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12 May 2009


The overpaid CEO has once again been caught out.

My gosh, is anyone out there awake ?

This is the the two hundredth and sixty seventh example why Kevin Roberts, the Board of Directors, and Melville have to go.

If the IRB take funding away (which they won't completely) because we send these pretenders packing, at least we have some self respect as a rugby country doing things are own way.

We can't withstand any more of this incompetence and lack of meaningful progress. This demonstrates a continued lack understanding.

The ARC is the worst conceived competition in the history of world rugby. What could these fools be thinking?

Forget the fact that the best players would be expected to play year round (which won't happen), but more alarming is the timing of the ARC.

The major domestic rep season (ARC) begins not when all our teams across the national are finishing in early summer. Club straight to domestic rep, to international. No, it begin when our east coast snow teams are just beginning their Fall season and in the complete off-season of our west coast teams. What a f*cking joke. With this type of HP plan we are sure to overtake Mexico any day.

How much is the IRB on the hook for the ARC? I didn't think it possible, but the ARC could make the millions wasted on the NA4 look like a good investment.

CEO? Agree, but you mistake this pathway for a plan of some sort...a plan would include reference to as Kurt points out some level of connection between the top down and bottom up and would be summarily connected by some sort of commercial engine, or at least the IRB favorite Key performance indicators, i.e. all these teams will somehow make the Eagles better raising the value of that asset and thus gain higher level TV and then sponsorship.

Calm down gents.
This is just some shuffling around of papers and changing the names of things before the bosses come around to look over your shoulder. Nigel "Up to nothing much" CEO and Kevin "Have your people call my people" Chairman are just pretending to be doing something so they can keep their titles and the goods seats, comps, and expenses for the next WC.

One day, when USArFU understands that rugby is a Spring sport, they will succeed.

I am going to go ahead and change my name.
I am not going to be any different than I was before, but people kind of like it when I do it. It makes people think that I am current and hip.

Sean "puffy, puff daddy, puff diddy, diddy, diddley, diddley winks, dinky winky" Combs


The problem with the concept of "Rugby is a spring sport" is that "spring" is not the same entity across the nation.

Unlike most rugby playing countries, that are ismply one country sharing essentially the same climate, the US is a country the size of an entire continent. It does not have one single spring, and as such trying to shoehorn the sport into one single timeline is illogical.

January through May is a superb time to play rugby, in some parts of the country. However other parts of the country are Frozen solid until mid to late March, and typically ankle deep in mud for April.

The fall is a perfectly legitimate time to be playing rugby. Yes it will mean that the East coast teams may lose the cream of the crop to the ARC, but they will manage. It will also mean that the cram of the west coast players will be technically out of season. However as this is supposed to be an elite competition one might assume that these players would be capable of ensuring that they are in shape and ready to play.

The top NZ players essentially play S14, Test matches and occasionally make an appearance for their designated province in the ANZ Cup. They don't designate themselves to a set season based on when their clubs of origin might be playing.

The collegiate season just ended with one of the most competitive seasons in recent history. The mens regional playoff rounds (admittedly something that have been ongoing since fall of 2008) have thrown up some interesting changes and upsets, and on Saturday the National rounds kick off. Instead of everyone bitching all of the time, maybe get out there and enjoy this time of the year.

This comments section seems to be filling up rapidly with a ton of armchair CEO's, coaches and referees, hiding behind fake names.

I get ya Nick.
If you live in a climate that has a long winter, play hockey.

If you honestly believe that by changing the names of things is going to improve anything, you must be in the extreme minority, the extreme minority who runs this Union into the ground on a daily basis.

When you and your brethren from New Zealand and England or wherever understand that rugby is a Spring sport, things will improve.

I will post with whatever pseudonym I see fit, Nick ...
Get back to me after you have achieved the success of running this Union into the ground.

I still don't understand why the ARC is any different from the NA4.
The NA4 is an abysmal failure, so if you change the name and add another team it is going to be successful?

There is a reason why the most successful teams in this country play primarily in the Spring.

