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28 January 2013


Cima is a good player at the level he has been exposed to but I think he'll get found out at that level. Good for him to give it a shot though.

He is a very young guy and getting this level of training, exposure and the oppty to play with great players will make him that much better. We can only hope he's not good enough for the Pampas but comes back to make the US pool a little deeper. Honor to be asked to play/trial. And huge props to Gonzaga/UMD for getting him to this point. The coaching must be gettin' better around here...

Cima would not be "captured" playing for that team unless they played another national team. Playing against South African provinces does not lock someone in, much like Hanno Dirksen was not locked in to the Eagles after his USA match against Clermont.

I also find it interesting that Cima would be good enough to play for the Pampas but not even be an honorable mention College All American. Hard to believe he would be under the radar as a former HSAA too.

Haters gon hate

Helps that his dad is a diplomat I suppose?

Go Terps !!!

@ Midatlantic Rugger: Who's hating?

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