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17 November 2011


I didn't know Alex Magleby wasn't the All American coach any longer? Did I miss one of those press release gems from Boulder?

How about USA Rugby getting beaten to the punch with the media yesterday, will O'Sullivan's "manager" getting an announcement out before Boulder. Made USA Rugby look bad, (ahem) again.

Will there be an official summary or review of the Eagles World Cup performance and that of the staff or are we just going to pretend it was all good and keep spending CIPP and IRB money.

Wasn't there just a Board meeting? Any word on what was discussed or decided? Ed Hagerty where are you?

$80K or 2,666 college kids $30 CIPP fees = ($250K per year x 2.5 years) / 8 wins

Thanks Eddie!

Does anyone know if usarfu is accepting applications for the AA coaching staff? And where and how you apply...I looked on website and couldn't find anything...thanks in advance for any info

I accept...


If you're asking a blog comments section how to apply for a national coaching position, you probably shouldn't bother.

@ sgt...think you missed my point in being is there an active open search or are they conducting a closed search

@ in the dark...I do remember reading in a press release about 7s AA's that mags was taking over that post and leaving the 15's job after the tour that occurred this past summer

"The matter is particularly sensitive as the union has been touting its youth initiatives, but fielded the second-most foreign-born players at the World Cup"

G-damnit, dude - you really need to stop repeating this lie. Just because some foreign dumbf*ck website doesn't realize that American Samoans ARE Americans, it doesn't mean you should shamelessly and carelessly repeat this lie to further your anti-USAR agenda.

"Will there be an official summary or review of the Eagles World Cup performance and that of the staff or are we just going to pretend it was all good and keep spending CIPP and IRB money."

The national office has repeatedly stated that it spends less than 5% of CIPP money on its high performance programs. Those teams are mostly funded by sponsorhips and IRB grants, for what it's worth.

Waldo - What the national office says doesn't mean much to us. They haven't met their responsibilities in providing current and valid reporting for a long time.

Sponsorship? What sponsorship? How much is it worth in cash, what is the term? Who are the sponsors and what did they specifically pay to sponsor?

These are all easy questions to ask and expect answers for.

@where: No, I didn't miss the point. Click on my avatar and it will direct you to the employment application page of usa rugby. Keep checking that for an AA coaching position if you're not already a successful coach that's on the radar.

Great question from the USA Rugby online application for 15s Head Coach:

Have you ever coached Rugby?

That's actually not that terrible of a question. I bet Phil Jackson could do a better job with the Eagles than EOS did.

Let's remember that the best part of the Eagles performance in New Zealand was that the boys played hard. That wasn't a technical coaching point by O'Sullivan, that was the players own doing.

So what is the most successful coach in Ireland legacy? That the Eagles became terrific in attacking play, No.

How about dramatic improvement at lineout or scrum time, no and really no.

Defense, was there a innovative new twist to exploit our player's strength? No.

Ok, Eddie was a master at team dynamics, and organizational behavior? ah sorry, no there too.

When I looked yesterday at the jobs on offer there were only 4 - the Head coach and Fundraising Manager are new.

you could assume from this that The crazy salary that Eddie O was getting might now be budgeted going forward to pay for these 2 positions - and hopefully some left over for youth initiatives.

As far as AA coach goes there are 2 things that make me think that the job has not been posted yet:

1) USAR knew Eddie as going to leave after WC, and likely wants to fill that spot first before settling on an AA coach - allowing the new HC to have input on the selection of the AA coach and /or Use the AA coach position as a consolation prize for HC candidates not chosen (in effect conduct 1 search for 2 spots)

2) (the cynical one) The AA coach really does not need to be in place until around March and with the fall based leagues CIPP moneys funding USAR staff trips to the WC, they need to wait until the spring based league teamm CIPP dollars roll in during January and February to be able to pay whomever they hire.

Dreamer: You take a big leap in assuming it was O'Sullivan who decided it was time to go.

Just because Eddie's manager was the first to say Eddie was done doesn't necessarily mean it was Eddie's decision to not seek reappointment.

If an organization thinks you are doing really well and wants to keep you on, they offer you an extension before your current contract expires. It is that simple.