Son, please take your meds.
I don't want have to call 911 again because you wanted to practice hockey on the pond, by yourself, in July with your buddies Nige and Kevvy.

f The Shepherd and his/her west coast slant.

what is the ARC? the only time ive seen it mentioned is here and kurt has yet to explain it.

Nick, get out there and enjoy what?
The season ended almost two months ago where I live. I am not traveling to some remote area to watch a jamboree event. The games are not webcast, but twittered. The games which are available to vid, are delayed 1 month on a channel which nobody gets. Son, take your meds.

Nick, don't worry about the Shepherd.

He's just looking out for USA Rugby -- as long as by the "USA", you mean the West Coast.

This comments section is long past its usefulness. Nothing but armchair snipers, finding different ways to bitch about any and all developments of rugby in this country. Sounds like the current crop of republicans -- no ideas, but no shortage of bombs to throw at every idea.

USA Rugby is far, far from perfect. But the pervasive culture of negativity on this blog comments section just poisons any attempt at a constructive discussion. Melville and Roberts are not getting the job done. That's clear -- we get it. Not every post by Kurt needs to turn into a bitch-fest about Melville and Robert. Unless, of course, that's all you can add to the discussion.

Kurt, the blog postings are good, but the comments have devolved into useless drivel.

Speaking of the channel which nobody gets: I just watched the highlights of the college championships on ESPNU.

In order to do so, I had to leave work early (it aired at 4pm on the west coast) and go to a bar where I know the owner well enough to talk him into letting me change one of his TVs from the Yankees ballgame to ESPNU (which he had never heard of). I had to do this because I don't have satellite TV at home, and as far as I know ESPNU isn't available on any cable network in the country.

A short review of the show itself: it was poorly put together. The limited information available (on ARN, for example: http://www.americanrugbynews.com/artman/publish/national/Highlights_package_on_ESPNU.shtml) indicated that they'd be showing highlights from the entire tournament, but what was shown was a lot of Dave Sitton talking about what each of the games was, short interviews with the coaches before the game and at halftime, and then a mishmash of random plays from each game. None of the D2 matches were shown, men's or women's.

All of the highlights where Sitton was the match announcer were interspersed with generous amounts of outdated gridiron references (again). This guy really has got to go. I believe I actually heard him use the term "wide receiver" to refer to a rugby player, but it was hard to be sure because the bar owner wouldn't turn up the TV volume too loud (can't bother the guys watching the Yanks game, after all).

Since they only had an hour, they didn't have any time for Saturday's D1 final matches. As they left it, it was something like "stick around with us on ESPNU to see the final" which of course is next week. At least they didn't ruin the D1 games for those who don't know who won them.

A good thing: once the rugby started, it got people's attention immediately. Several of them watched the entire program, and I found out later that a couple were former players. They had no idea that the show would be on TV. That makes sense - I got 3 or 4 e-mails from USA Rugby about the NG game of the week broadcasts, but I don't recall a single one about this broadcast. How the hell is anyone supposed to know when this stuff is on?

While I'm pointing the finger at USA Rugby, they have said that those NG games of the week would show up on the USA Rugby Network (http://usa-rugby.tampadigital.com/). Mr. Melville himself said the same thing on his blog (http://nmdirect.blogspot.com/2009/04/national-guard-college-game-of-week.html)... but they're not there, even though it's been quite a while.

Whoever negotiated the deal with ESPNU got the American rugby-watching public, as it were, bent over the table and shafted with no lubricant. Thanks a lot.

I plan on doing my part by dragging a few of my friends out of work early next Wednesday to see the 2 D1 finals (again, no D2 on TV at all). I also plan on dragging a few more people to the test match in Santa Clara (which also hasn't been advertised much if at all either). If this is the way the sport will grow in this country, then we're in for a long wait! The NCAA men's volleyball championship game which came on ESPNU right after the rugby show was better produced, better timed, and probably better attended.

