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02 July 2012


Who's estimating that attendance? It's a 4,000-seat stadium, and it certainly looked more full than 2,300.

One of the best, most disciplined, gutsy performances by a US rugby team in 35 years of watching.

I see the highlights are on youtube. Does anyone know if the full match is available anywhere?

I have the whole match, I can post each half on youtube along with the highlights that I have already posted. There were some issues with buffering, so I will try to edit those issues out. I'll put on the USAEaglesRugby youtube site later tonight.

KSL.com and DesNews.com should have the full match on replay as they did it live.

They don't have replays available, it was only a live stream. Thanks in advance, M.O. for posting, I'll check it out.

Just found the site (click through on my avatar) with some replays. None yet of the finals, but maybe they'll post it later.

Here is the full first half:


Here is the full second half:


One, if not the best rugby matches I have watched. Gutsy performence by both teams.

Thank you, Kurt, for this excellent and thoughtful write-up. This exposition of the match is dramatically better than those on either USAR or Rugbymag.com. I know that you're not under quite the same time pressure as the others, but, I must say, it's worth waiting for. I attended the match but was busy taking stills, so some details elude me as I can't see the forest for the trees when I'm seeing the game through a 400mm lens.

Thank you for maintaining this site and your contribution to rugby here in the U.S.

Considering that when the USA steps up to the JWC they will be facing players that are either playing in the top men's club competition or are in a pro team academy (Top 14, Super 15, Aviva, Rabo 12, etc) they will struggle. Best case scenario is that they can hold of Samoa and Fiji and stay in the competition for the next year.

This highlights one of the main problems with rugby in the USA. The college rugby competition is very very weak and young players from the USA will always be at a disadvantage.

Beagles, don't be an a##. It's the same issue with all nations competing in the JWRT. It has less to do with any college competition and more to do with rugby not being very high on the sports totem pole in the USA.

Thx Paul for kind words. FWIW, it was written yesterday on the plane home but I had some fact-checking to do and also was hoping to get player substitutions. Alas...

While there are moments when the two teams play defense more like Super Rugby than the Heineken Cup, if you are an American rugby fan you should watch MO's work

Italy has been promoted and relegated a few times the past few years so whatis the big deal. What is good to kmow, is that we played well, we played in June and not april as is most JWRT tournaments. The Top Tier will play in June as well, we will have had sucessive funding of our HSAA like we have never prior, we have scouting and guys in camp training and in competition and many new athletes coming to our game with solid athletic credentials, this is all good. Is any of our domestic competitions good enough to play the top tiers where they have professional contracts to aspire.....we have the hope that there will be 10 or 12 Collegiate programs that run as a varsity program with School support. This is our path as the reality is it will be longer for us to get a pro league set up here in the USA rather than 10-20 life/davenport/lindenwood/ ect. Ect.

@Sergeant Hulka

If you want to call people names, I suggest you STFU and don't post a reply.

Beagles - you really just don't get it do you? You are comfortable pointing out the negative and have no understanding about what this achievement may signal.

This is NOT aboaut how they will do next year. It is about a process that is fueled by the undeniable growth and development of the game in the US. Five years from now this may be looked on as a turning point in US rugby.

There were players out there that definitely look like they will have the ability to step up to another level and contribute to US rugby long term. And the skill level of play was very high - very good athletes playing a very high standard of rugby against excellent opposition.

There is nothing but good news out of this story ..

AMEN!!!!!!! "I played drek rugby" and please lets keep douing what we all are doing: supporting rugby at the youth level, so HSAA and the U20 will have more kids to work with. The U20 kids were just amazing.

It was the greatest win in the history of rugby. These young men deserve the same treatment as any sports champion, a meet and greet at the White House with the President. ESPN should already have a 30 for 30 episode in production and it should play on a loop on a new ESPN channel (ESPNU20 maybe) for the rest of time. A film of this match should be launched in space so that other life forms can enjoy the accomplishment.

How is that? You're the ones that don't get it. The USA has been floundering for decades because the leadership can't handle reality. Enjoy your year and expect massive defeats in France at the 2013 JWC.

The U-20's did a great job. I'm pretty sure this is the USA first international tournament win since the Women's World Cup in 1992.

Sorry to hurt your feelings, beagles. Especially since I have no idea who you are. For the record I said 'don't BE an a##.' I didn't say you WERE an a##. I'm at least giving you the benefit of doubt.

Seems like a great result for the confidence of US rugby.

We should remember one aspect of this team and competition. The IRB pays for this competitions assembly and the players from the other teams aren't professionals just like our boys aren't.

This is as level of a playing field as the US will ever get.

At the next levels up professional administration is required to offer our team a chance at success and its not there. USAR can't develop players, they have no skills or resources to do so. Even if they just worked to fund development it would be an improvement but they can't because they are broke.

