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09 July 2013


West Coast Logic,

You are missing who the real opponets are on this topic. Its the southeast and southwest teams which most oppose the Fall move. The west coast doesn't much care what D2 or for that matter D1 teams from the MW and east do.

Next, you're right these teams don't play in real stadiums or on TV...AND THEY NEVER WILL IN THE FALL.


The ACRL is moving to the Fall 15's and spring 7's schedule this year. (Those as you know are traditional ACC teams) and Im told the SEC schools are moving in 2014. So the Southeast argument is incorrect..

The people who are truly against these types of moves and who would not listen to the Northern teams for years are the guys from USAR who do hail from the WC. And Im not referring to Cal. I don't think Cal cares what anyone does. Although I do agree that the SW area teams would rather play in the spring as well and are probably blindly against it too.

And don't be delusional about playing in stadiums. Unless you're varsity (or varsity-club status) you'll never play in a varsity stadium no matter what time of year it is. Its best for the bigger clubs to organize their alumni and try to put in stands at their current field. Playing in the spring time doesn't change anything about playing in a stadium on campus.

And who cares if the Southwest and West Coast teams play their 15's in the spring and the MW, East and soon to be SE teams play in the fall. The only reason anyone should be this butt hurt over this is if they truly believe that a national championship has any relevance. To me, I don't think it does.

Cal and BYU are the two best teams in the country year in and year out. Everyone else is just playing for 3rd place. And the only team who can come close to beating them right now (Life) isnt even allowed in to their exclusive competition. and until teams like Life are allowed to compete with the best, nobody should give a rats behind where and when anyone else plays.

Let true varsity teams into the Varsity Cup. I want to see Wheeling Jesuit, AIC, Lindenwood, Life, Norte Dame College (OH) and Davenport there within a year.

For clubs at name brand universities the football stadium is not really an option, but the soccer stadium is a very good one. However, men's and women's soccer teams use the soccer stadium on nearly every available weekend for pre-season, league and post-season matches.

Another reason for spring 15s.

Smaller schools with a small football stadium might like the option of playing there, but football goalposts and narrow fields is not taking the game forward.

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