Apologies for the sour grapes, but I seriously doubt that showing these games on ESPNU with bad announcers/hosts and then showing a lot of people talking - instead of some of the best RUGBY we have to offer in the country - is going to do much for the game. Not advertising the broadcast just makes it worse, and putting it on a channel that almost nobody receives and even less have heard of, while apparently giving that channel exclusive rights to the footage is well beyond incompetent.

Sitton has expired as a rugby announcer especially if they want to attract young viewers. I recall him calling the Canada v USA Churchill Cup match last year a real "Donnybrook" of a match. COME ON! We do not live in Ireland and it isn't 1950! he also was calling box kicks by the scrum half a jack knife kick or something odd. I hope they are not paying the guy.

Da Truth makes a very good point about offering constructive criticism instead of just complaining. In that spirit, I'll offer some suggestions for how to do a better 1-hour highlight show next time:

0. Promote the show. E-mail, something on the USA Rugby website, a page in the match program, etc.

1. Open the show with a short (2 minute) description of what it is the viewer is about to see. They did a fairly good job of this by showing the tournament brackets, sweet 16 results, etc.

2. Spend 6 minutes explaining what rugby is and how the game works, and show narrated examples of the different ways to score. Anybody tuning in isn't going to have the foggiest idea what's going on.

3. Briefly (2 minutes) describe what happened the previous year. This is especially valuable when the same teams have been in the final for several years in a row. Set the scene for the big rivalries!

4. Show a clip of the teams warming up while displaying sponsor logos and thanking them, then go to the first commercial break.

5. "Welcome back, we're here at Stanford for the college champs, and now let's go straight to the highlights of the Stanford-Brown final 4 game".

6. Show ~8 minutes of well-edited highlights from each of the D1 semi-final matches (4). For an example of well-edited highligts, take a look at how Sky Sports and/or Rugby Dump does it (example: http://rugbydump.blogspot.com/2009/05/leicester-tigers-reach-final-after.html). Make sure to include shots of the fans. The game footage editing in the ESPNU show was terrible. The fans were OK but there wasn't enough of them.

7. Do a 3-minute summary of the day's results and tell the viewer who's going to be in the final matches, to be shown on the next broadcast. TELL PEOPLE WHEN THAT WILL BE. Mention that 6,000 people showed up.

8. Get a better announcer. Let Sitton stick with announcing Arizona hoops on the radio. Drop all the coach interviews - save those for the finals, and interview some players then too.

That's 45 minutes of content, which leaves 15 for commercials. That seems to be about what other sports broadcasts use as a ratio. The ads can be put between the highlights.

This part is obvious, but obviously not to everybody: get this show onto a better channel. ESPNU sucks. However, don't put it on one of the major networks after a major-sport game which might run over (ahem: the USA Sevens). Also, keep the rights to webcast it. At a minimum, the highlights should be available that way.

It would probably be a good idea to briefly describe what kind of training goes into getting the teams where they are. A plug about scholar-athletes would be good too - rugby has an unfortunate stereotype in this country that we all know about, and it needs to be changed to match the reality. See e.g. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/04/13/SPU2170JDV.DTL

Maybe mention that high school rugby, which feeds the college programs, is growing explosively in America.

As far as D2 goes, those guys and girls deserve their own event.

I'm no broadcast pro, but I believe that the format outlined above would catch a lot more people's attention that what was actually on TV a couple of hours ago.

From the USA Rugby Website:

"The highlights package will be an hour long show covering the journey for both men's and women's Divisions I and II Championship teams and will obviously feature highlights of BYU's thrilling victory over Cal in the men’s DI national championship game."

It will "obviously" feature highlights of the Final. Did USA Rugby even know what was going to be on the show? Also, I thought the final was supposed to be aired today. Was I mistaken? And the Utah-BYU game of the week would have been the last game I would have replayed.

Drop ESPNU, bring back webcast.

Rather than just complain on this website, how about some of you guys try to get a seat on the Congress. There are a few members of the Congress who are actively trying to force some meaningful change, but they are in the minority and are fighting an uphill battle. Get off your ass, leave your keyboard, and take some real action.

