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03 May 2013


All interesting points, but the Varsity Cup is an invitation tournament void of decades of history as an inclusive tournament for all collegiate rugby teams. All the spin JC can muster doesn't change that.

Great display and result against Russia.
Beat Wales and we'll really have something to shout about.

College Bowls are by invitation only and have been very popular without a playoff structure.


Bowl games are universally hated and were a legacy from a long ago era before air travel. Probably 90 percent of collegiate football fans would prefer a playoff structure similar to basketball. Your point is mute.

Eagles totally choke against Wales.

Bowls are not "universally hated" as evidenced by attendance, TV coverage, and hundreds of dollars of TV revenue. The travel expenses associated with a national championship are the greatest threat to rugby. High school football does not have a national championship. Why does rugby need one? Who cares if a team is crowned a national champion in a sport that does not even attract the best athletes? Or if somebody wins a national championship because they are one of the few teams that can afford to travel (aka Country Club League)? Local and regional competition needs to develop before any national championship will ever succeed. Promotion of conference championships and local rivalries is much cheaper and more realistic to achieve


Not liking the bowl system doesn't mean that people are going to reject the status quo, which in this case is a legacy system.

College rugby is not competing with HS football, it is competing with secondary collegiate field sports like lacrosse and soccer. Neither of those sports attract the best athletes, and they have national championships.

Since you lack critical thinking skills I'm not going to entertain this discussion any further. I hope you're a HS student or at least in college. Or in a creative field with good management.

Canada's 7s team has been very impressive this weekend building on good results in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

There was a time when football bowls were new and not the status quo. Many new bowl have been created in recent years and they are profitable without being part if any national ayoff system, now or in the future. Lacrosse and soccer do attract much better athletes than rugby and they are better organized regionally than rugby. A national championship for a contact sport like rugby is much more difficult to organize than basketball, soccer, or lacrosse where multiple games can be played over a long weekend. Rugby can not afford the travel expense required for a national championship. Forcing teams to incur travel expenses weakens clubs and the money could be better spent on coaches, facilities, and equipment.

I agree with Deal. For a sport as cash poor as rugby, a National championship tournament does nothing but cripple teams financially unless you're one of the select few clubs who has a massive alumni backing.

Conference Championships are what college needs to focus on. And State Championships are what high schools need to focus on.

If college teams want to play a "bowl game" (which in reality is exactly what this Varsity Cup really was)instead of a National Playoff, then that's fine by me. But you also cant call this a true national championship, just because you THINK they are the best two teams.

Didn't Saint Mary's beat Cal last year? And now they are in the D1A National Championship... just saying.

A USA Rugby National Championship started because people didn't like that teams that won the Monterey Tournament on the west coast, or the Cherry Blossom on the east coast, would say they are national champion. So, a real national championship started and costs were part of that decision. The Varsity Cup was very expensive costing in aggregate mid to high 5 figures for the 8 teams involved. The reason why they started the Varsity Cup is because the teams thought it could be a money spinner and that USA Rugby was unjust by renting out a MLS stadium and paying the production cost to have the games on ESPNU. What did the Varsity Cup learn, that it is a lot of work and they can't spin money out of a Cal vs. BYU match by positioning it as big college brands and a national championship when it is an invitational with 2 very good teams that may be the best in the country. Cal and BYU should just have an home-away series with a cup at stake, games on their campuses and try to sell that to a sponsor and broadcaster.

No doubt who the two best teams in the country are, what a final, too bad someone had to lose. College rugby (followed by high school) is the flagship of American Rugby. Wish we could take all the college and HS rugby away from Boulder who can't manage it. The MNT should also be a separate entity, let Boulder wallow in the dysfunction of men and women's club rugby, (not a marketable entity).
Congrats to Cal and BYU continue to be the gold standard of American Rugby.

There is more to rugby than marketability. A strong club scene is a necessity.

Come on Gainliner's - stop bitching for one moment and give credit where credit is due. Watched a great Varsity Cup final yesterday and today the Sevens team have turned in another huge performance in Scotland. I'm sure if we'd gone 0-4 there would be many calling for Mags head, saying he was out of his depth!

These past two tournaments have shown what can happen when we get the players together, full time and long term. Now Mr. CEO, get out there, find a real sponsor and pay these guys what they deserve and make others want to be full time Sevens players under Mags.

Still need to be better than Canada to get to Rio. The team only performed when their back was against the wall.

Well said, Captain Jack Sparrow, well said!

Glasgow for the USA included 2 plates in a row, 2 wins over Fiji in a row, and a 1st time win against Argentina. Two years of residency is beginning to pay off. Two years from now we will have further residency benefits and the ODPs producing 7s players ready to compete for those coveted OTC spots. It may not get the US on the podium in Rio (it might), but it will be more than enough for the whingers and nay-sayers to cork up about Eagles 7s and find something else upon which to exert their negativity (a pro XVs competition or teams, most likely).

