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31 January 2011


The competitiveness of the Eagles is down to a simple equation.

Wallabies Athletes = Eagles Athletes

The Eagles were stacked with NCAA Gridiron players that were equal or better athletes to the ones on the other side of the pitch. Add the fact that the game was more a game of attrition and less a game of skill and that further helps the Eagles. These football players were playing rugby in the spring and football in the fall. There was no year round position specific training for football and the NFL wasn't the payday it is now, so these guys were having some fun playing rugby.

"Up until the mid 1970s, salary ranges of $20,000 to about maybe $60,000 were usually the norm for these players. Reports from various news entities say that maybe thirty years ago the average salary was $30,000. Yet for many of these players, it still took a second job for many of these players to survive and run their households."

It’s The Lie That The NFL Won't Tell Current Or New Players About On Their Future
Gregory Moore - American Chronicle

If you carefully selected 40 NCAA football players and put them in an environment like Cal has for 1 year, you would be able to compete with tier 1 nations in a similar manner.

Hardly, because the Austrailians were all amateurs as well, and completely knackered from a Lions tour. They probably came here looking for a great vacation trip and hey, why not play America's first international as well? LA? Beach? Sign me up!
40 NCAA football players after a year of rugby training couldn't hold a candle to full rugby professionals that spent their lives playing RUGBY!

Count the Americans on the team -- I often win bar bets with this statistic.

Haha, good point.

Fellas, are you feeling ok? Do you really think that rugby is so hard that little America would just limp into things so easily??!! Yes one year is not enough, but take 4 years and 200 guys who have soccer, basketball and other sports in their background and you will have a pretty damn good team! Go another 4 years and include the kids who are starting to play now or will start as TV shows more and more up until 2016.
The shear thought of it should excite you. Your petty thoughts about what was or is today is lost in your inabilility to say thank you to the first guys/Eagles, thank you or accept that the US has loads, oodles of talent ready for rugby!
Watch out, it has started!

I know this is off topic, but are any of you viewing wearerugby.com? I can't figure out if anyone in the USA really cares about what is happening in rugby league. The game is only popular in the north of England and in parts of Australia, so who is reading these cut and paste articles from these areas that Brian Lowe is putting up on that site? I think Brian Lowe is the only one. I would never check the site if it wasn't for the occasional USA rugby union news.

No I forgot that site was even up. I have noticed that ARN seems to have died a quiet death.

Aren't all the rugby clubs in the USA and ex-pats here interested in the fact that Australian National Rugby League is going to keep the grounding rule the same ahead of the coming season?


No we're not. We are foolishly wasting time on playing and supporting our shitty little clubs and college teams that play drek rugby. Of course I'm being generous when I say "foolishly". Most, if not all, of those who do this are in fact deliberately sabotaging USA's hopes of having a national team in the RWC quarterfinal.

MDWATG = Brian Lowe = Bowgan

Such a bitter little rugby league fan.

I get called Brian Lowe for this, I get called Brian Lowe for bringing college football into a discussion on college rugby...but no one ever calls me Brian Lowe when I make a defense of the D3 national championship.

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