Who are the members of congress trying to exact change? What specific changes are they proposing? What members of congress are thwarting those changes? Why are those members of congress thwarting changes?

If you want new blood, you should have at least signed your real name and been specific about who to support and why, who to challenge for seats and why, and then maybe there could be a real push for new blood.

Here here Bruce. 'New Blood Needed' is a joker. The USAR congress is a closed shop of losers. Not one person, not one, has the guts to publicly say anything remotely negative about this sham of an administration. They don't even speak up in their own meetings. They are cowards of the highest order, just the way Kevin Roberts wants them to be.

The Board knows the Congress members are gutless rubber stamps, and just in case, they have built a process where Congress has very little authority. This is why the only fight back option left to a Congress member is public disclosure.

They could start with acknowledging that they know next to nothing, (they get a one pager every quarter) and have no real role. This would at least lift the curtain on the sham.

This entire process has been planned out by Roberts, this is just how he wanted it. The only problem is he underestimated how difficult the job is and overestimated his own abilities to get the job done. Adding to his difficulties is the fact that his hand picked CEO is a shocker. Melville couldn't be the CEO of a gift shop.

Back to the point of the article.

So if I'm a good player, not an overseas professional, but an Eagle or aspiring Eagle player. I play for my club through late Spring, early Summer, then play senior rep ball all Summer, then ARC in the Fall, then back with my club in the late Fall, through the Spring.

Now when is the off season?

The current HP plan requires our best 100 players to play year round. This isn't HP, this is High Stupidity, HS.

BTW, those HP regions never happened. There is no USAR HP plan, other than this pathways statement, of boxes and arrows. All the USAR HP plan entail is matches. In most cases, matches that are below our current club standard (remember that well prepared side we threw out against the Heartland XV?). Even with the IRB millions (which we spent to fund the Eagles and EOS salary) we don't have a plan for developing our players. Also forget about those plans to attract crossover elite athletes.

USAR's HP plan is like the local little league, we play a few matches and everybody gets some kit.

Elite level rugby has raced backwards for several years under this administration and I'm afraid we will continue to do so.

Good thing this administration is good at other things like,......

For those of you on this site having a go at Dave Sitton, you will do well to remember that the play by play and color of the matches we watched in the highlight show was done by Brian Lowe and Alex Goff.

They were talking a mile a minute doing a RADIO broadcast on a TV show. It was madding. I wanted to yell, "take a breath we are watching the same thing you are".

Although the worst part was whoever edited the highlight clips. If the National Guard, who paid for the production and broadcast, thinks USAR is giving them their money's worth they're nuts. This is why the HG will pull back from USAR next year.

Also note the poor attendance of the womens matches. Jamboree rugby was a failure.

I did see in the ESPNU highlight show that the BYU fullback Thorley, who must have played wing in the semis, also picked up a card against San Diego State.

Want a punk. He begins to argue with Dana the ref, but the BYU skipper steps in front of him. Good captain that boy.

I forgot how tough she was with them, which produced a better game. She carded a San Diego player a minute into the match for a tackle in the air.

Compare this with Davey who allowed BYU to commit a half dozen penalties inside the Cal red zone and several short arm tackles before he reached into his pocket.

Da truth,
I understand the conditions in New England, I lived there.

My point is playing in the Fall is not constructive to getting athletes and fans into the game.

I don't want to bring up lacrosse again, but they realized the Spring void, collected themselves and have not looked back. Once rugby decides that playing meaningful home matches in the Spring and stop the asinine two month playoff chase, they will succeed and establish themselves as a legitimate sport.

No meaningful home matches in April is a travesty.

It is like Football stopping in September to begin some wild two month ride for a National Championship. They would lose a bunch of fans with that set up. I am sure you would agree with that.

The attempt to break the world record in Donkey Kong is being aired live on G4 channel in June.