Great job, Mags and Eagles 7s. Keep up the good work an improvement.

I believe the Eagles have beaten Argentina in the past (in 7's of course) but it would have been a couple / few years ago. I could be wrong ...

With that after starting slowly the Eagles have done well this year and stepped up when they had to. Don't know if this will put them ahead of the CAnadians but two plates in a row is nothing to sneeze at and beating Fiji twice in a row is a mighty strong accomplishment.

The Eagles have proven that they didn't just maintain core status thanks to Scotland not getting the job done. The Eagles go the job done exactly when they needed to - and then some.

This has been a very good year for USA 7's. Enjoy it.

According to Gain line, Santa Monica "adavcned" against the East Palo Alto Bulldogs.

It's a curiously sterile article, considering the match happened on a day that a soccer referee succumbed injuries suffered in a murderous assault by a player during a game.

Here's hoping the memory of Richard Portillo inspires aggressive prosecution.

Er...according to Rugby Mag

Did I miss something about EPA Bulldogs V Santa Monica...as in a ref was attacked? If not than why the mention of the soccer ref who died?

Next week in London will be the real test for the Eagles 7s program. Because of the relegation tourney the main tourney has 3 pools of the best teams. If the Eagles have real Olympic medal aspiration, starting with topping Canada to go, then this tourney is where they can test themselves.

Santa Monica are always complaining about something. It is part of their culture.

I want to congratulate BYU on their 3-0 National Championship run! It really was an amazing year for BYU and the Varsity Cup!

First they beat UCLA 69-8 in a super close game... then they barely squeak by the huge name brand team of Central Washington 53-20 and then somehow they beat Cal at home in front of 4,000 screaming fans. How in the world did they ever get by??? And dont get me started on Cal's thrilling schedule... But their 151-6 combined score over Navy and perennial powerhouse Notre Dame are the things legends are made from.

No one has ever deserved to call themselves National Champions more than this team. It might go down as the single greatest 3 game run, by any college rugby team in the country.

Anyone know where I can order the commemorative dinner plates that will forever ingrain this epic season into my skull forever??? I cant wait for ESPN to do a 30for30 show on this season. They can call it "Chasing Dollars: the Story of how one rugby team took their ball and played somewhere else, and then called themselves National Champions after beating 3 teams" I'm sure they'll work on the title.

Cant wait for next year baby! I hear Texas is really putting together another stellar team? Should be quite the show.

I would have a lot more respect for the people organizing the Varsity Cup if they called it what it is - an invitational, and not what it isn't - a national championship.

I do respect Cal however for taking their vast resources as a varsity program and turning young HS athletes into future Eagles.

@Pete - Yes
@Sock - You really think a ref being assaulted by a player should be kept quiet and glossed over as "just one of those things", and the perpetrator shouldn't receive a lifetime ban from the sport and an all-expenses-paid vacation from the state to Chino?

great VC final. Best college match ever. Heavy weight college rugby.

to the point of "taking their ball home". The notion that VC teams are somehow ducking competition seems lame.

Army, St Mary's and Arkansas State as I understand it were invited into the VC. Colorado, Cal Poly and the like were all bad teams. So is this all about Life?

Looks to me life Cal and BYU will play any of these teams. I think the only thing they are running from is USAr.

Maybe ND and Navy didn't give Cal much of a game, but they did better than D1A final four Cal Poly who lost by over 100 points. BYU was easily over CWU, but Central destroyed D1A elite 8 Colorado. Are you suggesting what? US college rugby has 3 or 4 teams that are better than every other team. What what a statement. I would be happy to see the best teams playing together. Maybe we should wait and see what next years varsity cup looks like. Utah looks like they are back in the VC in January. That's another good team. We know USAr isn't going to create any new good teams, so the smart money is on the VC to be the legit championship.

Lighten up Francis... I actually think Cal and BYU doing their own thing and creating this varsity cup is a good idea. And it was probably (towards the end of the game) one of the btter matches played this year.

What I dont like and I actually find it pretty pathetic is that they are calling it a National Championship. ...Like D1A isnt even going on. and YES I realize there are only 3 or 4 teams in D1A that have any quality as well. But they are the ones playing for a National Championship next weekend. What BYU and Cal just did was play for the Varsity Cup Championship. You cant have both. And going around telling everyone you won a national championship is a joke. Those coaches and players should be embarrassed every time they say it.

If they wanted to play for a National title, they should have stayed in D1A or D1AA. But they didnt. They wanted to play in the Varsity Cup and Im sure share all the money and all the sponsorship dollars equally with all 8 teams. ...8 teams... its barely a conference, let alone a national championship.

Varsity Cup is an invitational.

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