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12 January 2012


This is as "Varsity" as it gets.

This is a very strange way to run a "national championship." The odds of the best teams being there are not good.

I would say the odds are pretty good. Not guaranteed like it is with the previous system, but still pretty good. And the money saved for clubs nationwide and the promotion of state-based competitions is worth going from guaranteed to have the best teams to probably having the best teams.

Let's face it, the same teams have been always. Jesuit, Xavier, Gonzaga, Penn, United, Highland etc. And that is who will probably be there this year.

This is not a national championship, it is a national invitational tournament. I think they dropped the term "national championship." this is a great step forward-allows the best funded and some of the higher level teams to compete against each other but moves towards the state-based championships that are the pinnacle of other high school sports. Very good move by USAR.

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