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01 March 2012


Awaiting the roars of outrage from the West Coast that another East coaster has been put in charge of an Eagle program.

With amount of activity that will be occurring on the west coast with regard to the national teams and players. It can only be a good thing to have east coast based coaches. They will have the ability to leverage contacts and resources from both sides of the country. Although I doubt it was a factor in the decision, it makes complete sense to me.

Shows you what Dartmouth thinks of rugby. They just win the CRC on national television (how many Dartmouth sports get that kind of exposure) and they let their coach, an alumnus, walk for what has to be pocket change. Sucks for the team. Hope they can keep it together.

Nigel just burn Eddie O on his blog:

"I am looking forward to working closely with all our National Coaches, and delighted that they have now all agreed to work across the development pathways, attend camps, coach and help coaches and players at all levels maximize their potential – this has not always been the case with our National Team coaches and has been a source of considerable personal disappointment. Rugby has to be ‘for all’ not just the few, and to that end, I am looking forward meeting and supporting Rugby Indiana with their fundraising efforts this weekend."

Hey, why not. Making that much money, EOS deserves a couple broadsides. Guy was shit to USAR.

If Nigel wanted this to be the case with EOS, he should have had it written into the $225,000/yr contract he offered him. Nigel has nobody to blame but himself for his "personal disappointment." But yeah, nice to at least see him called out.

Great to see USAR leadership finally focus on player pathways, camps, and coaching development. These areas need significant improvement across the country.

I really hope EOS does get the England job - having done such a $hit job here it really would be an injustice!

Whoops - typo time - should read,

I really hope EOS does NOT get the England job - having done such a $hit job here, it really would be an injustice!

England would be insane to hire a man who has been to three RWCs and whose teams there have been either adequate (2003, 2011) or abysmal (2007).

Everybody who leaves Nigel Melville's sporting company leaves with a sour taste of his non-leadership and unaccountability.

Then soon after they are gone and only happy to turn the page on a bad experience, he chunks them under the bus with comments like these. All the while never accepting any CEO responsibility for his role in the issue.

Nothing ever ends good in Nigel Melville's rugby world.

So here is the question. Was EOS being defiant of Melville? Living in Ireland until the team assembled and only spending a small percentage of his time in country. Or was this typical Nigel Melville? Melville the chap who avoids all uncomfortable experiences, always telling whomever he is speaking with what they want to hear. Melville the guy who would tell EOS sure live in Ireland, just coach the Eagles nothing more. Then throw him under the bus at first opportunity.

Now that Melville has these younger less experienced coaches under his wing it will be wonderful and sad at the same time to watch the implosion.

It was going to be clear from the beginning that EOS was going to be spending a considerable amount of time in Ireland and the UK. From the day he took the job it was clear that he had book promotion and media commitments extending well beyond a year. Nigel and everyone involved would have known this and for Nigel to complain about it is just plain pathetic.

"I want you to coach the national team - live wherever you want"

"Your first priorities are to run the CPD in its first year and create a national sevens championship"

"There will be a place for you in the D1AA playoffs"

"our first priority is to put a high performance center in each area of the US"


big, big, big mistake if the head coach of the national team is to work with club coaches and do camps - he is hired to win the games. period.

watering down the product, again.

In a normal environment, yes. But in our case, we are never really going to be able to compete until our youth/HS/College levels are much much stronger. Developing this country's coaches is probably the best use of his time. Watering down the product? More like watering the seeds of growth.

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