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10 January 2011


This is a return for UBC into the PNW Collegiate competition. Back in the early 70's the Thunderbirds and U of Victoria competed with the likes of Western Washington U, U of Wash, Oregon and Oregon State. UBC will enter their Braves (2nds) and Totems(Frosh)while the Varsity will play Home and Away with Cal, St Mary's, UVIC, CWU and U of Calgary.

The other conferences that are forming (Ivy, ACC, SEC) and the non-traditional leagues that make sense (like this one) are the way forward.

Perhaps USA Rugby should allow colleges to pull out of the LAU and TU system and run their own leagues and conferences?

Thats an awesome idea - now where have I heard that before?

Obviously, Mr. Sparrow is not following the news. Here is what the 11/22/10 USAR press release said about the administration of college rugby going forward:

"The Management Council will replace the College Strategic Committee and the Eligibility and Competition committees will have oversight of all college eligibility and competition issues. Members of the Management Council and eligibility and competition committees will come from the ranks of college coaches and administrators.

At the local level, college programs will begin to transition to a conference-based competition and administrative structure following the end of the 2010-2011 season. This transition will take place over a three-year period.

All teams will remain in good standing with their Territorial Unions (TUs)/Local Area Unions (LAUs) during the 2010-2011 season."

"leadership with jack clark" check? Check.

I was being sarcastic sir!

Didn't know Jack was a Marine?

Ooh rah

Jack Clark was NOT a Marine. He has coached the All Marine Rugby Team for several years and has a great respect for the Marine Corps.


OMG - I was being sarcastic - again!
Ooh rah!!!

touchy touchy. people pms'in? people getting irritable from not eating with their new year's resolutions?

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