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17 February 2010


The Eeagles 7's prgroam would prosper if players were paid. 12 players at 30 K a year ... $360,000. Would that keep a team together? Kevin Roberts and company can't cobble together sponsorships worth that much for a team that will be participating in the Olympics?

I know it sounds simple but it doesn't seem like an insurmountable amount of money. Heck - may half that would keep the team together through the IRB 7's circuit.

I believe Thretton now plays for the University of Utah, not Golden Gate

Thretton is with Utah, but word is Paga is going to make a comeback with SFGG this season.

www.ruggamatrixusa.com has some good stuff in this week's show, we cover some interesting things

Hey Bruce, since you are regularly pluggin your new website here, can I tell you that I would listen more often if you did not ask your guests questions, then cut them off while answering your own question yourself! Not that interested in what you do at your local rugby club. Listening to hear what your guests have to say.

It is really rude. If you ask them a question, shut up and let them answer. "Peace out".

Paga, great Cal player in his day.

This just in...Kevin Roberts, USAR Chairman and all-round Kiwi mover and shaker has just announced (while wearing his All Blacks supporter blazer) that USAR will soon be a $20,000,000 organization and the organization will be contracting its national team players to improve the Eagles' performance.

Oh, right, that was four years ago he said this...sorry.

i'd be irritated too if i didnt have the mental faculties to spell irritated.

Bruce can't help it, he's is from New Yark!

Irritated, I will try and look out for doing that, if I do it too often, I am sorry, don't mean to.

In another announcement from USA Rugby, Roberts announces that the Eagles will be quarter finalists in 2011. Oh wait...

I wish Roberts and Co would just level with us and proclaim:

We are going to put every penny of IRB welfare money we get into the Eagles in the hope of moving them from 17th to 13th.

Further, we are going to raise dues on the membership and siphon off every bit of these dues in this same pursuit. Same with every dollar of sponsorship we sell. It will be used for the same purpose, 17th to 13th. I know this won't do anything long term for US rugby, but screw you punks, I'm not here for the long term.

The CEO will not be a businessman but a President of Rugby. We will pay the CEO and national team coach more than the sum of all other employees, x2. Our national team coach will make far more than a Super 14 or Premiership coach. He will make more than Canada's coach and all other tier two national team coaches, regardless of record.

As Chairman I will remain an All Black supporter first and foremost. USAR will come after all other things in my life, so don't expect much from me. I have no sponsorships and no respect for you yanks.

I wouldn't trust an American to coach the womens sevens team, much less a team I care about.

Oh, and have I told you that USAR is going to be a $20m business now that I'm your chairman? Or that I will professionalize the Eagles?

The trouble with you yanks is that you just don't understand rugby. Me and the pros I brought in to save you will show you the way.


"Horses Mouth"

... I'm glad you are here to really get things done. You must have all the answers. Would you be so kind enough to share them with the rest of us? Thanks.

I love how everyone complains about Boulder when they should really take a look at the club they are attached to. Are you providing a product for your local market that's worth watching? Are you advertising/marketing your matches to the local media? Do you have a youth outreach program? Are you solvent? Are you brick and mortar or do you have official club meetings in the back of some Irish pub that shackels out a few pence for jerseys? Are you fat or fit? Can you actually make it through a match without looking like a complete moron and begging for a beer after?
Answers these questions first of yourself, then see how many stones you can throw.

eagle fan-exactly.i couldn't agree with you more. no worse sight than pot bellied rugger standing on the sideline cursing at the refs and players while holding a beer in his hand while on a town field where no booze is allowed. respect and success for the sport will come with local clubs doing the job.

I am somewhat dismayed how this thread has devolved into another bag USA Rugby session.

The thread is about the US Seven's teams success in Las Vegas and the effort once again at putting together a competitive squad for the US to maintain it's core nation status.

After calling 20 matches this weekend, and following the World Series more closely this year, I would like to make a few comments -

Seven's is now a very serious game. Defensive patterns have drastically improved, the athletiicism of the players has improved and across the board, games are more competitive.

It was only a few years ago where 50-70 point games between the minnows and the big boys were common.

Not any more - only two matches had scores in the 40's. A first up competitor like Guyana drew with France (12-12) and Japan defeated Argentina (7-0) for the first time. This is great development.

The USA lost the second match of the tournament 14-12 to powerhouse Fiji and could have won the game. The USA played a very positive game and improved on the performance in Wellington.

Canada had a miserable outing in Las Vegas (but successfully blooded a very young group of players) and it goes to prove just how important which pool you are drawn in can be. They were a little fortunate in New Zealand.

The USA is positioned now to further their standings as the next rounds move to Adelaide and Hong Kong.

Al Caravelli has taken a little while, but has found a good mix in his squad and they will continue to grow.

And I would be remiss to not mention the very young Australian team. With an average age of just under 20, the Aussies under Michael O'Connor are now on the verge of reemerging as a real force in Seven's. They haven't won a title since Brisbane back in 2002, but watch out - these kids are good - and their 28-7 win over Fiji was a screamer.

