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24 July 2012


"...club worries are not limited to recruiting but also that their best will be encouraged to go overseas, without any consideration for their development efforts."

I don't recommend that anyone coach at a school level if he gets frustrated by developing players and seeing them move on.

Hope Keeler has some way to get more athletes into Santa Clara because as a small private school with an expensive tuition and less than easy admission standards they will struggle big time to compete now and into the future.

Keeler was run out of SFGG because he can't coach, doesn't know how to coach. Anyone who has watched SFGG compete can see that Mose Timeto is and has been the coach of that team.

If Keeler cant coach why did SFGG win the Super League? I played with and was coached by him. He is solid.

Played and coach for Old Blue B who made nationals twice

Coached Old Blue Super league when they made playoffs.

2 Championships with SFGG

Finalist for Head Coaching Job of US Eagles.
I guess Old Blue, SFGG, and USA rugby were all wrong?

Dude, Keeler (likely KELLER IS FROM QUEENS) has had a storage container full of explosive players who organized themselves to win. He has done nothing to develop anybody. He didn't develop anything or anybody.

Remember when he thought he should be the Eagles coach and posted about it under an alias and got caught? Proof of my point.

He applied for the position and didn't get it, so peace out bro. USA Rugby said they would hire an American after O'Sullivan and only a couple of Americans applied, so don't get carried away with the "finalist" title. Came in third out of three candidates.

Good Luck - Regarding the prospects of Santa Clara, any team can succeed if the coach provides clear goals, toughness, and an organized plan to attract and develop athletes.

California has so many great high school coaches - and several strong Catholic programs - that a team like Santa Clara could thrive just by picking up the guys that didn't quite make it to Cal or St. Mary's.

Support, write your article is good!

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