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03 November 2011


Club needs to do the same thing, and only have one 'playoff' division. Competitive or social, not enough clubs for 3 divisions.

There is talk that the current 7 TU's governing Senior clubs will become 16 "GU's" in 2012. One would think each GU winner would advance to the final l6. USAR is not communicating very well.

National championship without crossover aren't national championships. Regional playoffs save money but don't produce the best final 8/4 teams. The #1 team from a weak region might not be in the top three of a strong region. If you are not going to properly seed the national championship why even have one?

@joke. Because it costs too much, and doing it this way still allows the best team in the country to be decided, even though they might eliminate the 2nd best team before the championship match.


So the NCAA basketball tourney is a joke because they have regions? Guess NCAA wrestling too.

It's not a terrible question. You're right, it isn't an ideal format. But money has got to play a big part in these decisions considering there are no sponsors and the teams, which usually means the players, are footing the bill for flights.

@ Not a Joke, read closely. The NCAA competitions crossover at the regional level. West Coast and Mid-west teams get sent to the south or east regional and vice-versa.

This plan from USAR doesn't do this, therefore it is not a true national championship.

Sure USAR could put a huge financial burden on college clubs and force them travel all over the country. But colleges rugby does not have the money and this is the best solution until the money comes.

D3 NCAA football playoffs. Very much regionally based.


And how is it not a real national championship if it's not set up to figure out who the 4th best team is? The point is to crown one champion.

Amazing. They try to seed things out, and consolidate locations for a centralized playoff and people complain. So instead they go for a regionalized playoff structure, and once again people whine.

Is there any way that they could create a playoff structure that actually makes people happy?

If the best four teams don't have an opportunity to make it to the final four, we should just scrap the championship.

All post seasons need to be seeded. We can argue the merit of being seeded 12th or 14th, 4th or 6th. But we can't argue the need for seeding a true national championship.

If the national championship is too expensive to do properly (which is doubtful) just can the whole thing and have league champs.

We taking about the 25th or so best teams in the US. Maybe it doesn't matter how they decide what they do. It is a laugh to call this a national championship in the first place. Some big schools with large enrollments playing sub top level rugby. A national championship. Really?

so here is a question. if the usarfu leadership gets so bad that teams don't really care about the usarfu national championships and the teams instead create other post season alternatives, what would be the reason to pay dues? insurance, which teams already have or could purchase cheaper and what else? refs are paid for separately. is shitty union sponsorships which provide 5% off rack rate at a hotel a reason to send thousands of dollars, which are needed at home, to nigel and the board?

should college rugby the largest segment dues payer continue to support senior club rugby and the eagles?

i am telling you. if there is no national championship, there is no reason for dues.

@nope - Noone cares about 3rd place.

If a school is so worried that they are already conceding they won't make it out of their bracket who cares?

The tournament is to crown the best team. Not accurately seed 1-16. That is impossible and subjective unless everybody plays everybody else and there is no playoff.

From a purely monetary point of view, you can get a lot more money for a genuine 1-2 final (e.g., Cal vs BYU) than you can for a 1-3 final (e.g., Cal vs Life) if you have 1 playing 2 in the semis (e.g., Cal or BYU knocks off the other in a regional semi).

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