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14 February 2009


Any word on attendance yesterday?

Chuck Norris says - what's that, Canuck? Can't hear you, bro. The cheering, you know, for the Yanks - the 6 that beat your 7. Too loud.


usa into semis!

well, it was a heartbreaking loss to arg...but a good showing nonetheless...hopefully the boys will be hungry enough to make some real noise in dubai.

Would be nice to have touch judges and officials who are aware of the rules of the game. Maybe it would not have made a difference. Maybe it would have. Would have liked to see some actual rugby in the last minute or so, but I guess 7s rugby is all about watching people stall before taking drop-kick conversions and then booting the kick-offs directly into touch. Either way, a game at this level should not end like that. . . .

And still it did. . . Congrats to the boys! Great effort. Proud to root you guys on. Give em hell in Dubai.

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