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21 September 2009


Did USAR really just announce the signing of a no-cash sponsorship which outfits a dozen refs in rugby kit?

Is this what its come to?

I slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Tango Blast!

USAR brand = Erik Estrada sunglasses.... Ay-STRAH-dah.

Do these guys running USA Rugby realize what a complete joke they have become?

About time for my favorite Congressman to blog anon how important this agreement is for the future of USA Rugby, and how only someone as skilled as Melville and as powerful as Roberts could have pulled off this deal of a lifetime. After all, in reading the release these dozen refs will be reffing over sixty RSL matches in this kit.

I bet as many as 1000 total eyeballs will see the refs wearing Akuma, this is a win-win for everybody!!!!

If you aint blastin you aint lastin

We used akuma kit at the 7's there kit is horrible. Great job USA.

I tell you what...if I was interested in sponsoring USA Rugby, then found this blog (gainline), then read the wonderful comments from the followers of rugby, I'd keep investing in Lacrosse. The kit Akuma will provide will save USARFU about $10,000. How's that a bad idea? JR: playing in kit and refereeing in it are totally different.

Clearly you don't see the irony in USAR currently burning to the ground from a commercial standpoint, while the administration issues press releases on a bag of free ref jersey's.

Don't believe the $10k number, but even if you retail it all up, its not worth the time to brag about. Unless you think that .001 of our budget is worth a grand release.

I think the real kit price is closer to $1500, before all those mark ups.

I didn't know you could become an official sponsor for this sum of money. I would have just supplied it myself and put my name on the front panel.

2 jerseys @ 70 each = $140
1 shorts @ 40 each = $40
2 socks @ 7 each = $14
1 kit bag @ 100 = $100
1 track suit @ 100 = $100
1 tie @ 20 = $20
1 blazer @ 80 = $80
2 polos @ 35 each = $70
total = $564
x 20 national panel and director's panel referees
= $11,280.00


Rebuttal or off to "keep" investesting in Lacrosse?

(Hockey is Canada's defacto national sport, always remember)

Before anyone goes slamming this contract, it might be good to see if this supplier can supply the goods in a timely and consistent manner. Perhaps if Akuma can, then maybe there is the possibility that Akuma would become the national team kit sponsor. This contract has never been a money maker for the kit sponsor because there is a limited audience that will see the kit. Also, because the Kooga lawsuit is out there, a bigger kit provider may be unwilling to jump in and sign anything until the lawsuit is settled.

SYITF, AKA (the office ref staffer) trying to sell the importance of this agreement to the membership, just give it a rest.

You are further ridiculing the administration, my listing out; 1 tie, 2 socks, etc...this is laughable.

I think everyone is glad the refs have a little sponsor, but USAR isn't in need of a bag of ref kit, we need some real business to get done from $275,000 employees.

We've heard all this happy talk about how this administration was going to make Americans Fall in Love with Rugby and we were going to be a $20m business in a years time. Well three years on we have failed sponsorships, on-field performance and union leadership, leading to this announcement about a bag of ref kit.

Hey, forget that USAR doesn't insure our national team players. Forget the tax increase on college kids and that we still require them to fund the USAR national championships and the AA team. Forget, the non-services being offered for our dues. Forget the Eagles historically worst ever team record. Forget money losing financial reports. Forget three Eagles coaches in three season, all with very poor records. Forget high office turnover and poor moral. Forget three years of no strategic planning, only to now after all this failure, to decide we need a plan. Forget the non-election, election, which doesn't require votes. Forget the Board members that have never donated a dime, nor offered a sponsor introduction. Forget that we are running a little sub-10 million dollar business and paying two employees over $500,000 combined. Forget the marketing job and lies HQ and the Board shove down a willing Congress.

Forget everything...and focus your attention on this superb sponsorship agreement your $275k CEO has announced.

I spilled gravy on my tie, now what?

What's the over/under on how many weeks it takes for USAR renege on this agreement and be sued by another vendor?

Some people would complain if you hung 'em with a new rope.

And some people would take credit for the sun coming up.

Prove that I didn't make the sun come up.


Nige and Kev has already taken credit for sunrise, but sunset is still available if you're interested.

Bobby Roberts heard that I was "hung".

And he was right!

Bobby is the man!

Woohoo! The ref's get kit! Those kit hounds will get so much tail with that!!!

One of the main reasons rugby in the US is so far behind is the refereeing. Is there anyway we can help these never-were's to learn how to let a game flow and not inject their wannabe personalities into OUR game? FIX IT!

USA Rugby's Administration is also a joke and the people still working in that office should be ashamed of themselves!

Nigel, please tender your resignation. Thank you and good day!

As for coaching, let's see what happens with the next few games...

Did you see the story up on ERN? The board spends $67k on themselves without finding one sponsor. NG was brought to usar by a national guard guy.

This BOD is worthless and so is their CEO. How can we get $1.5m in free IRB cash and still lose almost $800,000?

KooGa provided the gear to the referees free of charge. It, like most of the NA4 kit, was all donated by KooGa at no charge.

Canterbury lasted about a year after USA failed to renew the KooGa contract in 2008. Did Canterbury ever pay USA Rugby the $100000 guarantee before going belly up?

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