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13 February 2009


Here's to this "Best Generation" playing in the Cup Final.

OK, so if seven's is Caravelli's baby and it has mved into a top ten team in the 7RWC year, could he do the same managing the big team?
If Dan Lyle is the one making the USA Seven's tournament a bigger success each year, could he really do the same in Boulder?

That being said, the likely signing of O'Sullivan as Eagles coach is brilliant. He is a good coach with a proven record, and having been part of the Eagles staff for several years in the '90's, won't be suprised by the state of the game in the US. He actually may be encouraged by the development of some area's, ie HS rugby.

O’Sullivan poised for international return with USA

Saturday February 14 2009

FORMER Irish rugby boss, Eddie O'Sullivan, looks set to be named US Eagles coach this weekend. O'Sullivan, the most successful national coach in Irish rugby history, is expected to have his appointment ratified when the board of US Rugby meets later today at the World Sevens in San Diego.

O'Sullivan's agent, John Baker, has been in discussion with American CEO and former England scrum-half, Nigel Melville, in recent weeks. It seems that agreement was reached late yesterday and this evening's board meeting is expected to be a formality.

The Youghal man, who guided Ireland to three Triple Crowns in four years, resigned as Irish coach last March after a mixed Six Nations campaign had followed Ireland's poor showing at the 2007 World Cup.

He has extensive knowledge of the American scene, having worked in the late 90s both as Technical Director to US Rugby and Eagles coach.

Since leaving the Irish job, O'Sullivan has run a number of coaching clinics in America and is known to be deeply respected within the game there.

Meanwhile, despite opposition from some quarters, the GAA is today expected to agree to make Croke Park available for a Heineken Cup

I believe we are correct in NOT believing anything that Nigel says at this point.

Where is the roaming gnome this week?

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