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24 August 2010


Well, when the father of CIPP, says to the membership "don't pay your dues" a few entities should listen.

1) IRB are you paying attention to what is happening by way of the failed leadership of USA Rugby?

2) USOC are you paying attention to the failed leadership of your new NGB partner?

3) Congress, WTF...do something to change this course. Replace this Board. Replace this CEO. Cut the salary of the CEO in half. Cut the salary of the Eagles coach in half. Develop a real plan for the growth of US rugby.

Thank Randy Stainer! And Ed Hagerty and Kurt Oeler and every sole fighting the fight. Thank at least two Congress membership and shame the insiders.

Yup, don't pay your dues.

While your at it, don't compete for a championship, don't try to play your way onto the College All-Star, ARC, or Eagles sides.

Go tell your schools you are not paying dues to USAR. Then tell your schools you don't have 3rd party insurance. That'll go over well. Also, good luck getting ESPN to give a damn about club sports controversy in the first place.

You smart guys here are really solving all the worlds problems, aren't you? It'll be funny to see how many of you actually try to run for congress and do something about anything... or will you just hide on here and throw stones?

Hey, the real Jack Sparrow did not post that.
Dude, if you want to be a pirate get your own parrot!

While I totally agree with Mr. Stainer and I thank him for coming forward, I think its a little late to not pay your dues. A piece-meal protest in drips and drabs is not going to work.

Wait until after the meeting September, warn the Board and Congress that things need to change (just like the imposter above has said).

If it doesn't happen then a few of us start a campaign through sites like this and social media that we will have a country wide Cipp ban next year.

Tell the IRB and the world that this is going to happen and get organized. Hopefully the threat will be enough.

" Ask your Congressman if they think foreigners should dictate how we run our Olympic sport."

I dislike this. There are many people from all over the world living here and dedicated to growing the sport in this country, whether focused on the big picture or in building on the local or club level.

As much as I don't like a lot of what is being done, this sort of language and appeal to nativism solves nothing - at best.

Focus on the issues. I'll support any man or woman, no matter their accent, who is willing and capable of doing the right thing.

Jack (real) CIPP non payment may actually work this year. Most schools/ colleges have not or have only just gone back and no players actually pay dues before the coach yells enough. There isn't much time for colleges but if only half dont pay and all the HS dont pay in the spring then USARF monies will be cut by more than a third (I know the math is tough. There is still chance to at least give them a wake up call before the meeting in Sept. If things change then pay and move on if not dont pay til they do.

To the imitator, since only a few make select and eagles they can continue to pay. There are 96,000 members of USA rugby but only about 1000 of those play for a championship or have any hope of select play.

I don't think we need to create a new constitution or anything. I also think that committee's and congresses are great if you are content with slow gains.

If you want true growth you need an individual who will make tough decisions and upset a few people.

The current admin does all of that.

The problem is in results. Like any company if you don't see ROI then you make a change.

The first few years I would even argue that significant progress was made inside the game.

But this comes down to a bottom line. The National body will never have a huge impact on growing the game. That is up to the bootstrapping local people who are gaining momentum as we speak.

What the admin IS responsible for is making and raising money. It's not Nigel's direct responsibility to grow the college game, or grow the HS game, or domestic all star comps. There should be staff for that. It is his direct responsibility to make sure the union is solvent and generating revenue.

The plan seems to have been to pour money into the Senior Mens NT and ride it out until major sponsors saw ESPN and other broadcasts - right or wrong that plan has not been successful.

The well published salaries are WAY out of line with the size and fiscal capabilities for our Union.

THIS is the reason he should be finished. You go into a commpany, present your plan, implement, track the results and your performance is measured. You either get an extension or the door.

Many of the good programs have already registered their clubs. But please feel free not to pay.

But my point is that we really don't want to do this unless we have to - not paying CIPP will hurt us all. I say wait to see what transpires at the 'Grassy knoll' in Dallas!

If nothing happens, then we get mobilzed for next year and give USAR and the IRB that USAR will go bankrupt. If we are going to do, lets do it right.

Its a bit like the NFL strike, its a threat, all be it a very real one. If nothing happens then it really needs to considered as the nuclear option!

Andre, Agree, a lot of those on here have non USA beginings but are now in love with the country and the game and want to see it grow here like in so many other places across the world..

The right people can have what ever accent they want just fix the problem...

