn't take. Not Isles' fault, just not been playing long enough. Mags was right in using him when he did.

Mags' Olympic Develop Program call for over 50 elite matches per player. Only half of those matches are available domestically. Isles and a few hundred other elite athletes need more games. Then the US will have an elite player pool that a new coach can build on and pus hthe Eagles into the top 10.

Off topic: You have to appreciate the hilarity of Pat Clifton calling out college players from Notre Dame, Penn State, and Northeastern for not being athletic as he did on the most recent ruggamatrix. "Couldnt play on his keg softball team." Dude is 10 pounds from requiring a wheelbarrow to get around. what an a-hole.

That might be one of the funniest Gainline comments I've ever seen. It's even funnier in hindsight, since all three of those teams performed pretty well at the tournament.

Nice one - not only is he a hotdog or two from a heart attack he got all his predictions pretty wrong too.

Penn State got to the Cup quarter finals, Notre Dame the plate final and Northeastern won the bowl. He also said that Virginia Tech might not score a try - they managed 9 despite having to play Cal and Kutztown in their group!

Nice one Pat - be looking for you at the Nathan's contest today?

fo real. guy looks like he is about to get a boulder rolled off a cliff onto him by the boys from Lord of the Flies.

Clifton: http://goo.gl/KS6sW

lord of the flies scene: http://youtu.be/zqrREfjDS-c

Seriously though, it's just unprofessional. You can either be a serious sports journalist or a bs commentator. Both are fine but you have to choose one. god help him if he ever tries to interview players from one of those teams

Isles was a development project and soon became a gimmick for USA Rugby and the IRB to promote 7s to the American audience and to some extent the rest of the world all thanks to the power of YouTube and the mythology of the crossover athlete. Tell me what other IRB circuit core team has a player that their coach doesn't trust to start? None. The entire roster are potential starters selected based on the oppositions strengths, game plan and weather conditions. Total joke.

Clifton makes a strong point that some of the guys on these teams did not look like they belonged on the field. Clifton looks like many club rugby players I see. His point is still valid. I appreciate his comments.

Whatever happened to the days when Rugby players played Rugby and d-bags played softball? Sorry but 20-25 years ago you would never compare playing rugby to softball.

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