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04 May 2010


so the two unbeaten teams in the RSL have a total of 3 players in the squad anyone else find this strange or is the coaching for life and NYAC just that good...

SFGG has 3, NYAC 4, and Life 3. That's 10 of 36 players from the top 3 RSL clubs. I would say that's pretty fair and expected. I think there are a couple RSL players missing who should be there but for the most part I think it's a pretty fair selection.

Good to see some college kids get a look.

After listening to the ARN podcast 2 things.

1 - The number of college players in the MNT setup. Perhaps the gap in the standard of play between senior teams and college teams is widening. That is a good thing if true. BTW being a skilled college player and physically competing at test level are 2 very different things. EO was brought in to build a succesfull team. That is how he is incentivised and how he will find employment after the WC. Can't be mad at him for not developing.

2 - The Media guy without web access is a BIG thing. The only way to be sure we aren't covered on par with other events is to host events without the capability to do so. If you only focus on the event for players that will be the only segment that sees improvement. If we don't make our events more accessable to the media and fans we will never grow those segments. The fans and players using the same bathrooms, national anthem miscue and media guy without wifi are huge deals. USAR has held this in Stanford for years. Not having those areas covered is lazy and shows a lack of vision

Credibility = media
Media = fans
Fans = Sponsors
Sponsors = air time and money

Make the event more about the media and the fans or we will never grow at the pace we should. Stop worrying about the quality of play. That can only be acheived by the players and coaches.

Oh I lied - 1 more thing. Student athletes are one thing. As long as the players coming from overseas are 1. - on a path to graduate and 2. - haven't already received undergrad degrees in other countries;that's great. Welcome to the USA have fun.

There have been instances of players coming who already have degrees and just throw some undergrad classes in to be elegible. Or they come for one year never intending to graduate.

Those are not student athletes. Those are mercinaries and down the road if money does flow into college rugby would present a HUGE problem. Again has anyone at USAR thought about this?

Selections look pretty fair to me. Gone are the days of the Billups/Clark BS selections. Still I think its hard for up and coming players to get noticed in the USA, but thats another issue.

What position is Barnard going as? Scrumhalf? That's cool. 2 Mid-Atlantic College 9s making it big in Petri and Barnard.

any 9 is better than the old bald guy that was playing 9 for the eagles last year.

Go Eagles,

How have your Eagles done since Billups and Clark ? The Eagles win/loss record since 2006 has been the worse ever, while the "President of Rugby" and (3) head coaches have been compensated at record levels.

Say what you want about selections, but the proof is in the performance matey.

2003 still stands as the best year ever in the history of USARFU. Those are the facts mate.

Mike "tiny dancer" Petri is the worst. Heard the kid from Life gave him a schooling last week.

Who did you hear that from? I am pretty sure no one who went to the game.

In other news, an American back will play in the Heinekin Cup Final.


Mike Petri was chosen for the Barbarians, that's a huge honor and major statement. He's a class player.

yea shut up dutch jones. its over. u lost.

Petri could become the best eagle we've had, if he had a gameplan that actually produced points and a flyhalf that could kick the ball out of their end.

The hinge probes are fewer and farther between, the chicken hop is less obvious. Things are looking good, defense is excellent, the pass is reliable and fast.

Now stop clearing the ball from behind the 22 as a first resort. A clearance should be measured in meters not foots and inches.

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