The best chance to take back the union was the USCRA, and that was hijacked by JC & the boys to start the CPL. The kids in college don't know what a CIPP is and the coaches hold all the cards in dealing with the union. The formation alone of the USCRA forced USA Rugby to hire Todd Bell. Imagine what 100 colleges not paying dues to USA Rugby would have done? But, like I said JC and his crew hijacked that movement via the ARN podcast. All the USCRA needed was support from the biggest and best colleges in the country (CAL & BYU) to gain complete acceptance from the college coaches. Sad but true.

well we have the top historical rugby journalist, Congress member, and lifetime supporters coming out on this site alone. What is happening on email and behind the scenes?
Keep it flowing all, what an interesting meeting September will be, yet the agenda will be fixed, here is my attempt at looking at what will happen.

10am - Call to order, roll call
1030am - State of the Union, Roberts and Melville - "historic numbers/membership", Olympic inclusion now with dollars starting in January - sponsors coming to the table (non specific) - we are moving forward in unprecedented economic times
11am - Coffee and potty break
1130am - TU/LAU Review -
12pm - break for lunch, continue with LAU/TU Review
1pm - Other business
2pm - Coffee and potty break
245pm vote - people have flights to catch, get on with it, part of the problem or part of the solution, i promise to be good for the next four years, on and on

Get the picture - nothing of substance happens, delay vote, on with status quo

Unless, and just maybe some strong Congress members stand up and say, let's talk about where we are during the state of the union and highjack the agenda away from KR and Latham - just maybe...

Pretty sure David Smyth of BYU was one of the original USCRA folks. So USCRA had BYUs support. What USCRA also had was a fellow by the name of John MacNamara who has alienated almost everyone who has ever met him. That's the main reason they failed. And actually, just their creation alone forced serious changes withing the college game, so to that end, USCRA was a complete success.

Interesting revisionist history there Hijacked... If I recall, the USCRA movement began by hijacking a well intentioned gathering of all-star coaches that simply wanted to reform the all-star process and All-American program. Not necessarily saying your theory is off base but it certainly is the pot calling the kettle black. USCRA needed disciples but all it had was zealots.

How about the administration insider who post under Sparrow's name in the second comment down and threatens those who don't pay dues with championships and all-star exclusion?

Well if you don't have a record to united the membership, and you have failed to create a value dues proposition, just fall back to anon threats.

Watch their next step. The forecast of $20m is over. The lies and cover ups are no longer working. Now comes the bullying.

The premier league hasn't hijacked anything. In fact it is the best leverage university rugby has against USAR. Remember the universities own the teams. USAR doesn't own anything, not the teams or the commercial value of the competition. This is US rugby's best shot and certainly college rugby's best shot at having real leverage over this USAR administration.

Those wanting a new dues paying organization for college rugby where just replacing the current non-functioning organization (USAR) with a new non-functioning organization. It appeared some of the founders were looking for jobs once they published an org chart with many full time employees.

What is wrong with replacing the leaders of this administration with new leaders, with solid experience in US sports? One CEO is enough, if he/she know what they are doing. One well-qualified Board of Directors, which understands US sport and is committed long term to US rugby is enough.

The problem US rugby is facing is not structural. One professional staff makes sense. A Congress which actually fulfills their role of oversight and committee work is perfect.

It is the people driving the bus and those vested insiders protecting the Board and Management that need to be replaced.

Key the union's professional management efficient and cost effective. Keep the governance streamlined.

All Hail Randy Stainer!!!

Listened to the ARN College Podcast today and JC has started his blame game already. Says USA Rugby hasn't been active in raising funds, but is considering hiring an agency to do it. The Claremont guy was real quite when the word on the street is that he got his team in the competition by dangling the potential of big money from an alumni of Claremont involved in the NBA. Todd Bell is going to get hosed on the CPL not being anything more than what the D1 was, and that is a collegiate rugby competition with no commercial ties.

That is one way to look at JC's comments. The other is a heads up that in three months time USAR hasn't none any sponsorship groundwork. This is what many of us were afraid of.

May in our Utah meeting Melville told us that he thought the sponsorship opportunities were good. He said he was considering hiring a firm to market the sponsorships for USAR. This was the last we heard.

I think trying to light a fire under USAR to get going is the right thing to do.

