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30 January 2013


Todd has been an excellent servant to the game and this is well deserved.

Yes, congrats to him.

What's the scuttlebutt on the new pro-league Jason Moore is trying to start (American Pro Rugby Association)? Do they have people signing on the line for franchises yet?

Yes, a woman in NYC who collects violins just bought a franchise for $10 million to complement her Grand Prix Rugby franchise and her USFL franchise.

I couldnt tell if that was a serious response or not. Probably not a good sign for the APRC

The Eagles lose to Spain and with New Zealand and England to go in pool play, things look bleak!

Lets face it - the USA are not going to qualify for the Olympics and everyone who has backed Sevens as the next greatest thing is going to look like an idiot.

The USOC will be giving more to handball than they will to rugby.

Congratulations Ed. I have the very great honor to say that I was either playing or coaching when Sieber, Nixon, Porter, Morrison, Russell, Reoden Watson & Todd have been refereeing the match. Gentlemen all.

Didnt hear a peep about Carlin Isles at NZ 7s. Have teams already figured out a way to bottle him up? That would suck.

Wellington 7s results were not that bad. Three close losses (all within a try of New Zealand, Wales, and Spain), a tie with tourney winners England (England's worst result of the weekend), and a loss to Fiji five tries to two tries. Only the Spain result could be called a real disappointment. Canada outperformed us though on the weekend. They beat South Africa and Fiji this weekend. I'd give the Eagles a b minus. Problem is that all the teams are tough now and there is real parity on the circuit.

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