I think Las Vegas was a good selection as venue and should continue to grow, particularly with the Invitational tournament and festivals in the leadup to the USA Seven's.

The UK and European rugby market should be tapped heavily as a destination tournament.

Seven's is now coming of age and this sceptic is now a believer!

Ray, I think you mean 'skeptic', but Freud would be proud.

The anonymous comments on this blog turn septic all too often. With much blame and little action, the hiders continue to spew their ineffectual venom...

'If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own', Scoop Nisker.

I have attended Usa sevens in LA, SD and las vegas. The USA team has gone from being very mechanical to a team that can come back and beat anyone. Zack Test looks like the real deal and I was reminded of, a 19 year old, Jonah Lomu at the Hong Kong sevens on the old "Rugby World" show. That the USA can produce a player like Zack says a lot about our HS programs. Finaly, The passing seemed to be faster and flater this year. Do you think it was due to a narrow field? I'm from Tennessee so feel free to correct my spelling. Take care

Lomu and Test in the same breath?
USA has been producing Test quality players yearly since its inception.

Fact is, your local High School has a few Test quality athletes. They just don't find rugby until their D2 football careers are over.

Truth is, the dozen or so Lomus that are playing High School football in America right now have never picked up a rugby ball. The Olympics may change that? We would only need two of them to compete for a medal, even if you or I were coaching the team.

"Bagging on USAR", is a required activity until those making several hundred thousand dollar per year start to earn their keep. Or at least pay themselves on earned income as opposed to dues and grants.

"High school and youth rugby", is on the upswing all over the state of California. Several other states are also doing a great job, but California continues to lead the pack. Melville showing up at the Kick Off Tournament and stating 'too bad this wasn't happening earlier' (read: before I became the CEO) is a lie of great proportions. Norther California has been producing Eagles level players out of its HS programs for two decades before Melville became our self-proclaimed savior.

"Sevens", is for real. Its our new Olympic sport, of course its only going to grow and grow.

"Test and Lomu", please! Zack is a nice kid, decent HS football player, non-scholarship HS football player. Lomu ran a 10.4 100m's at 265lbs. You should need to pass a exam to comment on this board.

Look for a summer seven's league for Youth and HS in NorCal this summer. More and more kids are playing rugby every year; every year we are attracting a couple more elite athletes to the game.

Why isn't the 10 from Cal in a discussion for Eagle development? Not a great running threat but who do we have that is? The kid is consistant out of hand and off the tee. If you don't have a Spencer, Carter of Larkham - a points machine who is big enough to fill the gap on defense is not a bad option.

And for all those that say Cal players aren't dynamic I don't care. The kids runs the offense, commands the attack and hits his goals (missed a couple in last years final but remember the kid already has a couple trophies under his belt).

With our limited ability to score in the red zone a reliable kicker has to be #1.

And what if 7's gets dropped after 2 cycles? Just a convo piece.

Oh yeah: and Test vs. Lomu? Com on. I'm a fan of Test but that is beyond a stretch.

Lomu changed the entire game.

Keegan Englebrecht has severe defensive limitations. He is in the discussion for Eagle development, but that's the main reason why he hasn't put on the jersey yet.

"put on the jersey YET", might just work for several of those Cal players.

pass "an" exam you know we can't read down here. A good exam would be 1) did you see/watch Lomu in 1994 at Hong Kong 2) did you see Test play in Las vegas 3) have you EVER seen Lomu play at all 4) do you know the difference between a handheld time at the beach and electronic timing, a 10.4 you got to be kidding, maybe a 10.9 or 11.0 Lomu was a power runner. If you take away his tries against England (which could not match NZ anywhere on the pitch in the 90's) and his tries against 2nd tier nations. His career was ordinary and he NEVER scored against SA. All that being said, I was comparing the two systems that put young players on the field not comparing the two players. I know that there are a lot of kids in the HS system that could/will play at the national level but it was good to see one playing at his age with out looking out of place. I think you all need to get out of your mother's basement and quit trying to be the next "sports show" talking head. And I'm sure you meant "non-scholarship college" player. Again, feel free to correct my spelling and do you have any comment about my question? take care

You're right Lomu was shit in that RWC semi-final in Cape Town verses that tier two team...England.

Oh yea, I didn't see him run over, then around Underwood, I was in the basement.

You are further correct that Lomu was ordinary, while Zack Test is a shinning example of our system! LOL until it hurts.

ha! ha! ha! but did you pass the exam, not Zack's SA family member? If you read my post, I'm not giving Lomu any due for tries VS England. But really, what did you think of the passing at Las Vegas? Take care

Lomu is the greatest 11 I ever saw, he changed rugby the way Jim Brown changed football.


That is one highlight reel from youtube, there are dozens. I don't know if anyone in world rugby can claim a highlight reel library quite like Lomu.

That particular reel shows that he performed against teams that were not minnows.

His match history shows massive strike rate in scoring. His body of work in 15's, 7's, and Super Rugby is unmatched, especially for a marked man.

Every team that played him had to account for him at all times.

