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09 June 2011


"Within 3 or 4 weeks 25,000+ paid money to sit in stands and watch college rugby. On the same weekend as the nationally televised CRC, the Eagles got blasted in the Churchill Cup 87-8 in front of a web-streamed audience. Could the path to rugby growth in America ever be clearer?"

Comment posted on Nigel's blog under one of his entries. Given that he does read/post the comments made, even the critical ones, it's amazing how few are made when there are so many on this msg board decrying usarugby's efforts. Wouldn't it be more effective to make your voices heard there as well? Or can we safely assume usa rugby officials frequent this blog enough to know the general sentiment?


It's not Nigel as much as it is Kevin Roberts and the Board doing what they perceive the IRB to want. What we need is a Chairman who will either convince the IRB that the way forward is through college rugby or tell the IRB to go screw. I doubt Kevin roberts even knows what a college conference is. One of his Kiwi brethren who is the President of an LAU sent an email saying that he himself had to spend a few hours on wikipedia researching what a conference was and who was in it. The American game needs to be run by those who understand American sports, and right now there are too many who don't have this understanding who are in leadership positions.

What to me is most puzzling is that Kevin Roberts seems to have no plan or purpose for US Rugby. I really don't understand what personal value he gets from occupying this position.

I just don't get it.

"What to me is most puzzling is that Kevin Roberts seems to have no plan or purpose for US Rugby. "

Thats what Todd Bell was brought in for... or so I thought...

Todd Bell was brought in to quell the uprising that was the USCRA. USA Rugby thought that they would lose all the college CIPP dollars (7 digits) and they figured a new hire at 70K was the solution. Jack Clark and his CPL (now CPD) propaganda on ARN gave Mr. Bell a new unattainable job (sell sponsorship to an college club sport competition with poor facilities and ZERO history). The whole thing is a joke and the only goal USA Rugby has it maintain the CIPP revenue as long as possible.

I noticed a couple things so far with the Emirates Airline USA Rugby 2011 Men’s Collegiate All-Star Championships this weekend.

1) Rugby Magazine (the only real rugby media in the country) is hardly covering the matches. Of course they were all over the collegiate rugby championships (really an invitational) because their parent company owns the event, but this event is getting very little coverage. No line-ups and no journalist at the event. They thanked a twitter account for posting scores.

2) The Pacific Union sent a bunch of scrubs making the event as a selection criteria for the All-Americans a joke, plus making the dues colleges pay to the TU that heavily subsidize the union's cost for this event a waste. I mean if the best players are not going to play, what is the point?

Who controls these things? If you don't compete at this event and let the AA selectors see you compete, you shouldn't be able to be selected to the AAs. Or just call the whole All-Star farce off and save the money the TUs spend.

If coaches are not letting their players attend, shame on them. Todd Bell should fine them or deduct league points from the next year's competition. Everyone wants more professionalism (i.e. start the premier league), so let's have some repercussions when teams don't pull on the rope with the other teams to improve our representative side rugby.

Very sensible comments above. The rep tier needs more reinforcement from serious minded people.

Clubs also need to directly pay for the rep teams from dues collected in their regions. Clubs must release players and coaches should be compensated. Senior rep sides needs to be restarted. The Clubs need to work together to create a solid rep side environment in their own regions. If Clubs can't work together on sharing players, coaches, and money, it will never happen.

It looks to me that the All-American selections are pretty much done minus a few players. Basically the boys from Cal and BYU see rep rugby below them and are perfectly fine stepping into the All American side to get the asterisk next to their name and play in the matches because they feel that will get them a look for the senior national team (as minor of an honor as that is these days). I know my TU funds a great part of the collegiate all-stars expenses. The colleges in my TU that pay 1000 or so in dues don't get anything for that money other than knowing they are helping send "All Stars" to the tourney. But the tourney is a sham and the All Americans appear to have been selected already. Even Rugby Mag knows the deal and are not even covering it other than to have Alex Goff scour Twitter for scores.

Representative rugby at the college level is dumb. Magelby knew his team for the All-Americans well before this event. This is just a waste of probably around $80,000 of TU money that could have been spent to hold a high performance camp for 100 invited college players from which you select the final All-American touring side. Same way it is done by USA Basketball for FIBA U-21 championships. this is the last year of this event, thank god. The Pacific team includes players from Cal who didn't play in any CPD games to my knowledge. That says it all.

JC threw a bone to a few of his guys that held ruck shields at training for 4 years and never played in a game that mattered. Unless blowing out Santa Clara or Cal Maritime on a Wednesday afternoon is a big deal to you. I would mention names, but last time you guys threw a hissy fit.

Yes the AA team is already set. Thats why Alex had over a dozen scouts from the various conferences reporting to him and the selectors. So yes, this weekend is a waste of money really.

For those teams that fund this thing, one or two of their kids turn up to trials yet don't get a look because they are not at a big school, fear not. From August, you will be funding it no more. Dues go directly to your conference.

Aside from a few conferences that make sense geographically, where are all these conferences? The entire west coast doesn't seem to have a cohesive conference strategy for D1. It is still aligned with TUs and LAUs and the NCAA conferences don't really make sense. No team from the Pacific NQ is going to go down to So Cal to play a league game.

This event is a waste these days. Film is mostly available on every player who is an AA possibility. With that, we should stop selecting AAs from a 2 match weekend and select based on season performance. There should be D1 AAs, D2 AAs, etc just like every other sport. The touring thing is okay I guess. But we should be selecting AAs based on their performance as college rugby players and NOT based on their prospects at the next level.

Treat All Americans like every other sport does.


Complete waste of time. Player financed rugby tournament. Zero player development. Zero commercial value. Zero investment from USAR. "Give me my TU polo, pass the bucket of KKC and why do we have five players per hotel room?"

Wake me when we have serious leadership in Boulder, or when the bottom feels like to top...we might be there!

I truely feel we need to dump time and effort into high school and university rugby at all costs...period...

we have not advanced alot in 40 years...although there is now a premier league which as spent an estimated 15 million dollars with limited returns...meaning it is not a pipeline to the eagles and it does not get us on tv...

lets take two steps back with a purpose right now....and focus for once...

lets remove USA rugby championships from everthing except division 1...

and lets put time and resources into youth and college...period...

and lets move the foreign leaders out and bring in some americans...I am all for a consultant..but really....CEO president and head coach...

come on we can do better...

I am Johnny Foreigner - been here almost 10 years - and I have to say I totally agree with you.

Chuck this lot out, get some home grown talent for half the price and invest in the youth and the college games.

Agree USAR management needs to change. The current Collegiate All-Star structure adds no value. Rep teams need to play together for more than a few games. Should be replaced with territorial U-25 academy teams consiting of high perfomance camps and multi-week competitions. Top U-19 players can also participate. This would need to be player(parent) and club financed until it is legit enough to get sponsors.

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