Just as with the RFU and Martin Johnson, USA Rugby wanted to "wait and see" how the World Cup went, and it didn't really, so away O'Sullivan goes.

Dreamer: The IRB pays for World Cup travel for players, staff and administration.

EOS was never going to stay on with USA Rugby. The Eagles job was a stop gap between the Irish job and a top club job in Europe as he knew when he took it that he was languishing with no offers and the need to flog a book. He needed to get into the game somewhere, and the USA was the best option for him.

My guess is that you will find EOS taking a Director of Rugby position at a Premiership or RaboDirect12 club as their seasons conclude in the spring.

While USA Rugby stumbles in place, Rugby Canada moves forward.


BC Bears defeated Russia 35-11? Sadly, BC Bears vs Eagles would be a tight match.

New Eagles Head Coach must make responsibilty for the elite player pathway.

Yeah the new coach can walk his dog at the local park and catch a RSL match and look for Eagles.


He might know a thing or two about coaching......

Eddie did so little for so much money. He almost could not have done less. Not even sure he cared. He used US rugby as an employment stopgap. His assistant coaches hated him in the end, his players were unfazed by whatever Eddie said or did.

Now for the bad news. The same people who hired Eddie without ever managing him, ala Scott Johnson and Peter Thornburn, will now be responsible for hiring the next coach. Forget three strikes and you're out. Not in the USAR! In the USAR there is no accountability. Same people, same mistakes, here we go again.

The Eagles RWC players have still not been paid a bonus promised to them. Nigel has accepted each of his paychecks, same with EOS and the whole staff in Boulder, but the players have been told they would not be paid some of the bonus promised and would have to wait even for a reduced amount. How messed up is this?

IRB will decide our coach.

Won't be an American.

how about thinking outside the box...

how bout hiring IRANZ academy to run the usa coaching platform. apply coaching methodologies to all levels of play. coach the coaches. hired on an incentive filled contract. .. . . .sounds great to me and our rugby peers...or we the usa could keep doing the obvious...hire someone with high hopes and they will underwhelm...then move on...

There has never been less interest in the Eagle coaching position. There are several candidates who want the job, but after that, the average dues paying member couldn't care less. Even in a world cup year the interest in the Eagles was down. The foreign takeover of US rugby has created far less fans and interest in US rugby. Most people are happy with following their own rugby, be it HS, College or club. The dues paying members of US rugby have no representation to the organization. Congress is a sham and it is being replaced by another dues collection organization called GU's. Because people no longer feel like they have a connection, they really don't care.

Who are the candidates for the 15s position?

"If an organization thinks you are doing really well and wants to keep you on, they offer you an extension before your current contract expires. It is that simple."

Yup. And that's why USAR gave Nigel Melville a 4 year extension earlier this year. Sigh.

EOS has gone but the change will all need is not going to happen unless there is real action - forget Congress, its broken. College teams need to get together and just refuse to pay their Cipp dues next August. They could realistically carry on playing on their own. Without Cipp dues from collegiate players and teams they would face a whole world of financial pain that might convince Roberts and Melville to pack their bags.

Who cares - based on what do you state that there was less interest in the Eagles this year? That is a totally worthless statement backed up with no data. In fact thanks to the broadcast of Eagle matches on Universal and NBC more people have seen the Eagles this year then ever before.

Agree with John Denver. The irb will pick our coach and it will not be an american/domestic coach.
Im not sure there is any american/domestic coach in the know who would want to touch this job as long as Nigel and Kevin remain.
A naive guy might think it can be fixed with a good coach but until we fix the structure and the culture; nothing will change or improve.
Sit back and enjoy the show as another overpaid foreign legion comes to "fix" American Rugby! Once again too bad for the players.

I thought the USA lineout looked better. And the defense was good too.

Offense wasn't explosive but we are playing with athletes lesser than all teir one and some teir 2 nations. They actually had more continuity than any eagle teams I can remember.

If we had paid eddie half that much I would have liked it. The salary just was not justified.

And Tim Lewis? Didn't he get in a drunken bar fight in Boston with one of his players?

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