If JC or any of us wanted to play the blame game we would just shut up and leave USAR asleep at the wheel. Maybe by calling them out on their inactivity and encouraging them to get going there will be no blame to assign.

Those of in the premier league believe in the concept. Other don't need to...yet.

Let me get this all straight. All CPL sponsorship money goes to the CPL teams correct? Not a dime to the union, Melville, Eagles, etc? And these teams are trusting Melville to actually go out and get the sponsorships?? Where is the incentive?

Also a worrying point was made by JC about Melville or Bell saying that the CPL might be bundled with other USAR entities to sell the sponsorship. WHAT?!? This means that Melville wants to use the CPL to bring in sponsorship for other parts of USAR therefore diluting the CPL's intake. The CPL can definitely be sold on its own except there is no incentive for Melville to do so. The only incentive for being involved at all is to ride the coattails of the league and use it to bring in money for the union.

Why did the college teams abdicate their power to act for themselves? Especially JC. Little known fact is that JC was working in the past with Gatorade to develop a hs rugby coaching clinic that would travel across the country and spread the curriculum taught at Cal's hs coaching clinic. It was going to be free for all of the coaches. This fantastic idea may have fallen through but the point is that JC has connections. Hopefully he is just biding his time and trying to give USAR its 132nd kick in the butt to get going.

On a last note it was incredibly disheartening to hear USAR crapped the bed on telling hs/college athletic departments about the Olympic announcements. PATHETIC

All the teams have sponsorship connections. utah just landed and great new team sponsor. BYU has sponsors and connections. All these teams can open a door or two. JC is like Blake and Dave and Tim and Mike and Marty and Craig and Matt and Tom...get the point, they all have jobs.

We are paying a CEO $300k and a college director another $100k and an office full of people a bunch of money. It is time for them to go to work. If they want a professional paycheck from USAR they need to earn it.

This isn't about the teams doing the corporate sponsorship work. They have jobs with their teams and beyond. USAR collects over a million dollars in dues from college kids. This competition is meant bring in some sponsorship. They had better get to work.

my point is there is no incentive for Melville to go after CPL sponsorship money like there is for him to go after sponsorships that will put money directly into the union. It isn't right, but that's how I see it. All of these coaches better get on the horn and do it themselves.

I mentioned this before in another post, but the refs hold the key.

Teams have to pay CIPP tax to get refs. If refs would work with college teams and conferences to have liability covered another way for the refs (NASO), then the college teams wouldn't need CIPP. Colleges already have 3rd party from their schools. For a fraction of what teams pay for CIPP, they could pay for every single ref to have NASO insurance, and thus would be free.

The only issue then becomes championships. Div I Premier can run their own and the ARN NSCRO Championship runs Div III (Brian Lowe just agreed to have ARN sponsor drek rugby!). Div I and II would need to do some work, but even if just the DI-P and DIII teams didn't pay, that's about $300-$400k of CIPP tax that doesn't go to USAR. Ouch!

Change of subject

Anyone else noticed how Ruggamatrix has quietly slipped off the Goof on Rugby home page?

This is a must read.


Bronc had a lot of work to do at his TV station in Australia and needed to take a bit of time off. I also am in the process of moving my office to a new location and I had some serious family illnesses to deal with.

We will be doing podcasts at the beginning of the month.

Sorry to hear that Bruce.

Thanks TRJS,
We will certainly have a lot of things that we can talk about. I don't recall a gainline thread before with over 100 entries, these are certainly interesting times.

I wonder who would be the best guest to try and get.

So, let me get this straight, you all want to follow the path of Mr Stainer and refuse to pay dues and set up autonomous fiefdoms all moving in different directions based on the narrow demands of that membership? I have no doubt Mr Stainer's work on CIPP was important, but other than that, from what I have gleaned, he's been involved in the Oklahoma rugby union, which is so dysfunctional, that most of their teams -- and all their serious ones -- have opted to become members of adjacent unions, and in fact, Oklahoma was stripped of its vote at the West because it has no president, organization, bank account, P.O. Box or even a website. Its clubs quit paying dues years ago to themselves and the west (with the exception of OU and Jenks so they could play in championships; but even OU, its flagship, now competes elsewhere).
Surely we can come up with more constructive ideas?
Perhaps we could go down a different road of discussion?
Why do we think we are worthy of sponsorship?. After all, we are a niche sport with nothing on TV? That collegiate 7's competition probably set us back 10 yrs. It was a terrible product to put in front of the American viewer. Somebody out there must know how to get the sport on TV? A little ITM cup and once every now and again a top game from Super league.
I can't see how dues alone will ever solve our problems. Could someone offer specifics on what could be done better at HQ instead of
whining about salaries?

