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04 January 2012


Thorburn, Johnson and O'Sullivan RWC's 1-7, about 1.5 million dollars in compensation. Next man up?

Wow. Thank you so much for that extremely enlightening comment we have never seen before on this board. Why not come up with something new to talk about?

At least volunteer a guess instead of whining about salaries again.

Rugby Mag posted an article on their pay access site about a possible USA pro rugby competition. Does anyone actually pay money to rugby mag to read this?

Not me. My guess is less than 100 people, maybe 30.

Actually talking about who the next coach is going to be and what they might get paid is topical. We have paid a lot and got near nothing in return. Next we might get the same results but at least it might cost less.

I am guessing Tolkin, but it really doesn't matter does it?

"We have paid a lot" ?

Really? Give me a f***ing break. People keep bitching about the $35 per year CIPP fees, yet those same people will blow twice that most Saturday nights after a match.

I assume this is the pro rugby "news" rugbymag is referring to. ultimate grassroots.


"Initiate the NARU: Here’s our plan to give global rugby a shot in the arm; start the fan-sponsored North American Rugby Union or NARU. With three teams in Canada (Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver) and three in the USA (New York, Chicago & Los Angeles), we can have professional rugby in North America. With the power of the internet, we fund it through fans. Send in $10 and you now own a piece of the league. If the league isn’t formed, you get your money back. If 100,000 fans sent in ten bucks, we’d have $1,000,000.00. That would make real money types and advertisers take notice. We’ve drawn up the plans. Stay tuned…"

then again maybe not. the rugby mag news apparently is about a league that would be in the western half of north america. hopefully it is a little more promising

Great article for anyone who dislikes Rugby League


I think we paid a lot refers to the amount of money we/USAR paid the coaches for so few victories. I don't know about you but Kevin Roberts has made a huge impression on my life and I have now fallen in love with rugby. Therefore I consider myself as the we in USAR.

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