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18 February 2011


"Any of these can be deemed evidence that the player many afterward legally go for the ball." - with the proviso that the player have/get both feet on 'his' side of the tackled player before touching the ball again.

- Bruce Carter

So revised. Thx Bruce

"that the player may afterward..."

what in the ruck is now a ruck?

I cannot believe that Alex Goff is crediting USA Sevens for the new leagues and conferences!


He's crediting USA 7s with the creation of the 7s tournaments in those conferences, not the actual formation of the conferences. I have a lot of problems with that article, but that isn't one of them.

maybe i didnt read it as thoroughly. I believe he was crediting the new conference 7s TOURNAMENTS and not the conferences themselves. (caps standing in for italics).

What I do find ridiculous is his belief that the 300K+ votes represents anything near a significant number of voters. Unless I am seriously underestimating the power of facebook/twitter (they did just topple a couple of governments), the vast vast majority of those votes are multiple votes of individuals.

If it does then that's awesome.

I think the IOC probably has more to do with it than anything else. Rugby 7s gets into the Olympics, suddenly NBC gets interested. USA 7s is on the all and with NBC's help, creates the CCI. That, in turn, leads to the ACI 7s, SEC 7s, NCRC 7s, the LVI CRC 7s, etc. Let's not take anything away from USA 7s, but lets also not give them all the credit (most of the credit would probably be appropriate, though).

The big question will be when will 7s finally become so powerful that the college 15s season moves to the fall and the spring becomes 7s? I bet 3 years.

There are probably at least 30 Sevens tournaments in the country ranging from 16 to over 100 teams. Traditionally these are held in the Summer. The quality of the fields and administration of these tournaments varies greatly and the poor quality tourneys are hurting the game of rugby. Sevens tourneys should strive to look more like fields 1-6 at LVI and less like the brown fields 7+. Tourneys need to run on time which LVI failed to do. Ideally every tourney should have regulation fields with proper posts and markings and been run on time. Good food, water, and medical coverage is needed. Focus on Player Welfare and Spectator Experience. We could say USA Rugby should to improve the quality of Sevens tournaments but nothing is keeping the Tournament Committees and local clubs/unions/conferences from making their own tournaments better and adding HS, U-19, and College Divisions. Sadly, many tournament committees are greedy and sacrifice quality to jam more teams in to make more money. Tournaments can also look to work together to form regional and local series based on IRB points systems as was done in Met-NY last year. For the most part, Sevens is completely unorganized nationally. This is an easy fix but it must be done locally for the good of the game nationally.

Great ideas on what should be done as far as quality of tournaments...now who is going to bankroll the expenses? Sevens tournaments (the majority of them) are unorganized nationally because most players view sevens as a social vehicle to keep them in shape in-between 15s seasons. Yes this may (is) change(ing) on the upper level but probably won't for most clubs.

Tournaments need to be efficient but in the end, players/clubs need to bankroll the expenses. There is nobody else to foot the bill. USARugby does not have the money. Territorial and Local don't have the money. Sponsors may come down the road. Lacrosse tournaments charge over $400 per day per team - why not Rugby?. Rugby is more expensive than many people realize. Lowballing rugby tournament entry fees will only restrain growth and quality.

The US already has more Rugby tournaments than any country in the world and we can do more. The value of any money Players/Clubs put into tourney fees is immediately realized in the games played on the day. A much better use of funds than CIPP. Sevens is the Olympic sport and will lead the way for Rugby. Sevens requires tournaments and local/regional solutions must be developed by host Clubs, not under-funded regional or local unions or USARugby.

It would be great to see each of the new college conferences run at least one conference wide Sevens Tournament pre-15s season or perhaps mid- 15s season. 8 or 12 teams can play on a single field in a single day. No need for Mega tourneys. Perhaps winners qualify for USA Seven's Collegiate Championship. High School Conferences can also do the same and I would expect the people at USA Seven will have a HS/U-19 Championship soon. Many college and high schools already have the needed facilities and insurance to host single field Seven tournaments without much additional cost. That said, Players/Clubs will still need to come up with the money to cover most of the expenses for Refs and any amenities.

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