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09 September 2009


good stuff. i know that when doc jones goes on a mission he completes it, so this should be good for college rugby.

no mention of the elite college comp though. got to have that, and soon. def need a college rugby association and at the very least a college rugby coach association.

only when they organize can the next part come: the threat to not pay dues until college rugby gets support.


I'm not certain these are the right coaches to get this done. Some of those individuals aren't even head coaches at their college. Most haven't created top class teams.

What is true, is that USAR is running on borrowed time. They aren't part of the answer to help college rugby. Unless having a tea party becomes important, and in this case, we'll call them!

Whatever dude. At least somebody is standing up to the foreign invasion. In three years time these pretenders have failed at every turn. At least some coaches are saying enough is enough.

I would much rather send our teams dues to a new college organization than Boulder.

If US college rugby asked the question, they would get a vote of "no confidence" in the current administration.

We should take our millions in CIPP dues and sponsorships and give it a go without Boulder.

Melville is just borrowing more time. College rugby (and HS) needs to completely remove themselves ASAP.

Let social rugby continue to be what it is, recreational softball, without the bats. It doesn't need a big governing body to exist.

If USA Rugby wants to do something positive, they have one last straw to grab. Expand the SL, pump HP into it, otherwise they will lose that too.

Hell Shep, when Alex Goff writes something critical this administration must be really fu*ked-up.

I still predict the current administration makes it through this meeting. They will just lie to the lame Congress and nothing will change. The US rugby community is getting sick of this and its only a matter of time until college, high school and the RSL all break away.

And the iRB goes...Wot?

They have no clue, those dinosaurs of Dublin.

The IRB has no love for this Board. They think NM is a guy who couldn't get a job today in the UK.

The IRB wants US rugby to advance.

The letter would be much more effective if it was from 10 Athletic Directors from prominent college teams stating they have had enough and unless our demands are met we will walk away and organize ourselves. The signers of this letter are a bunch of lightweights in the eyes of the congress and the current USA Rugby administration. They will steamroller this as a minor issue and the writers of the letters will do what? Pull out their own check book and fund the creation of a college rugby association or coaches association? Nope. They will just go back to business as usual, which is begging their TU for enough money to have a camp and get to the next collegiate tournament.

We'll see about that bump

Speaking of lightweights, most of the congress members are weak people in their own TU. Most of them are the only people that run to be the rep from the TU on the Congress or have self-interests that motivate them. Roberts and the rest of them will have them bent over and taking the hard one within a half day of the meeting. They will show something bright and sparkling and they will all goo OHHHH...AHHHH...YEAH! Jokers.

While EOS is flogging his book in Ireland, while collecting a paycheck from USA Rugby, he basically makes a pitch to be a provincial coach in Ireland. If you don't have the desire to watch the whole video, go to the 14:00 where he wraps up his pitch for a job.

Sorry here is the link - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/rugby_union/irish/8244895.stm

speed bump. yes college rugby can fund its own association or whatever else it wants to do.

step 1: unite the clans,er,i mean college rugby programs (men and women).

step 2: declare freeedom, er, i mean declare that dues will not be paid to usa rugby but instead to the newly formed college rugby association.

step 3: fix the problems with all of the money you now have.

college rugby does NOT need USAR. USAR needs college rugby. and guess what. if college rugby were to do this, the olympic people will be talking to them and not USAR. USAR better pull its head out of its arse and realize they need to appease college rugby or it is going to eat them alive.

the sleeping giant that is collegiate rugby is waking the f up and it isnt happy

Or how about just showing NM and KR the door. Is USAR bad or is the leadership of USAR bad?

Reverse the foreign takeover and bring in a couple of US minded sport biz types and maybe USAR isn't so bad.

Lets remember, NM was never a business executive before being hired as the CEO and President of Rugby for USAR. He has failed as a CEO over a three year period.

Kevin Roberts, is a ego driven power crazed Kiwi, who hasn't done a fricken thing other than tell us we should love rugby.

These jokers have wasted millions in IRB grants, have run a money losing, test match losing, rugby union. All the while they have screwed college and high school rugby.

Show them the door. Ask for a vote of no confidence!

Bring on an American to run USA Rugby. Someone call Doug Arnott NOW!!!

This will take wise heads, to not judge all foreigners like the current administration, or all Americans like Arnot or Bob Latham.

USAR can find a far more capable CEO than NM and he/she well might be foreign. Without question we can find an American better than Arnot and Latham.

Doug Arnot supported by Bob Latham is not a USAR we want to return to. However, this administration has likewise worn out its welcome. Three years in enough time to prove you've got it, if you do. They haven't proved anything but arrogance.

I read this three times, but I missed the "sweeping reforms". I'd love to see the actual letter.

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