I am writing to agree that the referees are a big part of the don't pay dues plan.

The vast majority of the colleges don't need the 3rd party liability insurance included in the CIPP dues. Those that do need this type of insurance, for example, to rent public park space, can purchase the insurance inexpensively.

Most teams don't advance to the post season so no big loss there. Same with the All American team.

One real issue is what will the local administration do to assist USAR. They are partners in this dues thievery. The LAUs seem to do a little more than the TUs, which isn't saying much. Some LAUs have good managers of the game, but many provide no leadership to the college game, because they know so little about university sport. Traditionally LAUs used their dues funds to field local rep teams, which is no longer the case in the majority of the LAUs. Now he question becomes why are they collecting dues. In most case the referees are paid separately, but if not, this charge needs to be collected somehow. But other than referees there is little reason for teams to pay LAU dues.

The TU level is even more vacate of services or purpose. A friend in the Pacific Coast has informed me that members have been trying for 15 months to get an accounting from the TU president and the TU board members on where the funds are being spent. Tens of thousands of dollars are unaccounted for each year by way of financial records.

In the MARFU a couple of TU board members were convicted of crimes having to do with TU funds.

For all the membership of the PCRFU knows this same thing could be occurring. As no detail financial records have been published in many years. The president of the PCRFU held a camp for personally selected kids with union funds previously, but it is unclear where some of these funds are spent currently.

Dues paid at the TU level are clearly out-dated and must end.

USARs CIPP dues program is nothing more than a tax to participate in rugby. Without USAR publishing financial records it is unclear where this national tax money is spent. It is assumed than the majority of this tax on kids and college student is going towards the salaries of the CEO and the head coach of the Eagles, along with Eagle team funding.

All of this needs to change in order for US rugby to reach its potential. The call to remove these layers of out-dated administration and individuals national leaders by refusing to pay tax is long overdue. Mr Stainer needs to be thanked for his suggestion. As the father of CIPP this must not have been easy for him.

The refs needs to help the players and teams begin to rebuild US rugby.

"I wonder who would be the best guest to try and get."

I'd be much more colorful than Nigel Melville".



You have got to be kidding. The NBC executive gave the CCI an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. But who is he and his opinion next to you and yours?

Did you say lets get a RSL game of TV???LOL.

If you haven't read the 4000 things this administration and well paid management should have been doing over the past four years, then it will be hard to catch you up.

I do appreciate you asking the question, as it gives us a chance to make the list once again. However, you will need to give us some time to post this for you, as it take a while to list all the shortcomings.

I have time this weekend, I invite you and the administration you support to check back in on GL and we can begin the list in detail the Nigel's top 100 hits.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Mr. Evans
The college game is moving along nicely, so just leave us to it and you go crawl back under that rock!

Peter, I have no idea who you are but would guess you are one of those congress members thatis enthralled with the title and thinks the present leadership in USA rugby is doing a great job.

Lets take your points one at a time beginning with salaries. As has been pointed out here in previous threads a salary of $300k in a not for profit organization would indicate a particular revenue amount somewhere in the tens of millions if not a hundred million. This is clearly not the case with USA Rugby. Based on the amount of dollars going through USA Rugby the salary for the CEO should be in the $150K range which would be on par with simialar organisations.

Similarly, the salary paid to the haed coach is out of line with others who have been far more succesful in larger Unions. Ian McGeechan makes less, Brian Ashton makes less.

Why do we whine because they are out of line and we get little or no results from this huge investment. We get no accounting of the monies we all put in, we get no budget to see where future money will go. We ran out of money this year and cancelled tours and camps but the CEO and coach get paid. We get no clear direction for the future only a murking hand waving about how rosey the future will be now that Rugby is an Olympic sport and we get a Chairman of the Board who is so out of touch with the reality of USA Rugby and rugby in general posta a blog hoping the USA Womens Eagles willdo well in the Rugby World Cup 7's being played in England right now.

