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07 April 2009


The muppet coach of the Highlanders also doesn't realize that when you have a full arm penalty 10m in front of the posts, you oughta take the points.

Go to Home Depot, buy a 4 ft x 4 ft. piece of dry erase board for $13. Add a Dry erase marker .....bingo! Scoreboard.

Tape some leftover firework sparklers to the edge for a "scoreboard with pyros"

This article is a bunch of nonsense.


Please stop it with the "full arm" and "short arm" crap. There are perfectly good terms for a penalty and a Free Kick without people adding new names.


This article is not nonsense at all, it highlights something positive, while highlighting a simple thing that really should be added, which would confer some much needed legitimacy to rugby matches.

People new to the sport will pick up on it more quickly, if they can tell what the score is.

I hate showing up to my alma mater on a Saturday afternoon and needing to ask about the score, then getting 2 or 3 different answers.

When parents ask coaches why there is no scoreboard, the right answer is 'ask the Athletic Director and Administration of the school'.

Some enterprising soul should setup up USARUGBYTOURS.com because I'm pretty confident if you live overseas and get the chance to tour CA,NY, etc. visit a few colleges, and play rugby you'd go in a heartbeat.

I suggest that USAR form an exploratory committee that could solicit nominations for names of LAU volunteers to form a committee to solicit input from local representatives who may or may not want to give recommendations to fund-raising organizations who might approach potential corporate sponsors to suggest avenues for funding scoreboards. Only after, of course, an extensive examination of the potential benefits of scoreboards on each tier of US Rugby, which would have to be thoroughly detailed in a position statement. And then Gainline could write hours of banal commentary on how inept USAR was at getting the score board issue resolved.

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