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18 March 2010


So, the pregnant question is (drum-roll, please) are JC & the boys talking or going to talk to Lt. Col. Mark Drown, whose rugby-playing daughter (if I'm not mistaken) was the impetus for the whole National Guard sponsorship?

Since JC has a reputation for being more than a step ahead of the rest of us, and since the relationship between JC & the USAR leadership is, how shall we say, "strained", but likely not too much more strained that that between the National Guard and USAR, maybe it's the right time for discussions to open between the U.S. National Collegiate Championships and JC & the boys for a television sponsorship package for the league and playoffs. What think ye?

Revolt and Revolution is in the wind! High School and College Rugby revolt against the money blood suckers at USARFU! Break away and start your own organization that caters to your needs!

My understanding is that the NG budget for the year has not been approved by congress because of infighting between the dems and repubs. It was supposed to happen in Oct. That is why there is no action on the sponsorship. I am told that the NG was getting quotes from rugby suppliers in late summer for hundreds of team kits, but put a hold on the bid process when their budget was put into limbo.

As a National Guard Officer and active rugby player, I hope any new agreement would include outreach to Club rugby. It seemed to be a hugh miss for recruiting efforts when most Club rugby players are in their 20s.

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