As for your insight into the CCI 7's you are way off base. The event although poorly attended was a success in the TV viewing. The numbers were better than NBC expected and locally, in the Columbus area, were very good. The level of play of those teams that advanced was as good as if not superior to most of the Men's 7's I've been around this summer. The final could not have been more exciting and to have a local team, BG, with a trophy, all be it for 9th place was good for the sport. How you mistakenly think it put "US" back 10 years is difficult to see.

And the CIPP monies, well we have little else as leverage. We have a congress that seems afraid of the consequences of asking and then if necessary demanding an accounting of the operations of USA Rugby. So if there are no monies coming into USAR then maybe someone will provide to the membership what they ask and what they deserve. If you are on congress as I suspect then ask the questions and more importantly get the answers that make sense not just the ones they want you to hear.

As for more rugby on TV, I watch rugby every weekend on my TV. Thats not the problem its there to be watched and you dont have to look to hard yes its a premium service but so what invest in it and TV number will look good so maybe ESPN will use their international networks and start broadcasting to the masses. The problem in the US is the product. Put the national finals in a stadium, CCI did with the 7's and it was on TV, invest in these "flagship" events and dont push them off into a park.

As for being done better at "HQ" let start with investing in the future. Take the HP monies from the IRB and use that to host camp/ clinics for the U20 and College AA. These guys are the ones that will be at the 2015 world cup and beyond. Take 250K from those inflated salaries and provide scholarships to players entering or already in colleges. Scholarships will produce the better athletes and will stop guys coming out of HS playing DIII football because they get an education for free. 250k per year would easliy pay for 5 kids per year attending in state colleges. Then use the CIPP monies to coach the coaches of those school with scholarship rugby players so that they coach the style needed by the senior eagles so that the investment in the kids in college is fruitful.

Hows that for a few specific's Mr Evans.

Now go do the job for which you were elected and protect those you serve or move aside and let someone that isn't afraid to be heard take your place.

Dam he pi55ed me off...and now for somethng completely different...

i see i wasn't the only one...

Putting the onus on referees is a little out there. Refeees provide a service and do it for the love of the game. If you don't love this game, don't play it.

Or, better yet, have your club NOT pay their union and/or referees fees, then your team CAN'T get a match. I love it how everyone has a suggestion on how SOMEONE ELSE can make a stand. "Sure, let the referees hold the bag, I won't do a thing."

If you really want to follow the Stainer model, then maybe every individual should still CIPP register, but the clubs should not. Maybe that would send a message. I say pay the dues but swamp your Congressperson with messages to just vote everyone out.

And who are raising their hands, ready to take over? Or are you waiting for someone else to do it?

SArg, Can we presume your hand is up...

Everyone should pay their CIPP fees, but into an escrow account managed by a collection of respected leaders within the rugby community. Slam USA Rugby with a law suit with the intent to get a judge to state that the rights of the members are granted based on the fees being withheld in the escrow account. Then negotiate with USA Rugby Board Members for what you want in exchange to drop the suit and remit the funds to USA Rugby.

That will get everyone's attention.

One quick question. How many CEO's in the real world have returned shareholder value over the past three years? Even tougher for NGO's, charities and membership contributing companies who rely on sponsorship and hobby budgets from passionate particpants.

If I was the head of sponsorship for Emirates airlines, I'm glad that I didn't come across the user content in this blog. I would never have invested against market conditions in a virgin market based on the reaction of the shareholders of USA rugby.

A dues strike will achieve so much in concept, but it can't work because people want to play healthy, insured and well structured and officiated rugby in a format which is recognisable, rather than unstructured meaningless games. Great gesture, but when it comes down to it will people do it?

Last point is congress and transparency. I make excuses for Melville a lot. I've met him and know how solid his rep as a rugby mind and business mind was pre USA rugby. I excuse him reduced sponsorship speand, failure to adapt to the culture of the game in the USA and perhaps naivety in the promises made. I don't forgive him the congress/ board split and the lack of transparency when reporting strategy and accounts.

As shareholders in the game though you have a lot to be accountable for, and it is only when respected commentators speak out that action looks like it could be meaningful. As a membership body, if dis-satisfied you should have actually complained and lobbied to the point of meaningful action. How many will take responsibility for this lack of action?

I loved playing in the states and genuinely see huge potential for the game there, but now is the time to forge a meaningful and positive reaction to the perceived breakdown in leadership. Does the game need negative publicity with the recent gains in national conciousness?