OK I'll keep it simple, I was not talking about Lomu's WHOLE career. I was saying parts of it was ordinary (for a international player) 4 tries in 20 tri nation matches = ordinary to me. As far as being unmatched, David Campese's 64 tries in 101 test matches surpasses Lomu's output. Jim Brown's last season was 1965, so I wonder how many times you saw him play? Again I'll keep it simple. Big guy running over little guy more of a Earl Cambell type(whom I did watch play). I will admit that Lomu was rugby's 1st superstar but I think the professional era that started in 1995 had a greater impact. I hope that you watch some full matches and don't base all you arguments on youtube. hint: those tries are the same ones shown from different angles. So read my posts slower, take my exam and don't let your fingers get ahead of you brain. Finally, I hope it's just one or two of you all responding to my posts by using different names, because in the words of Bill Engvall and all of us in the south "here's your sign" Take Care

hampstead greatly overestimates his own rugby knowledge and underestimates everyone else's.

He must be part of the foreign rugby elite that has taken over US rugby.

Just let him carry on. Who cares what he says, yea sure, Lomu couldn't play. Test is better! Test proves our rugby development under the foreign dudes is really making headway.

Please don't bring up with him that we are running national teams at several age levels and almost none of these players graduate to the senior Eagles, and when one of them does make the sevens team, which makes our strike rate one in 100, hampstead chimes in.

This dudes sign is a camel toe, just let him type away. He's so impressed with himself.

You hit the nail right on the head. Politics still exist in all levels of rugby.

Most of these players should have been given a bus ticket or a skate board.

Oh i get it, you don't like "f" words. i.e. facts or foreigns. Well I just a hillbilly from tennessee and I didn't know the rules for your "club". You all don't watch rugby, you just complain about rugby. Where did I say that Test was better than Lomu? Did I say Lomu ran a 10.4? Did I say Lomu was unmatched in sevens, 15's and Super. The only criteria that I see being unmatched is the arousal of west coast rugby critics by his name. Come on 4 tries in 20 at bats, if your bedroom activities were that I don't think your wife/GF or others (I will not judge you) would be generous and call it ordinary. Heck my cousin gives me better marks than that. And if I were comparing the two, did you watch Lomu play in 1994 at Hong Kong and did you watch Test play in 2010 at Los Vegas? Who scored, how many touches on the ball, results of touches. Oh I forgot you don't watch rugby. You can argue my opinions but at least watch the matches. Just don't dispute facts and put words in my mouth. And finally, why are you afraid to comment on my question about passing, oh I forgot you don't watch rugby. Take care the hillbilly

"If you take away his tries against England (which could not match NZ anywhere on the pitch in the 90's) and his tries against 2nd tier nations. His career was ordinary and he NEVER scored against SA. "

He never scored against SA because they would put three guys on him while Jeff Wilson ran in unopposed on the other wing.

Lomu destroyed teams.

You are right Mr Hagerty, NZ won the majority of the matches vs SA with Lomu on the pitch. I bet you didn't get that from "youtube". HA!HA! I just like jerking the California guys chains. It's no wonder they lost the USA sevens and I'm glad it out of there. Did any one see the ABC show on USA sevens tonight, It was a lot better than last year's (last year's got off to a slow start due to overtime, "I think" of a NBA game)? And again I though that Zack Test played well Ha! Ha!. Take care and bye bye Hillbilly

You guys are tards. That is why I read this joke of a blog. You Yanks are never going to figure this game out.

i'll skull f common-wealth's woman and put his children to work in the field! go away troll. go away

What ddi people think of the ABC broadcast of the USA 7's? My personal opinion is that it was poorly done - a drop off from last year.

With no actual game being shown for any meaningful length of time other than the choppy hilight format the uninitiated would have come away not knowing what an actual game of 7's looked like.

Dissapointing in my view.

it should show usa's best match in its entirety. That is such a no-brainer. Last year the final b/w arg and england and now no match at all. Yea a bit of a step down. But it is still abc. and even if they didnt understand it, they saw it on a major network and that means another inch towards legitimization.

Very few wide shots that showed the magic of sevens--creating space at pace and the difficulty of defending and counter attacking with just 7 a side. Great interviews with the players and a much better explanation of the game at the start of the broadcast. Overall it is great to see rugby on the tube in the US. All good. I would give it a grade of “B”

Is it just me, or does it look like the USA Hockey team is wearing the USCRA logo on their jerseys?

Looks a lot like this old-timey US Olympic logo...


Is it just me or does the USCRA logo look exactly like the All American Logo that USAR probably has protected?

I'm sure USAR's lawyers won't stand for the chumps at USCRA stealing their logo. Another failure.

Click on the link above. It seems that both are so similar to the old US Olympic shield that any copyright protection would be difficult to enforce.

Not that I'm a lawyer or anything.

Its hardly even different from the NFL's logo.

I just watched the 7's highlights broadcast, and I was very impressed with it. A hundred times better than last year - no interruptions, and broadcast in HD.

Good job USA Sevens!

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