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01 March 2012


This kind of post is why you get so much criticism Kurt. It is standard in American sports to allow coaches to resign and save face. Calling out USA Rugby for potentially allowing him to do so only takes away from the credibility of your legitimate criticisms and concerns.

Al had zero warning this was coming. The chickens#!ts at USAR crafted the press release and then told him about it afterwards. Please keep paying your CIPP to these bottom-feeders. Mags and Tolks are brave souls to be aligned with this leadership.

Meh. How many press releases have I read, either politicians or sports coaches that said they resigned for 'family reasons'? That's code for either leave or get fired or we're making a change and will allow you to save face. No biggy. Or maybe Al told them to take a hike and they let him slip out with no drama. Either way, this is pretty par for the course for coaches leaving teams.

I hear ya Sarge...

But if you know Al and how much he did for the program, they would at least given him the courtesy of finishing out the season. He put family and work aside many times for the good of the team. The team played well in LV and were a few unlucky bounces and calls away from winning the closer matches. It would've been cool to see how things went in the next stops. He did so much behind the scenes as well. I hope that Magelby can keep it going.

Al nearly snapped in Vegas, or perhaps he did.

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