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29 March 2010


& what of st marys? are they in or out?

We played 3 games this Spring (playoff games). No home games. Teams that did not make the playoffs had zero Spring games, unless they scrambled around to scrap something together.

Tough to build a following on campus and recruit athletes with this playoff system.
Must have been some D3 braintrust or commonwealth types to marshal in this ridiculous format years ago?

Please jog my memory, who exactly drafted this cok up?

Let's hypothetically assume that past year's form holds and Utah and St. Mary's round out the Pac Coast seeds. And let's give the 3rd SoCal seed to UCLA.

Now let's assume USAR didn't pre-seed this even base don last year's results. We could have the following two pools in California:

Pool A

1. BYU

2. San Diego St.
3. St. Mary's

Pool B

1. Cal
4. Arizona

2. Utah
3. Texas A&M

Now in Atlanta we have these two pools:

Pool C

1. Arkansas St.
4. Bowling Green

2. Army
3. LSU

Pool D

1. Penn St.
4. Syracuse

2. Delaware
3. Tennessee

Allow for reseeding for the final four, so if all 4 #1 seeds won, you could have Cal v. Ark St. and BYU v. Penn St. in the semifinals. There is some inherent unfairness in this, such as SDSU and St. Mary's having a tougher road to Final Four, but how much money do you think is saved in travel costs to the teams? Cal, UCLA, Utah go to California instead of Atlanta, while Delaware, Bowling Green, Arkansas St. and Syracuse go to Atlanta instead of California. Seems simple enough to me.

Brilliantly done,college, but irrelevant. This year's seeding is irreversible and next year the playoffs will be 8 teams, with 2 from each conference (IMHO, Pacific, West, East, and Everybody Else).

If things run true to form, we'll have Cal & St. Mary's or SDSU from the Pacific, BYU & Utah from the West, Penn State & Delaware or Dartmouth (but not Army, since they don't want to play in the Spring) and Arkansas State and Texas A&M from everywhere else.

So, depending on how they perform in the season next year, and with some windage for past performance, we'd get:
Played in California somewhere:
1. Cal
8. Dartmouth or Delaware
Played in Provo
2. BYU
7. Penn State
Played in Salt Lake City
6. Texas A&M
Played in Scenic San Diego
4. Utah
5. Arkansas State

Maybe the BYU vs PSU & Utah vs A&M could be played back to back in Rio Tinto in front of 6,000 fans and be televised by ESPN or KBYU. The Cal vs Delaware/Dartmouth could be held in San Diego with the SDSU vs ASU game, again televised by ESPNU.

Cool, huh?
Then, the semis are held the following week in Dick's Sporting Goods stadium with Cal vs Utah & BYU vs SDSU, for example, in back-to-back games.

The final is held the following week in Giants Stadium in downtown San Francisco between, say, Cal and BYU for the 6th consecutive year. Millions watch on TV.
I guy can dream, can't he?

Oops. SDSU is in San Diego and Utah is in Salt Lake City. Everything else is the same.

Let's hope this actually comes to fruition, the TUs don't have much faith that it will and are already planning their D1 schedules and leagues for the '10-'11 season. The interesting thing will be to see if USAR continues to hold a lower level national competition for the current D1 teams that are not going to be involved in the premiere league. If they do, let's hope it is something that makes more sense than what currently exists. If these teams are striving to raise the standard of their play to that of the teams in the premiere league, then they don't need to be spending $20,000 to get to somewhere to play two playoff games in a weekend.

Many TU's and LAU's are already putting up road blocks. These fools have no idea about college rugby and even if they do, they are involved in petty back room parochial politics.

And guess what? It isn't the commonwealth brigade imposing their will over a traditional US collegiate system. Most of these are guys who went to college here, but as usual, have become so entrenched in outdated LAU and TU politics.

They don't want to lose what they have and are going to fight it anyway they can - so prepare yourselves for a turf war.

I bet Dinger is from MARFU...

Mid-west actually

Sounds like a Mid-Atlantic man to me.
Ahoy there ship mate

Just read the IRB is underwriting the Pumas entry into the tri nations at 2.5M per year over 4 years.

If the IRB were truly serious about unlocking the US market, a similar 3-4 year investment in the College Premier league, which covered all teams travel costs and what was left over for production costs to have at least 1 game on free network tv per week might actually build a US following that could pay off in USA tv rights for the 2015 world cup

Love that idea - but the problem is that the IRB like USA rugby and the rest of the rugby playing nations, have a set model that they work to. If that model doesn't fit a country like the USA, then they don't want to know.

The only reason they are bending over backwards for the Argies is that they got to the semi-finals of the last world cup.

If the Eagles repeat that in 2011 then maybe we have a chance of your idea actually happening.

The IRB already gives USAR enough in grants to do what you're asking. The issue is the grants are wasted on trading between world ranking places 18-14, as if it matters.

Redo our entire structure, of LAU's and TU's and change which programs and projects we invest and we can be a top 8 team in one RWC cycle.

Rugby is a warm weather sport and it just got warmer. Next time bring your A-side.

nearly all states admitted to the union after the original thirteen have been formed from U.S.

I hope everyone who visitis your blog has a good time here as much as I do.

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