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06 January 2012


What? No free balls for each team or some off color jerseys for the referees?

I'm not familiar with this type of rugby sponsorship. You mean there are companies out there that will write checks? Maybe we need to change our strategy! I mean, those free balls are cool and our referees really like their free kit but we may be on to something here....

More prove rugby is better run and of a better standard up north in Canada. What a joke USA Rugby is in comparison.

Take our best players and put them all in the same area as you have up in BC and you would have a similar quality of rugby.

I disagree the BC rugby is better than the US, but there is no doubt the rugby administration is better in Canada.

We also have Jeff's brother, Rico Suave, in charge of sponsorship for USAR...he's not very good and is a constant HR issue.

Yo Bacon

USA beats Canada all the time. We own them!

Evidently a title sponsor will be announced for the D-1A Championship very soon. It appears to be a financial/investment company.

Flogging a dead horse will get you nowhere.

The game of rugby needs HBO to do a 24/7 Road to... show about rugby to get the USA public to get into the game. I don't care if it is 24/7 Road to the Heineken Cup or Super 15 Championship or whatever. HBO's hockey version of the 24/7 franchise was an awesome advertisement of that game.

I know it doesn't hold a lot of credibility at the moment but there is a report on Rugby Mag that a title sponsor is coming on board for the Colligiate D-1A program that Cal just left. Details are ambiguous as usual.

While I certainly don't put a lot of credence in this (we have heard this many times before)there would be tremendous irony if this did come to fruition.

Would love to hear they brought high profile big dollar sponsor to the table so I can watch JC try to spin his way back into the competition. What a joke.

The CPD has been negotiating with this "poetential sponsor" for months. If whatever is going to fruition comes to fruition, you can rest assured that JC already knows that the value of the sponsorship is not going to be enough to meet his financial needs for a competition. I do wonder where Cal will get their rugby balls though, now that they don't have access to that sweet Gilbert deal that the CPD has/had.

I think JC even said the competition would find a sponsors sooner or later, but I don't think he cares. He said he no longer believed in the competitions concept.

Any sponsorship funds will go to teams who can't pay for all their travel. This sound like a good thing for the CPD if it comes off.

If this competition does get a title sponsor that actually has meaningful value for the competitors after just one year that strikes me as a pretty solid endorsement for the competitions validity and potential.

That said - I am as skeptical as anyone here about the verasity of this report. But it's nice to dream.

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