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13 October 2009


I would encourage anyone who has been aided by Jerry's tireless efforts to post a blog about one of the really, really, great guys of American rugby.

Here's to you Jerry ! You are a legend.

Don't set Jerry up that way. Not that many people read these blogs. Jerry's great impact will never be summed up in how many comments a story gets on a blog. Wait until Cal has the reunion celebration for Jerry this Spring, and count those heads.

Nice work Kurt in giving a bow to one of the good guys.

Sounds like a great man and to have him makes Cal even more the envy of every other program. Here's to all the people who do the dirty but important work.

In ARN's podcast Jack took some lovely shots at BYU and probably ASU, which I applaud. Mostly because I can't wait till nationals again. Nothing like national rivalries to make things exciting. Though Cal's and other schools who develop american talent is much more endearing than import programs.

They also alluded to college developments from Boulder. Anyone got the scoop on what is going to happen?

As a past player and coach, I have been the lucky recipient of Jerry's efforts on more than one tour. Always a class act while getting the job done.

The man is awesome, always has time for helping, laughing, supporting and the doing!

Thanks Jerry for all of the great work that you did for rugby in America, you are one of a kind!!!
Enjoy your new free time!!
Chris O'Brien

The greatest rugby man in the history of the game. Well done Jerry!

Well done Jerry.

No offence, but lets get back to business as usual. We had the IOC decision this week. And we had the beating of the USA Select side at the weekend. Can we get an article on either of these 2 things?

Nice to a positive article on here for a change!

Kurt, I enjoy reading your articles and some of the comments that are posted. I usually do not post any comments as I long ago realized that people are not interested in what an "old fart",such as I, thinks. However this article decides my opinion. I have had the extreme pleasure of knowing and working with Jerry. Everything you have written about him is absolutely true. He is a rugby mananger first class and to top it, he is one hell of a nice guy. I wish him well in his future eneavoors.

Keith Seaber

Correction: I meant to type "deserves", not decides. Just another sign that I am an old fart
Keith Seaber

Sometimes, folks think that elevating and maintaining a top-notch program simply means recruiting the best players or coaches, or when that fails, get a donor to throw money at a program. Toulon at a poorer level.

Glad to see that folks can also recognize the efforts required in terms of organzining and administrating.

Hopefully folks respect that type of knowledge and hardwork as much as the other categories.

Doing a great job being a team manager is a lot easier when you are getting PAID to do it!

Congratulations to Jerry! I second Keith Seaber's comments.

Having spent a fair bit of time with Cal Rugby, I had the opportunity to learn a great deal from Jerry.

I know that his is not going away, but Cal Rugby will certainly miss his full time presence.

Ed Schram, Sr.

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