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30 November 2011


Too bad the three stooges at RugbyMag could not ask a question of Nigel Melville appropriate to this level of thoughtful research.

Two stereotypical blowhards and a editor with a Movember neck beard pretending to be sports radio.

Windbag release alert by USAR.

"full-time" contract being provided to 7's players.

Real story is they will be living and eating off-site. They almost get enough money to pay for college type conditions. Rock, paper, scissors for who's got the couch tonight.

After the bad work job they need to just get by, they show up at the USOC for late afternoon trainings. Then back to the 6 guy four bed crib and a bad meal. Sounds a lot like club rugby with a nearby nice field to train on.

$1k a month, not really enough to get by. So they we need a job just to pay rent.

7s players under contract and training with USAR and USOC is a step in the right direction. It is what is expected of an Olympic sport and something that a vast majority of the fee paying membership can agree on.

Anyone know how this compares to funding for other Olympic athletes?

someone might know, but i think the canadians who are on contract get 1,500 per month and have to live in victoria, which i think is spendy.

not sure how this is set up, but any funding is good, lets just (hope) i hate that, but lets just hope there has been some thought process put in.

The sevens funding is a huge step in the right direction and a vast improvement over the past situations guys had to deal with no matter how small the monthly stipend is. The one thing I have to assume about this setup is that only Olympic eligible athletes will be open to it as the standards are more rigorous than the irb circut...anyone know if this is the case??

Sorry, but it will be hard to find someone to just give a truckload of money to them. If a $1k is a starting point, then so be it. It allows players to work on the side, and live in San Diego, not so bad. Players should be able to seek out sponsorships once the team starts to get TV exposure. That is pretty much how all olympic level athletes get by; if sycronized swimmers and rythmic gymnasts can get sponsored, olympic rugby players will be able to capitalize. Maybe not in 2012, but sooner than one might expect.
It's not a rugby thing, it's an olympic thing...

What a windfall for OMBAC having all these 7s studs living near their club. I am sure some will fall out of the program and play for OMBAC.

Excellent news regardless of how much money they're getting. If it allows 23 players to train full-time, it is a great thing. I am also very happy that the women are being included. With a full time squad, our women will be in the Gold medal picture in 2016.

Up until the 1980's all but the very best professional athletes in other sports had to carry side jobs to make ends meet. Professional rugby in America will start out meager just like the rest. We have to walk before we can run.

The big questions that were left unanswered are how the contracts will be awarded. Will they be signed on a yearly basis or quarterly? What if a player falls out of form or another player steps up their game? Once contracts are signed, how will players play their way into a contract? With only 15 men's contracts available, will it make it harder for others to break into the squad?

Back to the original article. What sh*t performance from USAR.

Very thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing!

I've read your comments on this site drek, talk about a lack of thought! Meaningless dribble is your trade.

Kurt is the one with the thought provoking work, I am a lowly admirer.

I see you are a sensitive ditto head

Not all that sensitive, kind of cold to it all really.

I think Kurt pens some really interesting thoughts. Certainly I agree USAR has been woeful in fulfilling their NGB responsibilities. Kurt's post does a good job of outlining the failure.

drek, I shared my thoughts on your GL comments. I guess you replied because of your own sensitivity to criticism.

Fear not my drek rugby friend, this is all anon. No one will ever know how little attention we should pay to your comments. GL is the perfect venue for a drek.

USAR is taking advantage of CIPP dues payer apathy. Unless dues CIPP paying players and clubs get motivated on a large scale and organize themselves, nothing will change at USAR. CIPP dues paying players and clubs have the power to not pay CIPP dues and to vote in new members of Congress. The players and clubs are to blame for the current Congress and everything that has come from Congress, the Directors, and the Board.

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