Uhhhhhh, yeeeeaaaaahh.....we got some catching up to do if watching some 45yr old break high score on a close to 30yr old arcade game merits more commercial sponsorship than domestic rugby; so much so that its going to be broadcasted LIVE from the equally geeky E3 convention.

sidenote: I am an avid G4 watcher only because of "Ninja Warrior" and their twice weekly airing of the of the original "Terminator" movie. So I just happened to catch the advert.

Live Donkey Kong! Sheesh. I thought the darts and bowling (on ESPN2, which everyone gets these days, natch) were bad enough.

Kurt, can you do a piece on the broadcasting of this event? Maybe after they show the finals next Wednesday? And maybe include some suggestions for whoever is putting this together?

Sorry for hijacking the comments for your article, but it has to be discussed somwehere, and the others are dead.

The US interactive entertainment market is $21.4 billion, and G4 is a dedicated cable channel for the fans of that industry's products. I think their broadcast of this guy trying to break a record is founded. Plus a very popular documentary about the guy was made, was in theaters, was very well reviewed and was very popular with this audience.

The US rugby market is minute in the sports world in the USA, and thus no coverage. You guys don't know marketing or broadcasting at all, so should really just STFU.

hahahaha did some freaking video game nerd just come onto a rugby board and talk about the interactive entertainment market? Btw im sure the usa sports' market is pretty big. which is where rugby falls. Since if they actually start putting college rugby on tv i guarantee it gets more viewers thant bowling, darts, volleyball etc.

And thats on CRIP CuZ!!!

Just a nerd that pockets a percent of that market every year. How are your sales of "Give Blood, Play Rugby" t-shirts going?

Good one G4,

I'm a rugby guy, but I'm also sick of the rugby fools that keep our sport from advancing. As well as our pretend leadership.

Tell me, why don't some smart guys from other businesses and professional background get really involved in US rugby at the highest levels?

When you look at our Board, they aren't that impressive. Roberts has a fantastic resume, far better than his contributions, but a few of the others could be termed unsuccessful. Middleton comes quickly to mind.

Congress is also stuffed with individuals that have never had any real professional success, but yet they are our business leaders.

G4, what's your take? How can we get better professionals to take meaningful roles in the US rugby leadership.

Our Board doesn't pass the sniff test.

Roberts is a big swinging d*ck at S&S, but is an ego driven fool when it comes to rugby. His rep is poor in international rugby circles. He could have been great for US rugby, but has all but completely failed his three year hitch. If he isn't going to bring in a dime in sponsorship, what is his purpose again?

Bob Latham is a empty blazer type who needs badly to be in the club. Most of the downward spiral of US rugby can be traced directly to Latham's term as VC, Chair and now VC again. BTW, Latham claims to have played rugby for Stanford, which is a surprise to them. He also claims to have played for a Texas Rep team! This would place a new meaning on representative rugby.

John Mullett, the voice of the Board to Congress, coaches the Grand Valley State Drinking Club Rugby team (GVSDCR). He also shares that he "ran" the OMBAC rugby team, although the good people from San Diego finest club say this is not only an overstatement, it's a lie.

International Reps, Jen Joyce (AKA the Latham proxy) and Francois (can I have your investment account Mr Roberts please!) Viljoen have settled in nicely with the Roberts Board. They put their hand up before opening their mouth and by and large do what they are told.

Bill (have I informed you I'm not from here, I'm from both Oz and NZ) Middleton, runs a business out of his home and frequents the ex-pat drinking establishments, thus his connects to Lord Roberts. Bill might be best known for a failed rugby investment. BTW, the other investors are still waiting for his share.

Paul (I left Visa, the day I got on the USAR Board...and did I tell you I've never seen a rugby match) Tsuchiya. Doesn't seem very comfortable around rugby, which is why no one knows or has seen him. A sponsorship expert, Paul has brought in zero dollars in sponsorship in the last three years.

Tom Wacker, a highly successful international banker has never let his rugby responsibilities get in the way of a golf game.

More facts, more facts, more facts has replaced my USA USA USA chant.

Now wait until one of those recently fired USAR employees share the expenses of this board.

Freedom ain't free, and neither is this board.

