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09 January 2012


Three of the 7 Pacific Mountain Rugby Conference (Southern California D1-AA) teams could play in this small colleges conference (Claremont, LMU & USD) and I am sure that there are a number of other D1-AA conferences that have teams that qualify. If USA Rugby doesn't get their act together, you might find some of these small colleges moving to this independent organization.

The NSCRO has done a great job with this tournament so far both in Mens and Womens.


Or maybe you will instead see D1-AA start to self organize and slowly move away from USAR, just as NSCRO has...


so who the residency contracts?

Still some hiccups with the Div guidelines I would think. U of Miami in FL has over 10K students and all programs in Div 1. Yet they play Div 3 rugby? a school with a 50 yr rugby history? seems odd.

Were they shut shut down or something?

Last thing we need is a school like that moving down to just win.

We have older schools here in the NE but no Div 1 sports played by most.

The "U" rugby club has been in existence since 1989 per wiki, that adds up to less then 50 years...apparently they play a more social game and aren't interested in playing the "big boys". Why should they be? They would probably have to pay for the travel and what college kid wants to do that?

Feel free to contact me directly with NSCRO Questions.

FYI - NSCRO Team Eligibility and other Policies are found on our website in the Documents section. Enrollment is based on full-time undergraduate students by gender. UMiami has approx. 4,500 male full-timers.

In addition to the 151 Men's D3 teams, NSCRO also runs D3 and D4 National Championships for Women. 59 D3 teams representing 7 LAUs/Conferences plus 22 D4 teams representing 2 LAUs.

Steve Cohen
NSCRO President

U Miami states on their website that male undergrad enrollement is 5,134. I seriously thought UofM had like 35,000 students.

Their football success makes you think they are some huge state school. But before the football explosion they were just a small really good academic school.


You do realize that website is run by a guy who is actively involved in multiple USAR committees? If he's trying to break everyone away, that's probably news to those committees.

I'm also confused as to why anyone thinks USAR should be organizing everything top-down (which is how some expectations come across), especially considering that most people complain about every top-down decision that is made...?

The U is actually quite a good university. Maybe not quite a Vandy or a Duke, but still pretty good. I was shocked when I learned that. The Jimmy Johnson/Dennis Erickson era football teams really created another impression.

Above someone states "You do realize that website is run by a guy who is actively involved in multiple USAR committees? If he's trying to break everyone away, that's probably news to those committees."

If you are referring to me, I have no affiliation with USA Rugby, any of its Committees, all TU or LAU. Other than NSCRO, I referee for the East Penn RRS and am the manager of MARS (Golden Oldies Rugby team).

is VarsityRugby (where that link redirects) no longer run by Marty Bradley? Because it's certainly registered to an account (via WHOIS) in Knoxville, and is in the same template he's used for years in running South/SEC competitions....

to clarify, I'm specifically commenting at the person who said,


Or maybe you will instead see D1-AA start to self organize and slowly move away from USAR, just as NSCRO has...


*NOT* to the above article that Kurt posted.

In other words, the idea that D1-AA is self-organizing and moving away from USAR, which is implied to be supported by the link, seems silly given who runs the site at said link (usacollegerugby.org redirecting to varsityrugby.com).

varsityrugby.com exists to provide information that doesn't readily exist anywhere else. Some of us just got tired of being asked the same questions over and over again related to college conferences and the collegiate reschedule so now we can just send them to this site.

Just my attempt to share a little information, nothing more...

NSCRO is better @ webstreaming their games than usarugby by far

NSCRO is better than USAR at pretty much everything.

To Clarify - U of Mia - over 10K students - correct - started in late sixties - early seventies - played them in 73.

Div III is not social rugby. If a team wants social rugby, go elsewhere. Div III is not for beer on the sidelines rugby.

It's basically for schools that do not have the size to compete on a larger level. Not for schools that are coachless, lack discipline or structure.

No one wants to practice all week and show up for a game against an unfocused, immature group. IT helps no one.

It's to lift the game at all levels.

If Miami isn't good enough to play Division 1 or Division 2 without insane travel, they should be granted a Division 3 schedule without Division 3 playoff opportunities.

It's a nice approach, really. The Midwest could have avoided its Lions snafu last year had it taken the approach MARFU used when it had RSL teams. MARFU was excellent about giving PAC, Charlotte, etc. games against Div. 1 opponents in the fall, but kept them from keeping their D1 opponents out of the playoffs.

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