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01 June 2010


excellent synopsis by Kurt

to previous posters, NYAC never took Cal likely, we were just not that good and Cal was, we were out in the Qfinals both years we played those games.

We have also been fortunate to have Cal players andrew lindsey and paul jesseman on our team and there for us this year although both had been injured.

the college premier league will make rugby grow and funnel some terrific HS talent to these fine schools. the great thing about the CPL is that it has the academic gamut of schools from highly competitive to marginally competitive and that means that good players will have a place to go and that is great.

college and HS rugby are critical
on the NYAC
1,2,3,9,13 were all college AA's
4,10, 15 went to uni in another country 4 in canada, 10 in ireland, 15 in scotland
5 played for a poor NRU side and was overlooked but came to us and has 3 USA caps now, but on any other region, he'd have made it
6 and 8 are ineligible because they were college students playing club rugby (both played USA U-19 and U-20)
7,12 did not go to uni and were ineligible
11 was a college player at stanford
14 was a college football player but was a USA u-19 rugger.

we lived and died on HS and college rugby. it is critical for development.

RSL will not have the finances, facilities and infrastructure of schools, but it does pretty well and the top games are good games.

As for pre season thoughts, this year we lost to boston in pre season who won a huge Qfinal and then lost to us, and in 08 we lost to charlotte in pre season and they made playoffs and got beaten soundly by a denver team in charlotte that we handled in the semi.

pre season is what it is.
that doesn't make those games less serious or less marquis, it is just that while both teams want to win, neither is playing the side they played the year before due to graduations and other issues.

they are great games and a lot of fun, we hope more xavier guys go to cal and that more cal guys come to nyac. it works for us and we hope that seamus kelly and pat coleman work for cal. who knows, maybe we will get to play utah, PSU, KU, Army, or delaware, or SMC (who has expressed interest in playing at the remembrance cup)

Ideally we have players from all of the top programs. it is amazing how the kids from quality college programs can step in and fit. the more of those we have, the better. it will be great for all of us.

NYAC's ability to forge relationships is part of their strength of being a winning club. They have Tolks who builds relationships with players at a young age through Xavier. These players all want to come back and play for him again at NYAC. Every RSL team should try and be linked with a high school program, furthermore ideally a university (where geographically possible) as well. It would do wonders for the US game and create sustainable player pathways.

NYAC have forged links with young non rugby playing communities around the area, especially with Play Rugby USA urban city programs. I once heard a young kid of 9 years old, say his favorite sports player of all time was a NYAC player! For a kid who does not really know rugby and is embraced in every other sport under the sun, that was quite powerful to hear.

Even playing against NYAC they were always the most welcoming club and just understand how the game should be played and managed. Of course it would be wrong to say NYAC are the only club doing this, they are not, however all clubs should be trying to work similar models to the ones that do and learn from them.

Congrats on the win

Great job NYAC! A belated congratulations from an interested observer.

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