Sorry this type of information will need to be leaked, because the dues paying members of USAR aren't entitled to budget information.

Smart people go where there is money and power. There is not money or power with being involved with USA Rugby. I have gone to all the WC semi-finals and finals since 95 through my professional connections, so I don't need to be involved with USA Rugby for those international perks.

I wonder whether USA Rugby is going to ever use the Web Casting capabilities that they came up with last year?? They certainly missed an opportunity at the Collegiate National Championships, and with all the Playoff Rugby This weekend, you think they might put up one camera somewhere......are they asleep in Boulder??


Kurt, WTF? I put up a post that WAS on this blog about how to legally get rid of the dead weight in the Board of Directors of USA rugby. I posted the Bylaw of how to do, who can do it, the congress and email addresses of all the members in the congress. All this informormation I gathered was from USA Rugby's own website. As was stated by many, if you're going to complain about something also have a way to fix it. I did. I made those public email addresses for all the congress members available to all the dues paying members and financial supporters of USA Rugby. The congress is our voice and everyone should know how to contact them when they are unhappy with their leadership. I dont quite understand how you deleted me but didnt delete the freaking G4 nerd. Again WTF?

Here is the section concerning getting rid of a board member. Its up to all you out there to email your appropriate congressional rep to vote the way YOU the dues paying member wants them to, or vote them out as well.

Section 5.7 Removal of Directors. The entire Board of Directors or any individual Director with the exception of the Athlete Representative Directors may be removed from office for cause upon the petition of at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the members of the Congress in office and the subsequent vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the Congress in office. For purposes of this Section 5.7, “cause” shall mean the failure by the Director to carry out his/her duties or responsibilities as a Director or any action or 21 of 32 inaction which, in the discretion of the Congress, materially and adversely affects or may affect the Corporation.

You can find out who your congressional rep is by going to USA Rugby website, hit "About USA Rugby" on left, then "The Congress." The rest is up to you. Time to email the hell out of them until they do what we want them to.

Easy David. No one is confused as to how the Board gets seated or removed. The problem is the Congress is a gutless problem in their own right. No amount of emails will cause them to take on the mighty Kevin Roberts. They are afraid of him. More afraid of him, then of their own members.

Don't get frustrated. Let's just keep the pressure on. Melville is applying for jobs everywhere and Roberts and his Board might just pack up and move to new pastures.

If you want to start an email campaign, write the IRB. Inform them how they have a hand in this mess. That the leaders and structure they installed is failing the future of US rugby.

Didnt hear that about Melville. I totally have to get into the know. I know you're right about the congress being spineless as well. What is that saying, "Dont bite the hand that feeds you." Chicken sh*ts.

I'm getting ready to get my knee scoped, so I'll have time to do what you suggested with the IRB as I'll have some free time.

Does the 'C' in Dave C stand for crybaby? Grow up dude.

"G4" Whatever dude. You wanna talk rugby here, cool. You wanna talk gaming, they have websites for that and this isnt one of them. Why dont you and your wealth of intelligence in the "market", answer "G4 question" above?

I did. No smart people want to have anything to do with USA Rugby, TU rugby or LAU rugby administration. The smart people stick to running successful clubs. Look at OMBAC. They have a lot of smart and capable people running that club, but they stay far away from SCRFU because SCRFU is full of bureaucratic simpletons which are the same people that run for the USA Rugby congress.

So stop crying David and go run your LAU, you seem to have the aptitude to do well in that environment!

Really? Then why don't you help us all out. If you are the grand poo-baaa of marketing and broadcasting why then aren't you part of the solution. Instead of telling people to STFU why don't you do/say something constructive to help. The reason the USA way will not work is because of our culture. The culture of: "If you ain't a winner already then to heck with ya" is very detrimental. Perhaps if we dropped the General George S. Patton "everyone loves a winner"/"Noboby likes a loser" attitude and focused on development instead of instant gratification we would have more of a long term plan to follow. Instead we're more concerned with winning on the international stage now. I mean seariously if our national team gets spanked by Munster and Clermont doesn't that say we need more time to develop kids and the up and coming. I mean who wants to watch the USA National team be beaten by a French Club. Not me. I'd rather watch the West Elk Under-10s play a friendly fun match and have kids develop the game.