The only money USAR has is IRB grant money and dues money (mostly obtained from college kids). Therefore, the day this competition ended and the IRB stopped paying for flights, hotels, meals, etc. the USAR development of these players stopped.

By the time they come out the end of the pipeline as senior representative players they will have no chance. Pro's vs Joe's, with the pro's having years of elite development and the joe's having whatever their college or club could provide.

This is where even with their core work this USAR administration is so poor. In the many years Kevin Roberts as Chair and Nigel Melville as CEO have been in control of USAR we have continued to lose ground in this area. Falling world ranking, elimination of domestic rep rugby, elimination of A team, less camps, less matches, less funding has equaled a harder road for the senior team.

If USAR could improve its administrative leadership, we could build on these positive showings. Without such improvements. We will continue to be passed by lower ranked nations at the senior level.

So when the U20s don't get relegated next year, how much crow will Beagles eat? I'd say there's probably a 2/3 or 3/4 chance that the US doesn't finish last in France.

Also, any news on that attendance correction/update? 2,300 seems like a low estimate in a stadium that seats 4,000 and looked nearly full on the webcast.

You are too kind Hulka. Beagles simply is too slow to understand that the point of this is not whether they will or won't succeed at the top tier next year. They might very well find themselves relegated next year. But they have earned a right to find out if they have what it takes. Canada doesn't have that right, Japan doesn't have that right nor do any of the other participants .. the US boys earned that right!

These kids set a new standard for this age group and they played in a manner that demonstrated that the skill level has grown leaps and bounds. Ten years ago a U 20 team could not have done what they did and ten years from now they will be doing even better.

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Beagles is an Obama loving Commie!

It was a great game and if we can step up the physicality and play maybe a little more of a smashmouth style we have a good chance to be in the top 4 in France!

So in the midst of record crowds, record playing numbers and the best on-field result in American rugby in a long, long time we still have such blind haters. Is everything perfect in American rugby? Of course not. But the constant complaining on here flies in the face of reality.

Call three players - one from the Eagle camp, one from the U20 camp and one from the All American camp - and ask them a little bit about the terminology and pattern of play and you will hear basically the same things. That's just a sample of what you get when you have Americans coaching American players.

Happy Independence Day.


This isn't true. You are either mistaken or lying.

In a funny way even if it was true, how long did it take Melville to get this to happen. Doesn't matter its false, these coaches don't use even vaguely similar approaches.

USA is the greatest country in the world. Nuff said.

Do you remember the guy who assumed he'd already lost and gave up without trying? Neither does anybody else.

U20 Eagles will get demolished at the next level, but nice win to get to the big show.

The upside of Beagles and his fellow negoholics is that there are enough HS & College coaches who read this and other rugby forums AND understand the role they played in this victory. They like that feeling. They want more of it. And they remember that 10-15 years ago a bunch of other nay-sayers were stating with equal vim and vitriolic verbiage that the US would never have an U20s team that could perform at the level they did last week.

Keep it up Beagles! We'll enjoy proving your suppositions inaccurate. It may take a few years, but it'll happen eventually...

Yo Beagles!

I have a Colt 45 over here that says the U20 side's accomplishments is one of the best in USA Rugby history.

What do you say? Wanna debate this? Or are you another Obama loving pansy that hates America and wants the USA to be Socialist?

It's the USA U-20 team, not the Republic Party U-20 team.

(I happen to lean your way politically, but let's make this about our young players and our rugby community and keep at least one website politics free.)

leaning towards ignorance

I love the USA, freedom, the military, rugby, and Obama.

I must be the outsider here.

@Its' not all blue sky

You sir, are totally wrong about a few things.

The HSAA program has been funded by a sponsor for the last year. They toured South Africa last summer, and performed well against good competition. That trip cost the players nothing.

7 players from that team are now on the U-20s, and many started as 18/19yo.

This my friend, is development.

It could not happen if USAR did not have excellent administrators and coaches.

This year the HSAAs will tour South America, again, at no cost to the players. I assume that many of those players will advance to the the U-20s. In South America, they will play international matches against the Chilean, Uruguayan, and Argentinean u-18s. This will be invaluable to the players as they progress toward the JWRC.

You Obama boot lickers make me sick.

Rugby is Republican. Period.

Ha! Considering rugby has been a "counter culture" sport in the USA since the 60's, you have your facts wrong there Yosimitie Sam.

Rugby is for eceryone. YES! Even democrats!

Leave politics out of rugby. The two don't mix.

I want the U.S to do well but man only Americans can taint Rugby this way . Please stop thanks.


It's strange isn't it. Surely its just some bored person(s) attempting to troll. If not, geez. It's a little sad.

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