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26 February 2008


Send them down to So Cal...NOW! Heaven knows they need the help there.

What? Top refs are too good to ref the multitude of college and high school games? I second the motion to send them to Socal.

Clearly you both have misunderstood the piece.

The article says that the TOP games are going to referees from OUTSIDE the area. The top referees from the NCRRS are getting games, just not the top D1 and college games in the area.

All the referees in Nor Cal referee in the HS ranks as well. It is not uncommon for a dedicated ref to do 2-3 games in a weekend starting with a HS game on Friday or early Saturday morning.

Gents, this is all balanced out. In the fall many NorCal refs headed off on exchanges to other parts of the country, at times when NorCal had no matches of their own to officiate.

These refs all then recieved evaluations from some of the excellent evaluators in the NorthEast.

Swings and roundabouts.

Is this a issue from the standpoint of NorCal refs? I had a visitor from Ontario do our game last week and he did a fine job. NorCal refs seem to get a lot out of the exchanges....so what is the problem?

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