Eagles are rated 19th in the IRB ratings.

G4, Is that all you can do is rag on people who dont share your opinion? If OMBAC is doing what you're saying cool for them. I dont like USA Rugby and think USA Rugby players, parents and the whole lot should stop donating to the boards retirement fund and start up a new regime with people who actually give a shi*. As you suggest, we're better off without them anyway. OMBAC successful?? You did see their record this year didnt you? They have more talent then most teams do and a great place to play and couldnt cut it. And it hurts like hell to say that because I'm from there!! Jesus, they cant even keep their own rugby page up to date for those of us wanting to keep track of them. They havent done crap on it since mid-January. If you care about rugby and are a San Diegan, why didnt you assist them with your vast expertise in that area?
And you bet your ass I'm going to help at the LAU level and will be proud to do so. Those are the grassroots people who actually give a sh*t about the game. But I'm sure you'll make fun of that some more too because you're G4 the man who knows everything, right?

Like I said David C, you are well equipped to work with the people at your LAU or TU. They need more reactionary politicized cool heads like yours. You will fit in well.

You know us older guys G4, stubborn as a jackass. I must say though, G4 the channel, has some pretty cool progams. Watching Bruce Lee: Fists of Fury right now.

David C & G4 -

Sadly, OMBAC is in a state of disrepair. Having been a key part of the club for close to 20yrs, it hurts beyond words can describe to see what is happening to the club. Yes we do bring in lots of talent but they never stay for very long. Matt Hawkins, Rikus Pretorius, Chris Wyles, Todd Clever, Jake Stanfill, Will Hafu, Matt Wyatt, and others with as much talent or more are likely to NEVER put on an OMBAC jersey again. Hopefully, Zach P doesn't follow suit and stays with the club.

That's because the infrastructure (read: cash from local sponsors & parent club, and members willing to put up foreigners for 6mos to a year) isn't as strong as it was in the past. For the first time the players are tasked with doing the majority of club fundraising themselves. The leadership for taking on this new responsibility is also lacking -- mostly because we've all become too busy with work and family.

Our only saving grace is the work of Dan Payne at SDSU. He has funnelled some hard-working sorts OMBAC's way and hopefully more will follow.

The reason why we don't have as much influence at the SCRFU level is apathy. The meetings are too far away in LA and nobody wants to take ownership of or toil with representing the club at the LAU level.

G4 please calm down and keep your eye on the price. Once these dim wits haul-ass back from where they came, we will need biz types that love America and rugby to work within the union.

David C is right in many ways. So many of us are caught between the two worlds of not wanting to help these failing disrespectful foreign asses and still wanting to assist US rugby.

There is nothing wrong with US rugby. Its not perfect and surely has a long way to go, but it's our US rugby.

Now this entity called USAR is a different matter. It's been taken over by assholes, which are supported by the gutless traders called the USAR Congress. The IRB and the foreign invaders can have this organization. There is nothing to be saved in the current USAR. It needs to die a natural death under the leadership of the current administration.

Here's a question to consider. What does it matter than the IRB provides us a couple million in grants, if we allow the administration to waste this budget on overpriced labor and getting the Eagles from 19th to 16th? It's like the money never came in. Why wed ourselves to the IRB and their welfare if the funds are to be wasted?

Once we reach a forth or fifth year of no leadership or vision and no money or results, this administration will leave or the IRB will cut them off.

Without IRB funding this party would have been over a long time ago. They are running their books and $275k salaries on IRB welfare and dues money from kids. This isn't sustainable.

SDHitman, totally feel your pain. Seems like you guys always have some all-stars only to lose them to higher levels down the road. I tried to keep track of you guys while I was in the middle east for the past 16 months and was frustrated as hell that nothing was updated consistently. I'm amazed at how well Dan has done with SDSU. I dont see him staying with them much longer with his additional duties with USAR, do you? Sorry to hear the community there doesnt support you financially enough. Too bad you couldnt get the hat to get passed around at the OTL tourney. A buck a person, could give you a pretty decent amount for expenses.

