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30 April 2008


the thing I couldn't understand is why USA Rugby couldn't do the most essential thing and put up some damn scoreboards. Watching the games half the entertainment was watching the rugby, while the other half was watching the two teams' fans discuss (or argue at times) what the scores were for the games. From what I heard as well was that USA Rugby got a lot of the scores wrong over the weekend. Games are won or lost based on scores. Playoffs are made for teams to win or lose. Shouldn't a premier playoff event like the albuquerque event(or future events) have a mode of telling joe-fan what score is? It was was small thing, but huge at the same time.

Scoreboards were cost prohibitive because USA Rugby spent so much of their budget on athlete fees, transport and accommodations. Oh...that's not it...Scoreboards were cost prohibitive because the sponsor spent all their budget on temp seating for fans. Oh...that's not it....Scoreboards were not at the event because the event managers are incompetent and lazy...DING DING DING! That is it!

Go CU, beat the old guys!!

"Reached by email, a USA Rugby official said she was traveling to this weekend's collegiate finals in Stanford, California, and could not immediately respond."

Bullshit. What was this liar doing, walking there? It's a f***ing two hour flight to Stanford. I bet she hasn't even left Boulder yet, which gave her plenty of time to email back. Stay on her case, Kurt, she's trying to BS you.

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