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08 September 2011


Testing comments...

The minnows have been pretty game so far in this World Cup, so it will be interesting to see what the USA can do against Ireland. Ireland certainly aren't entering the game with any form and O'Sullivan should know that team inside out.

Japan, Tonga and Romania all did very well against teams that have seen RWC knockout stages and we will see if Canada, USA and Georgia can do the same. Regardless of how the IRB determines their tiers this RWC is setting up to define a tier three that will be a division of all the tier 2 teams into an emerging group and a lapsing group. Call it Tier 2A and Tier 2B. I think the Pacific Island teams have been in the 2A pool for the last decade, and Japan made a strong case winning the Pacific Cup and their match against France to be included in that group. If as they states as their goal they win two games in this RWC and automatically qualify for RWC 2015, they are firmly in that group. Romania and Georgia are also showing they belong in that group. Where will Canada and USA find themselves after this RWC. Will they be in Tier 2B with Namibia, Portugal, Russia, Uruguay et al, or in this emerging 2A tier?

Big games on the horizon.

I'm not sure that Romania played all that great or Scotland just played down to the level of the competition. It was a pretty dire match in many ways. When Scotland needed to they got the job done. Similarly, Tonga looked pretty inferior in the first half at times and in the second hald one wonders if the Kiwi's were not keeping the powder dry. In past WC's they have wowed everyone in the pool games only to come up short. They may be taking a more conservative approach.

Japan certainly looked solid and Fiji were pleasure to watch. So far the tournament is looking pretty entertaining. Even the England / Argentina match was fun to watch though it did not flow brilliantly. It was a tough game for sure.

Looks like the conditions will be a factor for the Eagles tomorrow (or later today I guess at this point down there). Wet, cool and windy. Scully will be tested and our speedsters out back will likely be underemployed. It's gonna be a tough go but hopefully the Eagles will take a "nothing ventured, nothing gained" attitude and let it all hang out. Conventional wisdom says keep it tight ... so screw conventional wisdom and have a go!!!

Amazing what three or more passes can achieve...

I believe that chances for a try hit 80% plus when a team does this.

England just got kicked in the nuts - I can see a rematch against Argentina coming.

Japan was awesome.

USA should host Romania every year, and Namibia - great gains made by both countries.

Excellent start to the Cup.

Go on Eagles - get the ball wide and run!


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