Peter Evans,
You sire are an idiot! I have no idea about this guys Randy's pedigree other than what he listed. I do know that politics and ability at the adult male administration level has been poor for sometime, no wonder all the youth, hs and college folks are building their own. This is a fact. Don't bring that into the equation.
Now for your idiotic rant, the Collegiate 7's set us back, well it brought in higher ratings than all the college and club lacross games, 1 million plus in sponsorship, and NBC has said they want this for the next 50 years.
You believe that "someone" should get the game on TV and we should "stop whining about salaries"!!!
Well that is where you have lost your marbles, we do have "someonone or two" they are getting paid a lot of money to build a Tv strategy and the business plan that this blog and the byelaws say are suppose to happen each year.
Do you get it? The point of all of this debate is to put a marker down and follow it up with real action.
If they cannot they get criticized and possibly asked or voted to move on.

Thanks for the response Jack Sparrow.
I don't know why I get a message from this website saying my data is not allowed everytime I try and post so I've sent this from another computer.
If this Gainline is merely for a bunch of silly girls who don't like to be questio9ned or challenged then good luck, I won't bother joining.
Here was my response....no doubt the next computer will be barred also.
There is much to agree with.
Salaries a bit high, particularly for Eagles head. No accounting by HQ is a problem.
Like you I'd like to know what the purpose of TU's are.
We could go on and on and find a few hundred thousand dollars savings and we could buy scholarships at 5 or 10 a year and 10 yrs from now we'd still be grasping at straws.
If you go down that route you need 5 a year to every college to make a difference.
Wheres the big picture?
How do we really get rugby in front of the population?
I gather most believe the system should be broken up into youth, college and adult?
How would a governing body at each level be better than a centralized system that is the model in all other countries? Make the case?
I'm open to a debate, and like others if you have a good argument we'll help. All I can see is USARFU replicated in 3 different ways with no one caring about the other levels.
Change for the sake of change is rarely a good idea. All I see is little nitpicking and when you add them altogether you say its a master plan. Who has the vision written down with how, where, why etc outlined?
I'm as pissed off as any of you that rugby just cannot make some exponential leaps.
BTW You're also correct that the final of 7's was good. Thats 14 mins out of 4 hrs.
Where can one find the viewer numbers and who has the contact at NBC?

checking to see if I'm still barred.

Why wouldn't the wimp who wrote I was an idiot do so under his own name?
The Commonwealth observer Gerry is right.
Come into the light, show us your constructive plan that benefits the whole of rugby in the USA, and not just one faction.


has anyone ever followed up on the monies misplaced or misspent in MARFU ..it made news...

how about in accounting irregularities in wisconsin - from the mid 1990's til 2005...

what about the closed books for USARFU...closed meetings....

VIVA revolucion...
lets make this our game...USA Rugby...played our way...

Here's how college rugby benefits all other levels.


Peter Evans,

You're an idiot, and an outed internet tough guy.



The club game is broken - let it fix itself, why bother having a plan?

Concentrate on HS and under, build on the success of the college game and get our best players abroad. Keep pumping money back into the youth game with professional regional officers that get the game played in HS. Hire an ad agency on commission only to help finance the Eagles.

"In the MARFU a couple of TU board members were convicted of crimes having to do with TU funds."

And for that reason, MARFU has a posted budget showing how every dime is spent and has cooperated with authorities on prosecuting said former TU board members.

2010 Budget: http://www.marfu.org/budget/marfu_budget_2010.pdf

Former TU Board Members' Charge: http://www.marfu.org/files/201001marfuminutes.pdf Page 6

"Peter Evans,

You're an idiot, and an outed internet tough guy.



Mr. No Taxation without Representation, you do not speak for me nor many other people so please stop acting as if you represent me and others that feel the same.

Mr Evans, So you want to wave a majic mand and have all things rugby in the USA made right. Its not about exponential leaps its about little steps in the right direction. Right now we have no little steps and absolutely no direction. Do you think that college scholarships given for football or any other televised sport were in the thousands the first day no of course not. A few were offered which showed the results they wanted and so more were offered.

I believe, as i think many on this site do, that if the governing body offers some scholarships then as the level of athlete increases and the the level of play increases school will see a benefit and offer more them selves to attract a diverse student base. There are s couple od examples of how this is already haapening, Davenport is one, that in only its second or third years is seeing a return on its investment by attracting better students and players and their level of play has increase considerablely.

