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12 December 2011


Who will be the Eagle 7's coach at the 2016 Olympic Games? Qualification will happened a year or two before, so the ramp-up is only a year or two out.

Caravelli cannot be the coach. USAR will need to decide a coach and sevens director in the next year and then stick with that management team through 2016.

Why is USAR always late in offering this type of insight and direction?

wont be the coach?? What are you smoking?

Im with Olympic Sevens Plan on thisa one.... do you think Caravelli should be the HC for the Olympics? He's prooved nothing to me that he's deserved it. Maybe he should get/be forced to take the director job.

Putting my money on Waisale Serevi as next USA 7s coach. You heard it here first!!

It really is a tough call, Coach Caravelli has advanced the program from the date he was named coach- no question, however it does seem the program has plateaued.

Is this enough to replace the coach? How many athletes came through our 7s program to move up to the 15s via the 7s team?

And how about our 15s game?

Do we have a development program for High Performance Coaching?

Was it the NM Coaching Camp this past summer?

Is it our Age/Grade pathway and the iRB weekender with Argentina?

Who can be identified from these two pools that has had much better sucess in winning, and developing athletes for the International game?

How about from our pool of coaches at the Div 1a level or the RSL? Who has had the most sucess in developing a winning culture and International Athletes?

Outside of Cal, which I doubt either have an interest- who is the next logical choice?Life, BYU, NYAC or the SFGG coach?

15s- Tolkin- NYAC?

7s? If not Caravelli, how about Serevi?

Collegiate All Americans:? Payne-Life (15s) and Sherman-Stanford (7s)

Pretty sure mags will be 7s AA head coach...at least that's what this past summers press reports made it seem like and he certainly deserves the post.

Caravelli has done a good job, but you when consider that he has done what he has while holding down a professional job to support his family. I think if there is a chance to hire him full time, and he wants the position, he has earned the offer to coach an Olympic team.

As with most things the devil is in the details. The Eagles have imprved with each tournament. With the exception of the Day 1 loss to Portugal the US results have been pretty much what one might expect; though a win over Argentina was nice to see.

In order fot the Eagles to make the next step up better athletes will be needed. I don't think anyone can say that the Eagles are the athletic equals of NZ, SA, Aus, Fiji, WS and England at the present time. These teams all play at a pace that the other sides struggle to match.

They are also a step off the pace with Scotland and France and I would suspect Wales as well as Argentina. That's 10 teams; 6 of which are going to beat the Eagles regularly and four of which are favorites every time the Eagles take the field but are beatable on a good day for the Eagles. And we sit at # 11.

With the residency initiative Carvelli certainly deserves the opportunity to see what he can do with players that are now available as "professional" ameteurs. This program and the cache of the Olympics may also bring in one or two project players that have athletic upside.

If the Eagle results continue along the same lines after next years 7's circuit then it will be time to re-evaluate Carvelli's position but he has earned the right to see what can be done with a full time team.

And none of this excludes Serevi from serving in some role.

Caravelli doesn't have "it". He is missing the man thing. Women's rugby would suit him better. He has no doubt learned much about being an international 7's coach over the last few years, but I always thought he was serving rugby best when he was the women's assistant coach to Emil. Al is all about the conversation. Talking about what the teams is going to do and why. He is less about doing it.

In fact we might be instantly better on both the men's and women's teams if we swapped coaches.

The US 7's team will never reach it potential with Al as the coach.

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