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09 December 2011


Kurt, I think you mean Blaine Scully and Tolkin coached defense for O'Sullivan.

Nice work Asbun and Law!

While there is an acceptance of the term Varsity as having a very specific meaning in the "American" sporting lexicon that is missed by "commonwealth" types, let's not have the "American" rugby fan similarly get confused about its use in the Oxbridge Varsity game.

This is a low quality game with little interest to any rugby fan who did not go to either of the universities. The fact that David Kirk and Joe Roff played in the games is simply a product of them attending the university and not because the player's around them were of their standard.

The Oxbridge varsity game is NOT equivalent to American varsity status. It is a nice tradition, and the publicity for Cal is worthwhile but that is all.

How low? Wasn't it at one time (decades ago) played at a relatively high level?

I recently saw a documentary about the Oxford boxing team. I don't know if the level of the varsity rugby match is comparable, but this was definitely a very low level - fairly equivalent to the youtube video someone posted the other day involving Quinnipiac rugby.

I believe Oxford came over to NYC just a few years ago and beat NYAC in a close match. If Oxford was at full strength, which they probably weren't, that result would indicate that Oxford and Cambridge are somewhere around the quality of a U.S. Super League Champion or a Tier III National Side. Could Oxford beat Spain? I don't know, but it would probably be close.

Oxford v London Welsh 2011

Cambridge v Steele Bodger 2011

Promo and squad selection for 2010 Varsity match

Highlights 2010 Varsity match

Highlights 2009 Varsity match

Judge for yourself

27,000 fans showed for the 2011 match, which is more than the capacity of Welford Road, home of Leicester Tigers. I'm not saying Ox v Cam is LSU v Alabama, but it's not garbage.

A great honor for Asbun and Law. And a nice nod to American rugby. This is a big deal. Those that understand the legacy of this rivalry, and the honors that go with representing these two University teams, get the significance.

Congratulations men, you represented your country well.

Oxford was full tilt v nyac, Joe roff etc, nyac was really a mix of rsl Fwds playing out of position

Oxford hadn't played much, so while full tilt, they didn't know each other.

This is a great honor to get a Blue.
The varsity match is what matters to those guys.

NYAC was a pre season junket for Oxford, and the RSL fwds who showed from a few clubs just played without training, we had fun on both ends but nothing can be read into there.

Oxford came to NYC with 2 sides who soundly beat both the NYAC B and A side.

I remember a Cambridge tour a year or two ago where they put up 40 something points and handled NYAC fairly easily.

I once heard it said that an American playing for a blue was the equivalent of an Englishman playing in the Oklahoma/Texas football game. It may not be the best game in the country on a given day, but clearly an impressive achievement.

Village Lions

Oxford played a group of RSL fwds and an 8 at fh, a lock and a flanker at center and a wing who played college football, who hadn't played in 6 years. Oxford won but only after we put in a bunch of guys who traveled to play and blew the game. No one trained we just had a game.

Cambridge did score 40+ but NYAC scored 38 and played with primarily a B side. Again, it was early days for both, but same to us and we had nothing to play for.

This is irrelevant, in terms of varsity match, as it is a great honor to get a blue and we've had several blues on both sides play for us:

Oxford - Russell, Kelaher, Celliers, Shuman
Cambridge- Edwards, Newmarch, Mallet

If no one got value, we neither Blue side would maintain the relationship as a pre season tour venue.

bruce mclane should know better than to downplay who was playing where and with what experience. shame on you bruce!

it was NYAC VS OXFORD. Period.

bruce...it may be time for you to move on...

move on? has nyac stopped producing championship contenders? what are u talking about?

@ rugbyfan1 and Village Lion

You should both know better, Bruce McLane and the NYAC don't ever lose, there is always a reason for their defeats and it is never that the other team won. Remember NYAC vs Cal? Before the matches they were billed as the Battle of Champions. After Cal's two victories in two attempts, Bruce says they were just warm up games.

Talk talk talk.


yada...yada...yada...NYAC lost. Deal with it.

Didn't mean to ignite a firestorm. Here's Oxford's take on the 2007 match at issue. http://www.ourfc.org/?page=news&nid=710. Sounds like in the end it wasn't billed as a NYAC v. Oxford match. Also Joe Roff did play and he scored a try. Oxford apparently won solidly and controlled the match, but it was well-fought according to Oxford. I also saw on Oxford's website that they beat the Northampton Saints in 2006. Admittedly the Saints were much weaker then than now - but still that's a good win.

NYAC is overrated. Period.

It wasn't nyac it was a bunch of rsl forwards who didn't train and just played. We did have 3 good backs in Mayo, Rowe, and Mara, forwards filled in other spots. We had a good group of players and hung tougher than we expected and had to put others in as they showed up to play and we got disjointed.

As for any game v Cal, I never downplayed any of that, nor did I say they were "just warm ups".

So the NYAC had all their forwards and three of their backs, I see. 12 starters doesn't sound that bad, why always the excuses? Why do you always have something (normally uninteresting) to say?

A full strength Oxford side would defeat the NYAC by 30 pts. They would run you around the field and completely out-skill you. Don't even ask about coaching.

What the NYAC excels in is: name dropping, being loud, drunk in public, still taking about high school success as a adult, making excuses when you lose, talking with a wad of tobacco under your lip, fat guy jokes, etc.

Stop talking. Stop making excuses.

Put a cork in it Bruce da Blowhard.

Bruce -

Please stop speaking of or about NYAC. You're an embarrassment to the organization at this point.

Nobody put baby in a corner.


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