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22 July 2008


A fantastic story about the team and Ernie Vargas, someone who is doing something. I wonder how much his budget is that might get cut.


The newspaper article concerning San Mateo's High School program that has been fostered by the Police Athletic League is set forth in the link below. It was also the subject of a local television news story in the Bay Area along the same theme as the article: helping at-risk youth with the discipline and work ethic provided by rugby. It was great positive exposure for rugby in the area.


rugby is the ultimate in teaching the values that sport was intended to foster. teamwork, hard work, respect. It is great to see people use this to help these areas.

Elmer Fudd has a new friend, its Salty! A ARN three part article on why we lose and don't promote players to the senior Eagles from the junior team.

Well, Elmer Fan, do you want to get the facts, or do you want to just propose your own conspiracy theories?

Do you have a specific problem with the facts, as presented? I'm not a Salty apologist, but lets put facts vs. facts. What's your beef?

Chuck Norris says - Chuck is a man of action.

Chuck suggests Kurt set up an account so every reader can contribute funds to support Hawaiian Gardens rugby.

Chuck likes Ernie Vargas, his kids love him.

Our rugby community should support him.

Ernie cannot count on city funds, and by the looks of the situation he can't count on parental funding either.

Chuck will donate.

Kurt, set up an account and get it going. Chuck knows he is not the only one.

Agreed. Excellent suggestion.

Chuck is a man of action - Chuck tells Kurt what to do.

Bruce Lee is man of action - Sees Chuck's hypocrisy and makes him his bitch.

Instead of donating money to Hawaiian Gardens, why not donate money (or time) to local high school and youth teams. Giving money to a team in Southern California is not going to help high school and youth rugby nationally and if Hawaiian Gardens flourishes, they will need other teams in the country to play against.

It would also be beneficial if you look into the Youth/High School program run by the Pittsburgh Harlequins. The Youth Progam focuses on "at risk youth" from the Pittsburgh area. We work with the students in a program based around touch rugby and 5 basic rules. School matters, Be responsible, respect yourself and others etc. http://www.phrfa.org/index.html

SF Golden Gate also takes kids from the housing developments in Treasure Island. Teaching these youths rugby is the way forward, both in public acceptance of the game and in sourcing the best athletes.

One of the great things about our sport is that it costs a lot less than most other sports. no pads and no sticks. Balls, cleats and mouth guard at minimum. Not to say it is cheap. But I feel that if all was equal it would be better for an inner city school to fund a rugby program than say football or something like that.

The REAL problem for these "at risk" youth is not being able to afford uniforms and balls, but it is that many of them do not have health insurance.

We all know this can be a dangerous, injury prone game, and if you put the decision to the family about food on the table or medical insurance, and I sure which they will choose.

We need to understand the dynamics behind some of these issues.

"The REAL problem for these "at risk" youth is not being able to afford uniforms and balls, but it is that many of them do not have health insurance."

Maybe, but a lot of quote-unquote at risk youth play Pop Warner.

Here in Washington, DC if a kid has no health insurance either by a parent or guardian, they can be covered under DC Medicaid. They simply have to fill the form out and qualify(Income based)I assume most states have somthing similar.

Great articles about opening up the sport. Timely to see these as a new report comes out highlighting the problems the IRB faces about expanding the sport into new markets:

Didn't read all the comments, but here on the east coast Hyde School is a great Rugby Story. We've had some of the kids matriculate to our club teams, high quality kids and good athletes.


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