AS far as benefitting one faction, well again, DIII schools didnt benifit when DI schools started to offer scholarships, but do know, it takes time and a plan. We see no plan from "HQ" and they have had time...

And even if we have only 100 highly skilled, elite athletes playing rugby and having had their education payed for thats better than wht we have now.

I doubt anyone is saying break up into 3 factions with three governing bodies unrelated to each other. ITs only because "HQ" does nothing to grow the game at the lower levels again a plan and implementation would be nice to see.

Where the big picture you ask, I agree, ask that question of those in charge. I'd love to see their Big Picture. And the Vision written down would be nice ask Nigel or Kevin for their Vision written down, theirs seems somewhat myopic if not totaly visionless, no offense to any blind reads we my have.

SO you say you are pissed off too. Why is it then that I dont read your name in any of the reports on how board metings have gone. WHy isn't it that Goff or Lowe or Kurt aren't extoling your one man stand against the governing body. Why haven't you seen a Big Picture and put your plan on paper, Where is your vision.

And finally, not sure what you were watching but the vast majority of the coverage on NBC was exciting rugby, OSU v Utah, Utah v BG, OSU v BG are just a few examples. As for ratings talk to JC he has them and broadcasted them on the Pod cast the following week. If i remeber the numbers correctly nationally it was a 0.3 which equatees to 600,000 homes and locally in the central ohio area was a 0.6 which meant 40,000 homes in the local area. Both of which put the event high in the ratings for the time slot.

So Mr Evans come Septembers meeting I expect to see you name in Bold print across all of the rugby reporting sites as th elone voice in the wilderness willing to stand up with a vision in mind, a plan in hand and a time frame of implementation. If not then step aside and stop trying to play the tough guy on blog sites...

Just checking if he's still barred.

Look I'm not a member of any elite board or congress. I simply wanted to get involved because I saw an article which advocated withholding dues. This is pretty serious so I presumed there were some great alternate ideas. I see many agreeing collegiate is where resources should be spent. Yet many years ago I and a few others used similar arguments for youth and we actually got HQ to endorse SBOs, but it took two and half years to wrestle youth from LAU because of all the politics.
There will equally be others that say high performance is necessary in the short term because IRB funds may be linked to this.
But there is only a limited pot of money.
So until we can generate quality sponsorships
we only have dues money.
Surely in order to get sponsorship we need to be on TV with a great exciting product.
I've only be playing, coaching and watching rugby as a passionate student for over 40 yrs
I just might know a thing or two about a quality product.
I've seen quite a few excellent college games.
But those were the ones where there was half decent camera work. Ustream is a waste of time. Kids will want to play this game for free (no scholarship) if they could be on telly and the production is professional and exciting. I would spend the money there. I don't know how lacrosse manages to take up so much time on tv when it fails on the basic level, insomuch as one can't even see the ball go through the air.
There is no doubt that rugby is tailor made for TV. Start there and with the excitement will come the crowds and sponsorship.

Since this is mostly an anonomous site I thought I would shed a little light on who is who. Peter Evans has a perfect right to ask questions of the structure as he is a perfect example of what the structure needs.
He created the Katy (Texas) RFC which has produced probably 10 U20 USA Age group Internationals and currently 3 or 4 College All Americans as well as a club culture for all ages 5-65, playing 4 days a week (Sunday Touch for all ages combined) and a club roster of over one hundred CIPP dues payers, a local School Disrict of 100k kids
with rugby as part of their curriculum, etc.) so he knows wherof he speaks and has gravitas from having put in the hard yards over many years. All this while struggling with an LAU/TU/National union structure that tried to suppress much of his good ideas because he wasn't part of the WEST/TRU ( Latham, Sharpley, et al) good ole boy network.
Just to set the record straight
Chris Callan, Houston texas

Chris, Then maybe he should take that show on the road. SOme on here consider the "good ole boy network" something to be wary of and thus avoid names.
Since Pete has done all that you say, he knows there is no magic wand and these things take time and small steps.
He asked for a silver bullet and there is none.
He wanted ideas and a plan, seem he has one that worked in Texas maybe he should look for support to take it national rather than ranting on this blog.
He was also given the beginnings of a plan on here. And that is a bigger step than any of us have seen from USA Rugby.
Anyway thanks for his CV, and we invite him to join the fight and ask him not to rail against those in the trenches.

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