Nearly all the revenue at the LAU, TU and USA Rugby is from dues/fees or welfare. With a disparate revenue source you have no clear stakeholder and the following problems occur:

A) Nobody willing to compromise to move things forward. Look at the compromise reached this week in Dublin with SANZAR and the future of Super 14 negotiations. The broadcasters need to be happy (revenue source) and the three unions came together to compromise on a solution for season start dates and what nation gets the new franchise. Without the broadcaster's needs being addressed they would still be slinging poo at each other over the conference room table.

B) Opportunists and gadflies emerge as leaders. This is just human nature. People with personal financial interests in rugby, or that see a weak governing body as a way to further their club's agenda/needs, jump in and muddy any discussion based on their bias. Incapable or delusional people step up to do undesirable jobs for the union and over time establish political capital, dig in and then obstruct anything that will challenge their position.

You can make an argument that the dues/fees paying members are the stakeholders and they are in the way consumers are for a product manufacturer, but the union has a monopoly on the market. If you want to play rugby or be involved with a club (coach), what are your options? Rugby league? Yes. More and more and you will see players and coaches go towards rugby league if it is a better product to union (competitions, coaching clinics, etc).

Smart people will not get involved in rugby administration until there is a clear stakeholder and the chance for exponential revenue growth.

The rugby team works a concession booth on OTL weekends. OTL is threatened by alcohol ban on all SD beaches and not enough money to pay SD police to work OT on two successive weekends. SD police forces are declining because many leave for higher pay in other SoCal municipalities. There is whispering of markedly lower turnout at OTL signups last month and possibility of this being last year of it. This was a huge cash cow for the rugby team in years past.

If you guys are so disillusioned with the Congress, why don't you try to become a Congress Member? It's not that tough. Show up to your annual TU meeting and put your hand up. You'll probably be elected. Then you can stop complaining on this blog and actually do something. Seriously, these positions are essentially always up for grabs, so take one. And if you don't want a position on Congress, but think the Congress sucks, then get rid of your current Congress members and get someone in their place who will have some balls and make a difference. Congress is the only entity that can change the Board, the Board is the only entity that can change the CEO. So if you want a change, either become a Congress member or get involved with deciding who will be the Congress members.

Do you know how to read Mr. Sucks? I explained why participation is futile if you are a professional and in full capacities of your intellect. However, you sound like a GREAT candidate!

Put a cork in your intellectual cortex (see bunghole), your opportunistic gadflies are emerging everywhere.

We measure success by a different stick in the US of A, a profiter of kids and games is not a professional endeavor by American standards. Try pornography or gambling, people might take you more seriously. It seemed to work for our Chairman and CEO.


Your comments would be much more meaningful if they included a point. However, you seem like another perfect candidate to have an administrative position in your LAU, TU or even in the USA Rugby Congress! Keep the comments coming.

A man of your unquestionable intelligence should not need me to translate my intention.

Now run along, please take the Roaming Gnome and the Queen Mother with you from where you came.

Your point is that you find no value from the video game industry, or more likely it is an industry you do not understand warranting your typical reaction to belittle and mock something you don't understand, which makes you perfect for rugby administration. Call you LAU or TU now!

You missed the point, but you are right that I do not find any value in the video game industry. There are some applications which I find great value, like about 1%.

I understand that my kids find value in video games. They also find value in television, candy, bad personal hygiene and occasional nose picking. I try to guide them to make good decisions in life, avoid predatory agents and help them create good habits.

I agree with you concerning the administers of rugby, but what do you expect. Show some respect to those who have thankless jobs.

Good luck with your "professional" endeavors. Tell Nige and Kevvy I said hello.

Hi All,

We're on a mission to make rugby count!

We're after 1 million views on the
'TRY' trailer.

We hope you can help.

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