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21 February 2012


Bye bye core status...

lets not go there yet....

Unless there is a massive improvement in coaching and athletes it looks like Canada and Argentina (along with host Brazil) will be the teams in the Olympics from the Americas.

^You have a crystal ball that tells you how good everyone will be 4 years from now? Any stock advice while you're at it?

Regardless of how good we have the potential of being in four years, if we don't retain core status, we just won't get the high quality reps.

They can train all they want in Chula Vista, but unless they're playing all of the circuit events, they'll just wind up as a bunch of meathead gym rats who've gone through all sorts of passing drills.

We need a win over Wales in HK...no question, or a stellar finish in the remaining events.

The US is already a core team for next season:

"With participation interest and competitiveness at an all-time high as Rugby Sevens goes from strength to strength, the number of core teams that participate in each of the events on the World Series will increase from 12 to 15 for the 2012/13 Series.

This year’s Cathay Pacific / HSBC Hong Kong Sevens on 23-25 March, which is the only event on the calendar to feature 24 teams, will double as the qualification tournament.

Three teams will advance from a dedicated 12-team regional qualifier finale, securing coveted core team status and joining the current core teams - Argentina, Australia, England, Fiji, France, Kenya, New Zealand, Samoa, Scotland, South Africa, USA, Wales - in competing across all events in the 2012/13 Series."

The draw, while not favorable, puts no pressure on the US for relegation from core status.

Source: irb.com

Nice one Hampshire - buts not let the truth get the way of a bit of USAR bashing!

Super Rugby starts this weekend on DIRECTV Channel 490.


The story above says the same thing, no relegation next year, but fears thereafter.

HK will be very bad for the US. Where will the relief come from in 2012? This will be our worst ever performance year in 7's and we are celebrating that the IRB can't drop as a core team for next year?

A couple inconvenient truths:

1. The athletes representing the US at the present time are simply not of the caliber required to move ahead and are clearly struggling just to stay where they are now. Ok - they are failing at that but it gets too depressing.

2. The player contract scheme will not attract better athletes. It will help a little but top notch athletes are not going to work for housing subsidies, food subsidies and per diem expenses.

Now comes the wishful thinking ...

A 1 mill a year budget could contract 16 players at 40 - 50 k a year plus enough for coaching support.

I know that sounds ridiculous but from where I sit top class athletes expect to be paid. The Eagles are never going to attract first class athletes with free food and housing subsidies; it just ain't going to happen.

The upside to the albeit miniscule OTC contracts is that there is finally money being paid to US rugby players. Noone ever said that money would be enough to attract Z or Shrek or Clever or Cactus. But, it is a start and the first quarter of the first year of inception was going to be rocky, at best.
So, are we going to whinge about the goodness we received - complaining that it isn't enough - or are we going to support the guys willing to sacrifice the life they were living for "3 hots and a cot" and a chance to make history?

Another "Super Rugby franchise coming to the US??" post on Nigel's blog. I dont know which I love more. Getting false hopes up about a US franchise in an overseas competition or a domestic professional league.
Goff, you seem to run these rumors periodically to boost your hit counts. Can you tell me which gets more attention?

@GC, none of them are making "sacrifices". They are making decisions to do something they really want to do. All the best to them and I hope the team gets the support it needs to be successful.

Rugby Mag is a joke.
They go to volunteer coaches and players that are not being paid and then write articles which they are charging people to read.
I get they are owned by USA sevens which is a profit making organization - I get that. But there are ways of doing this and charging people to read a very poor blog is not going to do it.

subscription or free, RM is a joke +1


Very true that they're making a decision to be in the program not sacrifices. Word from OTC is that our 13 players are finding out very fast that $20K pre-taxed doesn't get you far in a high cost of living area like SD.

subscription for RM is a joke +1

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