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28 February 2012


Oh Kurt, why do you only rely on stats, facts and figures to judge USA Rugby?

Where is the love?

I am too busy "falling in love" to realize we are speeding off the cliff. Love is indeed in the air, or perhaps being on the air.

The 7's rankings concerns me much more because it will have an impact on the Eagles as a core team and is based in reality far more than the 15's rankings because these teams are playing each other regularly so the standings are based direct, regular competition on the field.

I worry not at all about the world 15's rankings - do they have anything to do with qualification for the WC? I don't believe so. Do they have anything to do with how the IRB doles out the cash; I will admit to not knowing but the US market is critical to growth of the game so I don't think that the IRB is going to cut us off - though I do believe that at the end of the day it would be far better for the US to find it's own way rather than to suckle at the IRB teet.

What happened to the post about the age grade schedule? Which points to good things at the youth leel ...


I only care about the Eagles rankings because we just finished a cycle where we spent upwards of $6.5 million vaulting the lowly Thornburn-Melville-Roberts Eagles one whole place from 19th to 18th. We can thank Melville mostly, but we also owe a tip of the hat to Scott Johnson, Eddie I live in Ireland and the crew of Latham, Middleton and others who hired this not-so award winning outfit.

So rather than blast Kurt for not providing coverage on what you see as positive youth developments, why not speak to moving these funds to our future. Spend millions on HS rugby and we will see a real return. Continue to waste CIPP dues, Boulder staff time and IRB grants on trading bottom tier two ranking places is a losing strategy.

This strategy is being endorsed by Melville and Roberts, it is their plan and a bad losing plan at that. We can't blame the IRB, they just want to see a better Eagles side and we aren't giving it to them.

Other than the waste of funds and opportunity I don't really care much about the Eagles. However, wasting good high school and college dues on them is a crime.

all will be saved when our new high school/super duper league coach takes the reins of Toddies boys!

they will have a couple of days in camp to mock up some lineout calls, learn the proper use of a noun, and blast a little ac/dc in the lockerroom. works at nyac!

I love Rugby but I am at the point where I could care less about the Eagles. When I give money it won't be to USA Rugby it will be directly to a club.

Let's be honest. USA is a tier 3 rugby nation in amoungst it with Spain, Namibia Uruguay, Russia, Chile and Portugal. Japan, Canada, Pacific Islands, Romania, Georgia, etc are all racing past the USA.

I was just wondering where the article went... it was a positive bit if news.

I just think the fixation with the world rankings is misplaced. If and when they have consequences I will pay attention and worry about it.

Thats all ... no more no less meant or implied. I'm as unimpressed as anyone with the Eagle results though I do think EOS made progress with the team in some areas.

Agreed that spending money on youth makes sense ... which is sorta kinda why I was wondering where that article went ...

Until Nigel is gone expect the same results. As we used to say in the ring, keep doing what your doing and you'll keep getting what your getting.

Al's gone.

Who do you think will take over? Interim HC until a permanent guy can be found? I'd go after Mags from Dartmouth.

Mags it is...

Mags has to be on the short list. James Walker from Belmont? David Williams. I really hope not Serevi.

Interesting rumor about more CPD/D1A defections. What is known is that there is a list of teams just playing out the 2012 CPD, with no intention of participating in 2013. This being the case, it wouldn't be surprising to see any team deciding to pull out. Don't think that locking them out of the national championships will work either. Most of the CPD/D1A teams aren't going to win a championship in any division.

Even USAR is being foolish throwing dollars at the CPD/D1A. Is the $250k USAR amount being shared the truth? Where is USAR getting the funds they are propping the competition up with? We know its not from sponsorships. College dues from D1AA? IRB high performance grants? There is no other source of funds. What a poor use of funds.

If true, what is good about this is that it removes USAR from the drivers seat of college rugby. If the top teams tell USAR they are through with them and the conference competitions begin to serve as both administrations as well as leagues, then someone will need to explain why USAR collects and keeps a million dollars a year in dues from the colleges.

The better funded college teams can afford USAR's dues, but for the majority of the teams, keeping these funds at the club level would make a difference.

There is a college game plan which is materializing. Teams deciding their own competitions (not USAR an LAU or TU). Teams keeping their dues money within their club (let the senior clubs pay for Nigel's $300k salary, staff and the Eagles). Local college coaches know more than Boulder knows about what they need (let the conference or team decide what is best).

college fan - IRB high performance grants

Sounds to me like USAR gave Caravelli the option of resigning and saving a bit of face, or getting fired and looking like he crashed and burned. Obviously he deserved as much, and the message has been sent, but who is really picking the coach here? Is it the USAR or is the USOC? I wouldn't doubt Serevi gets the job even though he has had some trouble in his past posts. He is already here, he's got business interests here in the states, and he's got name recognition (internationally). I don't think that they will even look at guys like Dave Williams, but certainly Magelby and Walker would be in the running. I don't know, I'm just glad that there has been a change, because Caravelli's excuses were really starting to wear thin.

Please not Serevi - he's milking the cow dry with his name!

Full credit to Al for what he has done during his term with the program. He never had full control, access to funds and access to athletes comparable to the top nations on the circuit. Al also was never able to be only a coach, particularly in the early days of his term. Al was constantly having to put together budgets, find sources of revenue and recruiting/developing crossover players (i.e. doing USA Rugby's job). His efforts in these areas got the team to where it is now and as a bonus found us Z. He was stretched far to thin on a personal side too with a sale management position at a software company that went public within the last few month and a family that includes kids in college. He did a great job in my opinion.

Agree that Al did what he could. Also agree that Serevi would be a massive mistake. Because he was a great player he is incorrectly credited with being a coach, and he is not. Although a lovely man, he is ill prepared or equipped to coach our national team.

Heck, his own country sad no thanks and they can understand him.

I think it would be fair to say that most people (at this point) have more or less the same opinion of Al: He did a great job with the program, but it was getting to be time for him to go. Did it have to happen in the middle of the season? Probably not, but he wouldn't have made it to the start of the next circuit.

Best of luck in the future Al, I think we can honestly say that rugby in the USA is better because of you.

How about Ben Gollings? If you have ever talked to him, you know he is a good communicator and passionate about sevens.

"Family that includes kids in college." I doubt that has much to do with the decision. Pretty sure his son graduated and isn't his daughter on a soccer scholarship?

son's a senior at Cal

Thank you Al.


USAR newest title sponsor was introduced with certain fanfare. Solid proof once and for all of Nigel Melville and Kevin Roberts superior sponsorship abilities.

Friends of the administration began to instantly comment on GL to speculate on the multi-million dollar value of the sponsorship.

Aircraft Charter Solutions appears to be a small Fort Lauderdale company with total revenues under $1 million dollars. The company works out of a small office suite, #107 on 3000 Northwest 30th.

Somehow the multi-million dollar sponsorship for the company which doesn't gross as much seems unlikely.

Later, it was explained by a different commenter that the owner has a son on the team. It all becomes clearer, all but team selections that is.

Mags has the job through the end of the season! good decision by USAR

This link, giving the same business address, says $30,000,000 in revenue.

Another site, manta.com lists the revenues at $20,000,000. The President is listed as Kirk Mueller.

The USA doesn't play test matches. That is the reason it is falling back in the rankings. Until it starts concentrating its efforts on texts instead of the sevens, that will always be the case.

The teams that have moved past the USA play test Rugby on a regular basis.

The USA needs to start sending players to play in the Sydney Australia club Rugby premiership, they'll learn a lot more than running around playing touch Rugby ie sevens in the USA.

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